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We believe that candidates' resumes are beyond just keywords in a search string. We recruit Qualitative candidates in order to deliver quality output to our clients. We are hiring for:

Android Developer (2 openings)


Experience: At least 4 years of relevant experience

Roles and responsibilities

We are looking for highly motivated and quick learning individual with great leadership skills and the capacity to efficiently utilize and contribute to your team’s technical skills.The ability to understand requirements, provide solutions, and collaborate efficiently and amicably with your team and with clients.The ability to work with the design team to implement mobile strategies.The focus to adapt and respond to challenges as they come up. Excellent time management skills and dedication to achieving high quality work.

  • High level knowledge of Java I/O, Collections, Algorithms and other well known application frameworks
  • Experience with JSON, XML, JavaScript, and interfacing Android applications to server side APIs
  • Experience with source code management techniques using Git and/or SVN.
  • Ability to develop rich GUIs for Android
  • Constant awareness of the latest technological developments and a high level of expertise


  • Published apps available for immediate download from Play Store
  • Ability to develop APIs
  • Experience developing user-facing applications
  • Flexible, adaptable, and able to multi-task

Our Process

We follow the right business approach to achieve our short-term goals. We believe that these small achievements motivate us to eventually make it to our ultimate goal.



We begin by meeting the client and understanding his requirement as the entire process is focused on fulfilling the same. We identify the pain point and define the challenge before establishing a route.


Once we have the need defined, we move ahead with strategic planning for the Android app development process. A definitive plan makes the process smoother and simpler for us as well as the client.



The next stage involves the creation of designs that bring together an appealing UI with a wonderful UX. Our Android app design experts create engaging and consistent designs based on user research and the brand message.


Finally, we optimize the app for the app store and then launch it. We monitor its performance and resolve issues if any. We offer reliable post-launch support and make sure that it delivers excellent performance all the time.



Once done with the development process, we make sure that the app runs seamlessly post-launch. We conduct rigorous UI testing, load testing, usability testing, regression testing, integration testing, security testing, and more.


Our expert developers initiate the development process. They use the latest code, tools, and technologies to develop outstanding solutions. We add all the desired functionalities to our custom apps.

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Fun Facts

Humour in a workplace functions as an amazing tool that brings people together and has been proven to raise the level of creative thinking of individuals. Small interactions with the clients lead to quality output which increases the quantity of undertakings for better results. The stats below speak a lot:

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