Which Platform Android or iOS is Profitable for Startups in 2021?

Android or iOS

We had a handful of tech, retail, logistic, and other digital companies in the past to surge in new ventures at present. The startup industry is witnessing a dramatic rise. India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem with an annual growth of 12% to 15%. There is a rising trend of new ventures making their debut and creating an impact. It all started from the numbers of 29,000 startups in 2014 to an incredibly increased number of 55,000 by the end of 2020.

If you also want to be a part of this profitable and result-oriented league, then you have to be technically proficient to stay ahead of the competition. One of the ways is developing a mobile app in the wake of growing applications with each passing day. The purpose is to widen the scope of the targeted customers. And, there is no better way than developing an interactive and feature-rich mobile application reaching the masses.

The main question that arises in front of startups is choosing the right platform Android or iOS. In some cases, there might be a dilemma of availing Hybrid app development services to target users of both the platform.

Well, to clear the rising doubts of startups, here, you will walk over the reasons for choosing Android or iOS app development based on several factors.

But, first of all, let us understand, why a mobile app is necessary for a profit-budding organization like yours.

Why Mobile App is Important for Startups?

Look at the current business environment, especially the giant digital brands. You will find their respective growth owing to business apps. In the wake of pandemic-stricken times, mobile app usage has increased to a great extent.

There are around 760 million app users in India as of today in 2021. Not just this only, there are around 5 billion total apps available out of which 86% of the market share is of Android and 14% covered by iOS. And, these numbers are expected to increase 87.1% (Android) and 12.9% (iOS) at the end of 2021.

Not to forget the fact that there will be around 196 billion annual app downloads from Google Play Store and 42 billion from iOS Store.

You can very well conclude the fact that having a mobile app is a driving factor for startups in 2021.

And, from the above numbers, it is clearly evident that Android is the winner in terms of market share, downloads, number of users, and the overall growth percentage.

We are switching to the primary objective of the blog and defining which is better Android or iOS for startups in terms of several components.

Android or iOS: Which is better for you?

Which one to choose Android or iOS for a rising startup or even for an already established company is a never-ending debate. Still, you have to be clarified on the subject to start developing an app soon and increase the business ROI. So, here, we will be looking at few factors considering the app development with respective platforms that make it simple for you to take a final decision.

1. Target Audience

There is no doubt in saying the fact that Android has a wider demographic reach and target audience share than an iOS platform.

It is evident that Android devices range comes in handy from cost-effective to premium. Whereas, iOS is for the classes to own an expensive device to no such option to buy the affordable one.

Thus, automatically, Android owns the maximum part of the marketplace covering around 129.1 million users as of 2020. While iOS users stick to only 113 million.

So, in terms of the target reach, Android is better than iOS. Still, it depends on the nature of your organization and the target market that lets you decide which platform is better and profitable.

2. Design & Development

Design forms an effective part of mobile app development. The overall UI/UX matters a lot to grab user’s attention at a first glance and provides an easy way around to access the application.

When it comes to Android designing, there is a wide range of options available in terms of platforms, libraries, extensions, and more. And, most of the same is open-source in nature giving cost-effective means to startups. All the important is to hire Android app developers at an extensive scale with several professionals having in-depth design and development skills, access to technology, and tools.

3. Monetization

How will you make money from your startup mobile app? It is an important question to focus on. Of course, you have decided to develop an app to widen the spectrum of the targeted audience and preferably to generate revenue.

Concerning the monetization factor, there are two main considerations to focus upon and i.e. number of downloads and ad-monetization through the app.

The iOS apps appear to be more lucrative as compared to Android in terms of the number of subscription models or in-app purchases. Whereas, the ad-based monetary factor of Android is higher than that of iOS.

If we conclude both the factors, then Android & iOS both offer high monetary benefits in different aspects. It is up to you to select any one of them. Or you can have the option of cross-platform or Flutter app development for creating both the apps together.

Refer to the Comparison

Now, quickly look at the comparison between Android and iOS to make a better decision.

1. Revenue: Revenue generated by Android apps is significantly less as compared to iOS.
2. Development Cost & Time: Making a customized Android app is cost-effective yet time-consuming in comparison with iOS.
3. Customization: Android is an open-source platform that offers an easy to customize benefit over the iOS platform.
4. Maintenance: Android offers less maintenance factor in comparison with iOS that can be swiftly updated with the changing time.

Final Analysis

After reading the above information, you can conclude the fact that Android stands above iOS in terms of several factors. Especially, startups can count on the Android platform for the first time ever app development to widen their customer base, increase ROI, and grow as a brand. After that, you can switch to iOS development accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. In How Much Time Android App Can be Developed?

The time limit depends on the range of factors like several features, customized design elements, and the range of functionalities. We create a strategic plan for starting the development work and provide you the estimated timeline.

2. Do I Need a Single App Developer or a Full-Fledged Team?

It all depends on the size of your mobile application and the range of customization required. We provide you both individual and both team support in developing a result-oriented application.

3. What is the Estimated Cost of Android App Development?

We provide you an early estimate of the Android app development cost based on several factors like nature of business, features, complexity, and external requirements. We provide you prior estimation before starting the development work.