What Makes Native Android App Development Ideal for Businesses?

What Makes Native Android App Development Ideal for Businesses

In today’s digitally-driven world where mobile devices are growing constantly, mobile applications are also growing at a fast pace. A mobile device is incomplete without mobile apps. Therefore, the development of native, hybrid, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) has become very popular. In this article, we will give a brief introduction of these types of apps, however, our main focus will be on native app development, especially Native Android App Development. We will explain what makes Native Android app development ideal for businesses.

Web Applications

Web apps do not require installation from the app stores. They are accessed using the site URL, creating direct access that keeps them using the device.

When running in the web browser, they are built using HTML, CSS, and JS and are platform-independent. These applications are basic in nature, hence, their functionalities and design are also limited.

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid applications using standard HTML5 web development, once coded, are grouped and converted into a particular language of an operating system. Therefore, the app’s code can be used for Android as well as iOS devices.

Hybrid apps are installed on mobile devices and offer excellent user experience, versatility, and adaptability. Moreover, they leverage the native functionalities of smartphones such as contacts, cameras, or notifications.

Native Applications

Native applications are developed specifically for each platform, using a native language, Swift for iOS app development, and Kotlin for native Android app development.

So, for a single app, two different development will be needed. As a result, native applications are more complex than other types of apps, however, they have high performance and greater precision.

Some of the leading organizations that are already leveraging the benefits of native app development include WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

However, the resources available for its development are more than other applications. therefore, you need to first analyze their pros and cons before opting for them.

When it comes to native mobile app development, startups are often confused about whether they should hire Android app developers or iOS app developers. Well, Android OS holds a lion’s share in the global mobile market, compared to iOS. If you’re targeting a larger group audience and want to earn higher ROI, then it is best to go with native Android app development.

Advantages of Native Android App Development

With over 85% of the global mobile market share, the Android OS is the dominant platform in the market. As Google provides the latest versions with advanced features and better security, entrepreneurs prefer to hire Android app developers for their mobile app development.

Therefore, Android app development services are gaining a lot of popularity. As a leading Android app development company, we leverage the features and functionalities of Android OS to build robust, intuitive, and secure applications. Here are the major benefits of Android app development.

Higher ROI

Android’s Software Development Kit (SDK) is an open-source platform that is available to developers. Moreover, Android application development is very cost-effective. The development cycle can be broadly classified into 3 stages: Application Design and Development, Application Testing, and Application Deployment. The whole development process is not very expensive. Android app developers can implement the material design to build an engaging and interactive app at an affordable price. Android apps cater to a huge global audience and help you earn higher ROI.

Ideal for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD and mobility are the major necessities for different business verticals. Both these concepts have improved communication and collaboration in the organization regardless of time and distance. The huge market share of Android helps you implement the BYOD methodology easily. Android applications can get higher penetration among your staff. Android can be installed on various devices and most of these devices are affordable for various economic groups.

Ease of Customization

Being a versatile platform, Android offers greater flexibility and easy customization options. Native Android app development leads to the development of innovative and future-ready enterprise apps with diverse functionalities. Android OS is capable of incorporating all types of modifications ranging from simple to complex. It can cater to all business requirements effectively.

Better Security and Easy Marketing

Google has introduced numerous business-friendly features in the latest updates of Android starting from Lollipop. The platform is much more efficient regarding data security. It has become difficult for malware to locate the data structure. Moreover, an automated system can send timely notifications to users and keep them up-to-date. Furthermore, you can also promote your Android apps due to the platform’s prominence. Native Android app development offers both security and app marketing advantages.

Wearable Device Advantage

Wearable technology is becoming more popular amongst various sectors, especially the healthcare sector. Wearable devices have become an effective tool for communication. Smartwatch notifications have also become common and are managed by Android-based apps.

According to statistics, over 54% of enterprises have adopted BYOW (Bring Your Own Wearable) approach. You can hire Android app developers to integrate wearable technology into your existing business ecosystem.

Lower Time to Market

Lower time to market is important for your business success. With Android app development, you can launch your app before your competitors. Experienced Android developers can develop mobile apps in a shorter time, integrating all the desired features. You can even incorporate new changes as per the market trend.

Huge Scope for Innovation

If you want to offer some innovative features to your target audience, you can hire Android app developers who can help you by using cutting-edge tools and technological advancements. You can build advanced app solutions by integrating modern technologies like AR and VR at affordable prices. Thus, Android offers huge scope for innovation and invites new business opportunities.

Evolving Mobile Platform

Android OS is still an evolving platform. Android smartphones are manufactured by several reputable companies like Samsung. They constantly introducing new features to stay competitive, and the community of Android developers can quickly get adapted to them. Android OS has introduced NFC, HD displays, and mobile payments.

Installation of Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs make it easy to change the app’s look and performance. By installing custom ROMs, you can customize the Android devices according to your business model and strategies. Most ROMs are free as they are built by a community of core developers. You can approach a reliable Android app development company for more details on ROMs.


An effective, user-friendly, and future-ready app is all a business needs. As a leading Android app development company, we offer comprehensive Android app development services to help you make the most of the dominant mobile platform. Hire our Android app developers to build futuristic and custom mobile apps using Android to take your business to the next level.


Q.1. Will you help in the app submission process?
Ans. Yes, of course. Our Android app development team will handle the entire app submission in the Google Play Store for you.

Q.2. What if I need to make any changes to the app after it is launched?
Ans. Our Android app developers are always here to help you. They can make modifications based on the type of change you want in your app. However, the modifications done in your app will be chargeable.

Q.3. What is the process you follow for developing Android apps?
Ans. As a professional Android app development company, we follow a unique approach for every project that we undertake. However, the general process of Android app development involves:
• Analyzing Business Requirements
• App Wireframing & Designing
• App Development
• App Testing
• App Deployment
• App Support and Maintenance

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