Useful Kotlin Features To Improve Your Android App Development

Useful Kotlin Features To Improve Your Android App Development

Created by JetBrains, Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language, which consents to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) byte code. Nonetheless, it’s been three years now, and from that point forward the prominence of Kotlin has just expanded. It’s not difficult to embrace and one of the quickest developing dialects later Swift. Here we are discussing useful Kotlin features for Android applications and Android application designers, bringing every one of the benefits of an advanced language to the Android stage without presenting any new limitations. Android application designers are presently depending on Kotlin Android Development Services because of its less viable, brief and mistake free features. It’s likewise very more secure than the Java language. The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) module permits engineers to empower many features other than Java. It additionally permits the application to work quicker and smoother.

There are, actually, a lot more useful Kotlin features in Android, and in this blog, we will cover those elements to assist you with further developing your Android application development process.

Here are the places where Kotlin enters with its arrangement of advantages…

Slighter Coding:

The most arising language Kotlin has been planned such that it requires way less coding in contrast with Java. In the event that we try to share this mathematically, as demonstrated by a check it is around 20% less conversely, with Java. It in a general sense decreases the proportion of standard coding, which earlier the designers expected to compose. As such working on the execution.


This is one of the basic roles for the popularity of Kotlin. The language can exist along with its senior kinfolk Java on a comparative undertaking. In all honesty, when you arrange your undertaking using both the dialects, it will be inconvenient for anyone to state which portion is finished using Kotlin and which one using Java. With this interoperability, Kotlin empowers you to use its features and straightforwardness of action without changing to another undertaking or changing the codes for the current assignment.

Ease of learning

Inclined to Android O, you don’t have to contribute a huge load of energy to learn Kotlin. By placing a few hours in scrutinizing the language reference, you can have the hang on the language. Kotlin goes with natural and learn accentuation and is planned to benefit fragile adapting ways for Java application designers.

Kotlin is Open-Source

The absolute first thing you should be aware of Kotlin is that it is an open-source programming language. However, aside from being open-source, Kotlin additionally gives a solitary snap instrument utilizing which Android App Development Companies can change over existing Java code.

Also assuming you’re an Android application engineer who is new to Kotlin and keen on taking it without any preparation, we suggest beginning with the fledgling course accessible on Udemy and Udacity. These courses will assist you with honing your abilities

Data Classes in Kotlin

The need of a class is constantly contended by programming language fashioners/creators. Normally, a data class in Java contains heaps of standard code which Android App Development Companies need to avoid to discover the genuine usage of that class.

In any case, Kotlin Android Development Services can compose what might be compared to a similar Java code in a basic way, and with lesser code. Along these lines, the data classes in Kotlin are additionally known to be one of the valuable elements.

Assortment Filtering

We as a whole realize that when working with an API, we engineers need to manage assortments frequently. Yet, by utilizing Kotlin’s assortment separating feature, it’s simpler to determine what your subsequent rundown ought to contain.

Truth be told, separating an assortment utilizing the implicit Kotlin is truly practically identical to other programming dialects, for example, Swift assortment types or Java 8 streams.

Minimizes Crashes at Runtime

This is the most exceptional component, where it is not difficult to recognize the NullPointerException while arranging your Android application development project.

This will guarantee that each factor functions as a non-null, and it helps in diminishing the quantity of accidents at runtime.

In addition, assuming you chose to clutch a null worth, then, at that point, decrease the quantity of accidents by adding a question mark toward the finish of the variable sort. Along these lines, you can without much of a stretch decrease crashes at runtime.

Shrewd Cast Function

According to an Android App Development Company point of view, it is probably the best element. This is on the grounds that it successfully diminishes the application’s speed and spotlights on working on the exhibition of the application.

The fundamental work of the brilliant cast work is to recognize the kind of capacity. This will play out all activities that are coded for a particular sort and furthermore work on the proficiency of the code.

Assume you need to distinguish a string. Presently with the assistance of the savvy cast work, you can without much of a stretch duplicate, count the length, and fill different roles on the string type.

Secure and Reliable

This element of Kotlin is one of the most grounded in light of the fact that this language is generally Secure, and you can utilize it with no dread. Additionally, keeping away from mistakes, for example, “NullPointException” can be conceivable with the Null Safe capacity.

You can likewise effectively stay away from the usage of nullable sorts and consequently eliminate botches. This will assist you with improving on your code for troubleshooting and activities of Android application Development.


Till now you may have most certainly found out about how Kotlin has pushed and assisted Android designers to make hearty Android applications with simple touch and creating. Nonetheless, numerous Android App Development Company has begun embracing the Kotlin language, along these lines, it’s a great possibility of expanded interest of Kotlin application designers sooner rather than later.

So the opportunity has arrived for Java engineers to stroll alongside the innovation and give their hands a shot at Kotlin and embrace new open doors in Android mobile application development.

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Q. What are the advantages of using the Kotlin programming language?
● Can arrange to JVM (Java Virtual Machine) bytecode or JavaScript
● Skilled to utilize all current Java structures and libraries
● Simple to change over from Java to Kotlin
● Null safety

Q. Why is Kotlin useful for Android application development?
Ans. It has many elements that Java doesn’t have, and this makes it probably the best language to foster Android applications.

Its features like null security, unchecked special cases, property access, savvy projects, and sluggish loading make it a decent decision for Android application development.