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Android app testing has become critical to an app's market success. Consumers are becoming more cognizant of the functionality and performance of the apps they download as the variety and use of mobile apps grows.

On the Play Store, apps with greater quality and a better user experience have a better chance of success. However, such a user experience necessitates a thorough quality assessment.

That is why in the mobile app market, android automated testing is so popular.

To provide perfect apps, our android app developers fully employ the power of test automation. Every mobile app produced by AndroidDeveloper goes through a set of automated tests.

Automation testing is a technique for analysing software quality. This procedure examines all aspects of a mobile app's functionality. The Android app testing method also ensures that the app's performance is thoroughly assessed.

Our app development team can execute repetitive test cycles with the same efficiency thanks to automation. It saves developers a lot of time and allows them to focus on the most essential task at hand: developing perfect code.

Automation testing at AndroidDeveloper, an Android app development firm, evaluates:


Advantages of Dynamic permissions

  • Functional efficiency: Whether or not an app complies with the specifications.
  • Performance: What kind of behavior the app shows under certain circumstances?
  • Security: Vulnerabilities in the app that could lead to data leaks.
  • Certification: To obtain a certification, you must follow a number of rules.
  • Installation: This guarantees a smooth installation process that is fully compatible with the Play Store.
  • Maintenance: We assist you in maintaining the system's integrity while respecting the privacy of users.

We help you protect the system's integrity and honor the user's privacy.

What We Monitor

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Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps give consumers of a certain mobile platform a rich experience. With 17 years of experience in the sector, AndroidDeveloper's professionals evaluate native iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Mobile Web Apps

Web apps, which run in mobile browsers, appeal to a broader user base independent of mobile platform. Our mobile web app testers test for a wide range of browsers on smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Monitoring Services We Offer

Usability Monitoring

The mobile app testing services at AndroidDeveloper ensures that your app has a user-friendly interface and is convenient and easy to use for your target audience.

Mobile functional monitoring

Our Android app testing team will guarantee that your app runs smoothly and meets all functional requirements, including backend functionality.

Mobile compatibility monitoring

Our mobile app testing services can ensure that your mobile app has an excellent user experience and runs properly on all target devices, operating systems, and mobile browsers.

Compliance monitoring

The staff at AndroidDeveloper can check your apps for compliance with official iOS and Android guidelines, as well as industry-specific restrictions (GAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.).

Mobile test automation

AndroidDeveloper's team may use test automation for functional and regression, performance, compatibility, and security mobile testing, as well as keyword-driven and/or data-driven frameworks, to streamline your app's releases and provide enough test coverage.

Mobile accesibility monitoring

The mobile app testing services at AndroidDeveloper extensively helps you to examine your app against WCAG 2.1 and ADA standards, as well as any unique requirements of your intended disabled users, to guarantee that they can readily access and utilise it.

Mobile security monitoring

Penetration testing, which simulates a real-world hacking attack, can be performed by AndroidDeveloper's cybersecurity engineers to detect your app's security flaws and provide mitigation solutions.

Note that our android automation testing team can also assure the security of a complicated mobile application's server side (backend security testing).

Mobile performance monitoring

Your mobile app will have stress, load, scalability, and reliability tested by AndroidDeveloper's performance test engineers.

Note that our Android app testing team can also undertake backend speed testing for large applications with a lot of users (banking apps, mobile e-stores, multiplayer games, messaging games, and so on).

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Our Android App Development Process

We follow the right business approach to achieve our short-term goals. Here, we believe that these small achievements motivate us to make it to our ultimate goal eventually.



We first meet our respective clients to best understand their project requirements and the objective that needs to be achieved. Here, we make sure we fulfill every single need of our client while developing a robust & intuitive application for targetted users.


After identifying the Android application development requirements of our clients, we start planning and devising strategies to build a successful project. Our strategic app development plan will go on smoothly while meeting all the needs.



Our creative team of experts including UI/UX designers will start creating the wire frame of the application and that too based on client requirements. In this particular stage, we make sure to include engaging and interactive design elements in the app.


Once we are done with the initial level of Android app designing, there starts the work of our expert team of developers. By using state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and frameworks, app developers create fast & scalable applications to enhance business reach.



Without end-to-end mobile app testing, it's not at all feasible to initiate the launch. Concerning the same, we have a specialized team of QA engineers who perform deep testing of the application to make every single error & bug is completely eliminated.


Finally, there comes the time of the Android app launch and the same is ready to come in front of your targeted set of customers. At this particular stage, we make sure to monitor the speed, performance, functionality, and operational efficiency of the application.

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