Try your New Android Apps on Google’s Early Access Program

Try your New Android Apps on Google's Early Access Program

Android Apps Development has gained popularity as more people are inclined towards downloading the new apps as a note of interest or the necessity. We find millions of android apps on the Google play store belonging to various categories like games, health, education, songs, music, yoga, and so forth. Launching a new app amidst these varieties of apps present already in the Google Play store and a billion visitors is like placing a cheese sandwich on the breakfast table crowded with juices, bread, pancakes, and other multi-cuisines.

The fervor of its downloads, feedback, and success haunts any android developer(s) who spent several sleepless nights programming the app. Some of the users leave bad feedback, remove the app as soon as it is downloaded and thereby discourage the tolerant users of beta versions.

To avail the user feedback, the android developers now are able to make their apps or features available to the general public before they are officially released. You may try these apps by joining the Google Early Access or beta programs. And, there is every chance that these apps may crash anytime or some features may not work.

To join the early access app, one has to open the Google Play store, look for the link to ‘early access’, tap install for the app you wish to have and follow the onscreen instructions. The users who install the unreleased app will also be enrolled in the beta program.

Benefits of using Early Access Program:

  • Create a community of large volunteer and focused group.
  • The users provide useful feedback which measures the iterative development progress.
  • The designers and developers receive the feedback to find the best UI.
  • It is a world-wide community facilitating the developers to able to find their best market zones.
  • The tolerant users report how the app crashed, which helps the developers to find and fix the faulty codes.
  • The early adopters help one another and provide constructive feedbacks.
  • The final releases are bound to create a valuable brand.

In a nutshell, it is a safe place to test the newly developed apps and thus strengthens the android developer community. If you are interested in developing android applications for your enterprise or e-commerce, you may get in touch with android developer experts at