Looking for the development of an A-grade healthcare app?

We at AndroidDeveloper, are the pioneers in developing an Android Healthcare app that will boost your business and allow the customers to communicate with you easily. An ideal Healthcare app Development allows you to schedule your appointments, order medicines, emergency assistance, and much more.

Give a solid boost to your medical organization by developing a quality healthcare app. It will provide relief to the customers and their appreciation will help in building your brand. An app empowered with all the latest features, but simplistic in its approach is what any healthcare organization requires.

Our Development Services

Online Ordering

Mobile Consulting

Being your virtual healthcare technology partner and a pinnacle healthcare app development business enterprise, we provide professional steering on healthcare mobility methods and implementation.

Push Notification

mHealth App development

Our expert healthcare app builders make certain HIPAA compliance, interoperability, and dependable healthcare applications for cellular, wearables, and the internet for superior care delivery.

Supply Chain Management

Healthcare App UI/UX

We apprehend the significance of desirable design in healthcare, consequently provide you intuitive UI/UX and branding solutions in your mhealth app.

Multiple Device Support

Wearable medical gadgets

Wearables and IoT are the state-of-the-art technologies and features that attract anybody’s attention. We develop related partner apps for both iOS and Android.

Menu Management

Back-end Implementation

We assist you to broaden apps that can be absolutely included with present health IT infrastructure, make app EHR integration smoother, and reduce returned charges with effective again-give up gadget development.

24×7 Supports and Maintenance

Third-party Integrations

We've considerable experience in integration with several structures via SDK, and also expand middleware structures to permit your app to hook up with other non-cell channels via strong APIs.

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Our Process

We follow the right business approach to achieve our short-term goals. We believe that these small achievements motivate us to eventually make it to our ultimate goal.



We begin by meeting the client and understanding his requirement as the entire process is focused on fulfilling the same. We identify the pain point and define the challenge before establishing a route.


Once we have the need defined, we move ahead with strategic planning for the Android app development process. A definitive plan makes the process smoother and simpler for us as well as the client.



The next stage involves the creation of designs that bring together an appealing UI with a wonderful UX. Our Android app design experts create engaging and consistent designs based on user research and the brand message.


Finally, we optimize the app for the app store and then launch it. We monitor its performance and resolve issues if any. We offer reliable post-launch support and make sure that it delivers excellent performance all the time.



Once done with the development process, we make sure that the app runs seamlessly post-launch. We conduct rigorous UI testing, load testing, usability testing, regression testing, integration testing, security testing, and more.


Our expert developers initiate the development process. They use the latest code, tools, and technologies to develop outstanding solutions. We add all the desired functionalities to our custom apps.

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Benefits of Android Healthcare App Development


Scheduling appointments with your personal doctor.

Push Notification

Push up notifications and reminders about upcoming meetings or health drives.

Remote Consultation

Option to video chat or text with the healthcare professionals for guidance.

Appointment Booking

Booking a bed or room prior to reaching the hospital.

Online Payment

Payment of bills through the app, multiple modes of payment present.

Data Security

Cloud storage to store your data effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Task-oriented Strategy

Designing all the elements of the app with the utmost precision remains our forte. We thoroughly customize the app so that it presents all the services provided by the different medical departments in a user-friendly manner.

UI/UX design

A simple, easy-to-use interface that is designed with minimalistic features. We include elaborated UX patterns allowing for smooth navigation so that the customers can be at ease while interacting with the app.

Multiple internal systems

We bring value to your medical organization by incorporating multiple systems with the interface of the app. Smooth integration with the internal systems such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), scheduling, revenue cycle management (RCM), etc, is attained.


The app is laced with high-security features so that no unauthorized person has access to your personal clinical records. We acknowledge the importance of your personal data and hence, take the necessary steps to make the app security foolproof.

Regulatory standards & Compliance

We work with you to ensure that every interplay inside your PHM system completely complies with the specified requirements and rules, consisting of HIPAA, HITECH, ICD-10, DICOM, and others.

100% Transparency

We assist healthcare companies & specialists to stay compliant with fitness records privacy standards and imple­ment SSO, biometric authentication, and multi-factor authentica­tion to maintain credential information security.


In healthcare, there are multiple varieties of software that are used very often.

  • Clinical decision assist.
  • Disease registries.
  • Provider Order Entry.
  • User fitness IT applications.
  • Digital medical record structures (EMRs, EHRs, and PHRs)
The value of building an app depends upon some standards including the dimensions of the app, the wide variety of functions, the platform it is built, and so forth. In case you proportion your idea, we can offer you an ETA.
The reason for fitness is to offer higher affected person care and assist attain equity in health. Health IT improves the niceties of healthcare transport, increases affected person safety, reduces clinical mistakes, and strengthens the interaction among sufferers and healthcare vendors.
Whilst it relies upon the mHealth app kind you are planning to spend money on, there are a few capabilities that may be introduced normally throughout app types. Here are what the one’s features are -
  • Appointment booking
  • Contact option
  • Media add
  • In-app fee
  • In-app messaging

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