What Technologies are used to build Fitness Tracking Apps in 2020

Fitness Tracking App

Staying fit & healthy has become crucial in this COVID-19 time. Even if it is not a new trend, innovative technologies have introduced smart ways to monitor or track fitness activities. Wearable devices and fitness mobile apps have brought a new wave to the health and fitness world. Though Fitbit, and Nike have the biggest market share of the tracking devices market, it was the Apple Watch launch that has started a combination of Smart-phones with wearable tracking devices.

These days, Fitness App Development has started gaining popularity swiftly amid people’s daily lifestyle. These trackers help to monitor the user’s calories burnt or gained, sleep time, and other important details. One of the important reasons behind the fitness trackers popularity is mobile apps. Worldwide, several health and fitness apps are available to make the user’s lives healthy.

What is the Importance of Fitness Tracking Apps?

Several entrepreneurs look to build a mobile app for fitness freaks and people who have a very busy schedule for workouts. Such apps are designed to keep users active as well as motivated all time. A recent survey revealed that people who are using fitness tracking apps are more active than those who are not using.

The app development market is growing with the growth in smart gadgets. App developers put all efforts to integrate latest features to make the apps compatible with several wearable devices. But only experienced Android App Developers can use technological advancements smartly to build engaging & innovative fitness apps.

How to Build Fitness Tracking App?

To have a successful fitness app development venture, the implementation of the right technologies makes a huge difference. Technical progress and design steps have given rise to multiple fitness devices that contain wristbands, chest straps, armbands, smart-watches, & bras to monitor heart rate, socks having built-in pressure sensors. If you are planning to build premium health and fitness apps, then get familiar with some latest technologies that will help you build a perfect fitness app.

The two major elements to develop fitness tracking apps are APIs & tools, and hardware. Check them in detail to know more about them:

What Tools are used in Fitness App Development?

Among the fitness app development tools, we have discussed the most popular ones for your development benefits.


Using this tool, the mobile app developers can interact with FitBit data in their applications.

Health Graph

Using this tool, the app users can store their fitness and health related details on the cloud. The relevance of Health Graph is supreme when it is about helping the user access with their fitness related information with the other users.


The API allows the mobile app developers to access their fitness related records from Lumo Lift and Lumo Back.


Strava is a popular fitness app for the athletes and passionate fitness enthusiasts. This mobile app is mainly known to motivate the users to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


This is a world-wide reputed tool globally known to connect amazing designs and tech innovations in fitness apps and devices. It offers remarkable features without compromising the Android App Development quality. The best thing of this API tool is smooth access by registering yourself as a Withings developer.

Google Fitness API

The open ecosystem is packed with several features, which permit the users to automate their fitness data storage.


It is believed as the most suggested open source fitness data integration tool. It can provide the users a strong grip over their fitness related digital data.

What Hardware Used to Build Fitness Tracking Devices?

The whole world is mesmerized by the activity tracking fitness devices, thanks to their remarkable features. Most of these gadgets usually count on sensors, which share health data to mobile apps.

The most used hardware device include ECG sensor, ambient light sensors, skin response sensors, chest strap, barometric altimeter, bio-impedance sensors, accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope.

What is the development process of Fitness App?

The Android App Developer follows agile development approach to ensure that the customers get visually appealing and smooth services within the given time period.

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Project Discussion
  • Select Hiring Model
  • Project Design & Development
  • Testing & Delivery
  • Deployment & Maintenance


Fitness App Development Features

As per latest reports, the market size for fitness tracking app across the world is growing at a rapid pace. The features integrated help users to engage with it in the best possible way.

1. Workout Plans

Create a workout plan according to your busy schedule and syncs as per your needs.

2. Video Tutorial

Guide you as per the right postures during the workout method and data from the video tutorials.

3. Activity Tracking

Track the daily metrics of distances, calorie intakes for multiple activities like sleeping, walking as well as running.

4. Interact with Trainers

Interact with a team of gym trainers, and nutritionists for diet and exercise data over chat.

5. Push Notifications

If any exercise or daily activity is missed, then the notifications will provide you an alert on your mobile gadget.

6. Personalized Account

Create a personalized account for your profile to share important fitness-related data with others.

7. Subscriptions

The user can subscribe and enroll to the newsletters as this offers them better details for doing workouts.

8. Wearable Integration

Leverage the power of geo-location feature and avail of appropriate information regarding fitness centers in your nearby area.


Fitness tracking mobile app popularity will expand at a rapid pace and people are installing in large numbers to stay fit. If you are planning to invest in a fitness app but confused about how to get started with the same, connect with the Mobile App development team today. In the end, we strongly believe that this will engage fitness freaks turning out to be a game changer for your business.