Navigation App

"Allow your users to navigate swiftly, anywhere, anytime"

Navigation apps are important for day to day commute and can provide a rich info that helps with your travelling plan. It can convey you the best routes to take while avoiding the traffic jams. An exact navigation adds greatly to the user experience and helps in the brand establishment, along with app installs. These apps are important for a peace of mind while commuting anywhere or running errands.
The AndroidDeveloper team is adept at creating a world-class navigation app that boasts of a seamless navigation, thereby, acting as a personal navigator to the customer. The use of navigation algorithms, Global Positioning System(GPS), and cell ID, helps us to create an extremely practical navigation app that could be used smoothly. We have created many navigation apps and have helped various industries scale their success.

Salient Features of Navigation App Development:

An Exact Navigation: Allowing the users to commute seamlessly with an app based on minimalism. We like to keep the navigation simple and uncluttered, allowing the users to interact with the right elements of the app.

Voice Instructions: Helps to keep your focus on the road while you're driving, adding to the user experience. It is also a great help to some people with disabilities.

Real Time Navigation: Informing the customers about Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), and providing the info in the real-time.

Swift and Clear: We strive to provide a clear navigation along with fast processing speeds so that the process does not appear cumbersome to the user and he uses the app actively.

Depiction of major places and buildings, such as hospitals, petrol pumps, hotels, and cafes for an added relief to the user.

"Empowering users to traverse the unknown destinations with absolute freedom"

We proceed the development with our focus on creating an interactive interface with the best user-experience. The use of navigation apps has become very frequent and an infinite number of users are starting to use it readily. It also finds a place in other apps such as Retail, Travel, Medical, etc., that require the use of Fused Location Services.
Contact Android Developer for the creation of a powerful app that works flawlessly and adds value to your business.

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Our Android App Development Process

We follow the right business approach to achieve our short-term goals. Here, we believe that these small achievements motivate us to make it to our ultimate goal eventually.



We first meet our respective clients to best understand their project requirements and the objective that needs to be achieved. Here, we make sure we fulfill every single need of our client while developing a robust & intuitive application for targetted users.


After identifying the Android application development requirements of our clients, we start planning and devising strategies to build a successful project. Our strategic app development plan will go on smoothly while meeting all the needs.



Our creative team of experts including UI/UX designers will start creating the wire frame of the application and that too based on client requirements. In this particular stage, we make sure to include engaging and interactive design elements in the app.


Once we are done with the initial level of Android app designing, there starts the work of our expert team of developers. By using state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and frameworks, app developers create fast & scalable applications to enhance business reach.



Without end-to-end mobile app testing, it's not at all feasible to initiate the launch. Concerning the same, we have a specialized team of QA engineers who perform deep testing of the application to make every single error & bug is completely eliminated.


Finally, there comes the time of the Android app launch and the same is ready to come in front of your targeted set of customers. At this particular stage, we make sure to monitor the speed, performance, functionality, and operational efficiency of the application.

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