Why Kotlin Is a Rising Star Among Android Developers

The multilingual world of app development is highly confusing and overwhelming at times. With so many programming languages available today, how do choose the right one? Unfortunately, there is no right answer to it. But when it comes to the native Android app development, Kotlin always comes to the rescue Android Developers.

Google I/O 2017 ended with a series of announcements and developments which the world is going to witness in the foreseeable future. One such announcement was the use of Kotlin as the official language for Android app development. Kotlin, along with Java and C++ are the programming languages used to develop Android apps.

The statically typed programming language runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) like Java. In this blog, we will witness how Kotlin is the most sought platform for Android application development across the world. Let’s get started!

What are the shortcomings of mobile app programming languages fulfilled by Kotlin?  

Until 2017, Java and C++ were the only officially supported languages for Android development. With the introduction of Kotlin, Google stated that if you’re starting a new project, write it in Kotlin because code written in Kotlin means much less code for you – less code to type, test, and maintain. 

So, here are the top advantages of choosing Kotlin for Android app development:  


It is one of the most paramount features of Kotlin where the mutable is represented by the keyword “Var” and immutable by the keyword “Val.” Once an immutable reference gets assigned, you cannot assign it to other values. Also, the immutable values of the reference cannot get mutated. While writing code in Kotlin, it is advisable to choose between an immutable collection, including maps and sets. However, the language enables you to initiate mutable implementations.  

Less coding  

Kotlin offers great relief to the developers as they can write less code than Java while developing an enhanced app. The language has data classes that hold only data, reducing the volume of code. Besides, you can also use Kotlin extensions to write fewer codes. These extensions allow developers to use functions in classes without modifying the source code. So, if you are planning to build an app for your business, you can hire a Kotlin app development company like ours that can assist you with the best Android app development services.   

Null Safety  

To write the codes in Java, the developers must remain familiar with Null Point Exception. It pops up when the developer forgets to check whether the variable was null. However, with Kotlin, you need not worry about such situations. Kotlin solves this problem by making all the types non-nullable by default.   


With Java, Kotlin becomes interoperable. In simple words, it is 100% compatible with the Java code. Interoperability makes Kotlin attractive among Android developers. A large number of developers use Java before moving to Kotlin, as its features make the transition smoother. Also, you can choose to use both the coding languages selectively, as per your project requirements.  

Server-side coding experience  

Frictionless server-side coding experience is one of the most potential features of Kotlin. It offers an incredibly modern development experience with JVM technology. Using Kotlin, developers can use an array of cutting-edge web development frameworks to create an efficient system for Android app development.   

Also, Kotlin offers IDE support for Java developers. So, if you are planning to hire an Android developer for your upcoming project, it is advisable to choose someone having both Java and Kotlin skills. Its interoperability feature allows the development team to seamlessly use the frameworks for optimal results.   

What is the reason behind Kotlin’s gaining popularity?  

The reason behind Kotlin gaining mass acceptance by experienced android app developers worldwide can be its amazing features like Null Safety, Functional programming Style, Usage of Anko instead of XML, removal of ButterKnife dependency, Builders & Extension function, and hacks for smooth transitions. Also, Google’s official language Kotlin has touched the various aspects of technology as well, including:  

    • Frontend web development


    • Backend web development


    • iOS and macOS support


There are not just app developers looking forward to Kotlin, the digital world has witnessed many established and renowned brands using Kotlin as their primary language for Android app development.  

Some companies have leveraged Kotlin and switched their entire development environment towards it. Some of the famous companies operating via Kotlin include Amazon Web Services, Pinterest, Netflix, Coursera, Uber, Trello, and more.   

Now you must have understood how revolutionizing Kotlin has proved to be the best platform for Android developers, across the world. Since its inception, developers prepared themselves for the foreseeable future in which Kotlin will replace every programming language for Android app development.   


Lastly, Kotlin allows developers to edit the companion object’s default name to any name they desire upon. It supports functions composition to not just make your code clean but also speed up the work process. Also, it offers the option to edit the generated class’s name for enhanced readability.   

Still, wondering whether or not it will bring transformation to your business? Connect with us to know more about Kotlin and Android app development services for business growth consultation.   



Is Kotlin good for Android app development?  

The most integral role of Kotlin is to enable mixed-language projects. It introduced improved syntax, concise expressions, and abstractions. Using Kotlin with Java reduces excessive boilerplate code, making it a win-win situation for Android developers.   

Can Kotlin help build an Android app?  

Kotlin refers to a cross-platform, general-purpose, ad open-source programming language. It is a statically typed language that runs on JVM and can get used everywhere Java gets used. Developers can use it to develop Android apps, server-side apps, and more. Thus, it is the most emerging and highly adopted technology.   

Why Kotlin is the future of Android app development?  

Kotlin is a highly relevant programming language, thanks to its open-source and extensive features. It develop a solution to the problems that Android developers faced for a long time. Also, it resolves the queries surfaced in Java, empowering developers with flexibility, safety, clarity, and tooling support.