Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology Solutions

Android has built-in platform support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and provides APIs which can be used by the applications to discover devices, query about services, read or write the characteristics. BLE lowers the power consumption which facilitates the android apps to communicate with BLE devices such as heart rate monitors, fitness devices, proximity sensors, and, more.

Our android developers are experts in creating Android apps which perform concurrent operations with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) permitting advertisement, scanning, and so forth. Moreover, our team works in close association with you, define mobile strategy and help you monetize with the android apps developed, irrespective of your business industry. We serve various industries namely B2B, e-commerce, entertainment, finance, health, IT, Sports, Travel, Real estate, and more.


Key features of BLE Technology

  • Industry-standard wireless protocol facilitating multi-vendor interoperability
  • Official support on operating systems such as Android and other operating system, desktop platforms including OSX, Windows 8 and Linux.
  • Ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption
  • Ability to run for years on standard, coin-cell batteries
  • Maintains privacy of a business sector or commerce area as Internet is not needed
  • Standardized application development architecture leading to low development and operational costs
  • Enhanced range yet cost effective
  • Tightest security 128-bit AES data encryption

Advantages of our BLE Apps

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Meets challenging consumer demands
  • Engaging applications leads to increased revenue and customer loyalty
  • Cloud computing and social connectivity makes your product more useful
  • Push notifications designed in accordance with your client's needs
  • Payment system integration via BLE technology
  • Track history and information of your clients

Avail BLE Technology for a low power and low cost wireless communication specifications.

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