Trending Tips to Speed Up Android App Development in 2022

Trending Tips to Speed Up Android App Development in 2022

In a market where competition is stiff, a quick time-to-market app is considered as successful. An app that takes a lot of time to build and deploy can crash even before it is launched. Android App Development is an expensive process, as bringing ideas into reality needs time and effort, and expenses. For example, once development is done you’ll have to pay for maintenance and for marketing campaigns.

One major strategy to keep costs in check is to decrease the application development time. For mobile apps, time is money, so the more you spend working on your app, the cost will surge. Although Android app development for business is a perfect choice, but many brands consider it a slow process. Many businesses constantly struggle to meet deadlines and take their app to the market before competitors. In this tussle, often quality is compromised and what results is a product that doesn’t meet both business and end-user needs. We will be discussing major tips to build apps faster in the below article.

Since android application development speed is a major issue, we have compiled a few development tips that can help to build Android apps speedily, without compromising the quality.

Tips for Android App Development

1. Latest Development Tools

The most important thing to speed up the Android app development is by knowing the latest and innovative development tool. Thanks to the digital world, it is easy to access the finest development tools to build a feature-rich app in no time.

But many tools and technologies become outdated in today’s mobile world. That’s why, before selecting a tool for android app development, it is always recommended to hire Android app developer from an expert software development firm. A professional firm will have a better understanding of the latest tools that are not only cost-effective as well as reliable. Those tools will help you address customer needs in an efficient manner.

2. Implement Agile Development

The next crucial step when planning to speed up Android app development is to go agile. A commonly accepted process is to build MVP with no advanced features. The main objective of MVP is to study the user’s response towards the app effectiveness. This feedback plan the features accordingly to make Android app faster and efficient.

Another crucial aspect is following the agile methodology and releasing sprints to break the entire app development process into smaller modules. Following the agile method guarantees quality and faster app development, with each sprint better than the previous one. Agile methodology not only saves the efforts, but also costs less, and ensures that the product is developed according to the customer’s demands.

3. Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Wireframes are an important step in the whole android app development process. Most of the professional Android developers know that going headfirst in the app development process is not preferred. Rather, getting the designers, project managers, testers, and developers on the same page is important.

Thus with low wireframes, you can easily achieve that. Although low-fidelity wireframes are less detailed, they give relevant information to the development team. In addition, they are quick to build and serve as a perfect blueprint for the complete Android app development team to start the development project in an efficient manner.

4. Consider Hybrid App Development

When planning to launch an Android app, it is always suggested to launch a cross-platform mobile app. Why? That’s because, with a cross-platform app, or a hybrid app, you could simply reach a higher number of audience with minimum efforts.

Similarly, a hybrid app is also considered as the most effective means to lower app development time. That’s because of the advanced technologies of the cross-platform app. Programming languages like React Native, Xamarin, Kotlin ad Java allows the user to build apps using the same code for every platform, thus, lowering the app development time. Thus when planning to build apps, go for cross-platform apps for more customer engagement.

5. Automated Testing for Android App Development

Testing is the most important aspect in any kind of development process, when it comes to mobile app it becomes highly significant. However, despite the testing importance, many of the marketers often overview this crucial step. As a result, they come across abnormalities in their application after the deployment.

If you do not want to hamper the brand image, and customer satisfaction, then testing is important. Now, thanks to the digital world, today, several vital aspects are being automated, and testing is too. In fact, automated testing has gained momentum in the last few years. With automated testing, it becomes simple to detect even small bugs and solve those bugs. Automated testing needs less time and fewer resources than the manual testing.

So, before selecting Android App Development Company India, make sure that they offer automated testing services for an improved app development.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you keep my App development idea confidential?

We always sign an NDA and other legitimate Confidential Agreements the moment we get your Android app idea to ensure 100% confidentiality.

2. Do you provide support after project completion?

Yes. We offer extended Android app support and maintenance services that consist of design update requirements, version updates, UAT, and more.

3. Will you help me publish my mobile app on Google play store?

Yes, why not! We take full responsibility for uploading and publishing your Android app on the Play Store ourselves as part of our end-to-end Android app development services.

Wrapping Up:

Manage your app development time effectively to stay ahead of competitors and meet strict deadlines. A minute lost in mobile app development services can result into huge monetary losses. A good Android app development company will micro-manage tasks of developments in such a way that the app hits the markets before time. Also implementing the above-mentioned points will help to create an app for android.