Wearable App Development Trends to Witness in 2021

Wearable App Development Trends to Witness

The pace of technology changes every now and then. The thing which is running at present will definitely become obsolete in the near future. This is the reason, enterprises have to make necessary changes in technology to offer better service and feature approaches to customers.

Technologies like AI, IoT, AR, VR, Big Data, and more have already made a prominent place in the enterprise ecosystem. Apart from that wearable app development is also making headlines by keeping the health of wearers and fitness activities at priority.

Wearable app technology has revolutionized the way smartphone users check their calls, messages, and email notifications. The trendy devices help the wearers to track their health status, display a unique sense of fashion statement, and showcase the adoption of advanced technology.

Not just this, wearable app development services is marked by several market trends that are mentioned below:

* Fitness Tracker
* Smartwatch
* ECG Monitor
* Smart Ring
* Blood Pressure Monitor
* Assualt Protection Feature
* Biosensor
* Smart Glasses
* Smart Shoes
* Smart Belt

Let’s now discuss all the above wearable app development trends in little detail.

1. Fitness Tracker:

Tracking the user’s health using a wristband is one of the primary functions of wearable app technology. It helps the wearers to track steps, heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, and more. Not just tracking only, such technology helps to provide better health recommendations to users in real-time.

2. Smartwatch:

The ongoing trend of smartwatches was started way back in 2013 and since then there is no looking back. A highly functional wearable app technology enables users to use wristwatches as compact smartphones to see calls, messages, and other notifications. It further helps to monitor health and perform other functionalities of a smartphone.

3. ECG Monitor:/h3>
Another health-related functionality of the wearable app technology is doing the ECG (electrocardiograms) of the wearers. It enables real-time tracking of the ECG and transfers the data to a preferred medical professional. Thus, the functionality enables to take good care of the user’s health in a predominant fashion.

4. Blood Pressure Monitor:

The functionality is one of the highly functional wearable app development trends in 2021. It helps the users to check their blood pressure level while wearing a wearable device on their wrist. This notifies the alarming situation of blood pressure and restricts the movement for a while. Moreover, the technology helps to transfer the data to the user’s doctor for further medical examination.

5. Smart Ring:

It is one of the highly functional traits of wearable app technology that seems best for working professionals. The functionality help corporates to get real-time notifications of the meetings, seminars, urgent work, or any other professional commitment. It enables the users to look at the notifications on the smartwatch itself without taking out their phone again and again.

6. Assualt Protection Feature:

With the rising cases of assault, especially on women, even in broad daylight, the assault protection feature of wearable devices can send emergency alerts to save lives. The feature is in-built inside the device which is connected to the smartphone’s Bluetooth. An emergency button is there that allows the user to press it during any unexpected crisis and it automatically sends an alert message to a respective person.

7. Biosensor:

One of the essential features for the medical staff is to track movement, heart rate, respiratory rate, and other vitals. The trendy feature collects useful data through wearable technology.

8. Smart Glasses:

Another remarkable wearable technology to look at in 2021 is smart glasses. Google Glass is the best example that features an in-built speaker, mic, CPU, and projector & prism. Nowadays, the latest models smart glasses come packed with a camera and other features.

9. Smart Shoes:

Next in the line of trend is Smart Shoes. Technically enabled shoes manage the temperature of the feet and keep it cold and hot as per the requirements. Moreover, it tracks the movement and steps of the wearer to keep a close check on health and weight management.

10. Smart Belt:

It is best for old age people that offers the functionality of tracking the user’s movement and notify in case of any fall ahead. The device gathers the data and is shared via Bluetooth to your smartphone to have a close check on the walking pattern.

Things to Keep in Mind During Android Wearable App Development

Hire Android developers to start developing wearable app technology in connection with the abovementioned trends. Before that keep the following things in mind to be on the right track of development.

* Interactivity

Make sure to take care of the wearable app interaction with your smartphone different as per the following factors:

* Vibration
* Voice Control
* Sound

* Wearable & IoT

It is important to integrate the features of IoT with wearable apps to collect the relevant amount of data. It could be like collecting information of the wearer while working at extreme sites like oil & manufacturing units, gas stations, transportation, or any other.

* Payment Getaways

Designing a wearable app must be integrated with the contactless payment getaway feature. It is essential for the wearers to make online payments using their wearable devices to ensure financial & data security.

* Data Security

Keep a close look at the smartphone or the Cloud Computing units where the data of your wearable device is stored. Make sure to give optimum emphasis to data security to completely secure your recorded information.

* GPS Technology

It is imperative to enable the virtues of GPS technology that allows wearable device wearers to connect it directly to the smartphone. Using GPS technology, the device helps to track the right movement, location, and time of activity of the user.

Final Thoughts

It’s the right time to invest in wearable app technology to experience manifold functions for a better life & performing several tasks. Get in touch with a pioneer Android app development company like Android Developer to know more about the profitable technology and fulfil requirements with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Challenges of Developing Wearable Apps?

There are some of the common challenges faced by Android app developers while developing wearable apps.

* No defined purpose
* UI Issue
* Portability of platform
* Rapid app development
* Battery friendly
* Lacking protocols & API standards

Despite the issues, professional app developers here easily overcome such challenges to develop a result-oriented wearable application.

2. How Much Time Involves in Developing a Wearable App?

As such, there is no defined time limit for developing a wearable app belong to a particular enterprise. It all depends on the features, functionalities required, complexities, and resources to take care of before starting a particular timeline.

3. What are Some of the Technologies Used in Wearable App Development?

There is a long list of wearable app development technologies used these days. Still, some of the prominent ones are Fitness Tracker, Smart Clothing, Smartwatch, Head-Mounted Displays, and more.