Top 10 Amazing Tips and Tricks for Flutter App Development

Top 10 Amazing Tips and Tricks for Flutter App Development

Flutter refers to an open-source development kit (SDK), which comprises the tools required to build cross-platform mobile apps. The SDK consists of ready-to-use widgets, command prompt tools, APIs for testing, integration, and more. Also, Flutter allows the creation of iOS and Android apps with a brilliant performance.

The SDK managed to defeat the major issues of other cross-platform technologies including poor design, performance, and security problems. Flutter apps are also virtually indistinguishable from native apps. In this blog, we shall discuss the top Flutter tips, tricks, and techniques to help enhance the entire working process of Flutter app development services.

Advantages of Flutter app development

Some of the amazing advantages of Flutter that identify not only its popularity but also the need for designing a cross-platform app include:

Reduced time-to-market

Flutter allows developers to exploit common fragments of code for multiple platforms. It has a positive influence on the time taken in the development process. Therefore, the exploitation of Flutter application development services allows introduce your app to the market in no time.

App development cost

A cross-platform solution or service enables developers to create a common code for various platforms using a further translation of the code to the operating system. However, with personal development, businesses had to pay for two different applications. Thus, it saves 30%-50% of iOS app development costs or Android app development costs. Thus, Flutter is an ideal solution for developing a minimum viable product (MVP).

Top Flutter tips and tricks

Create an amazing intro screen in no time

If your app doesn’t have an impressive intro screen, don’t panic. The Introduction Screen in Flutter can help you create it in not more than 10 minutes. This feature allows users to create an intro screen at the launcher. For instance, you can share the app’s idea and launch it in the market. This widget is customizable with great designs at the designer’s disposal. Also, the designs keep evolving periodically. Thus, if you are looking to give a personal touch to the home screen of the app, hire Android app developers from a trusted app development company like ours to create a bespoke intro screen design and development experience.

Amazing Flutter code snippet

If you are longing to enhance your productivity, Flutter Code Snippet can help you create commonly used Flutter classes and methods. For instance, if you type the shortcut streamBldr and singleChildSV, you can easily create StreamBuilder Widget and SingleChildScrollView Widget respectively. Also, users can leverage Flutter snippet in Android Studio or VSCode.

Create appealing Icons with Font Awesome

To create easy-to-read, simple, and beautiful app icons, developers can use Font Awesome for Flutter and create amazing icons in no time. For specific requirements, you can discuss them with the designers and they shall assist you with end-to-end Flutter app development services.

Leverage benefits of dependency using

When your app grows over time, after a certain period, you’ll need to put your app’s logic in classes that are separated from your Widgets and then inject it as dependency whenever required. It’s an ideal practice to keep widgets from direct dependencies as it makes the code better organized and easier to test, debug, and manage. However, developers require a way to access these objects from their UI codes. The get_it function is a simple Service Locator for Flutter and Dart projects with some added benefits. Users can also choose InheritedWidget or Provider to access objects from your UI.

Reuse data using the Singleton Design Pattern

Singleton is mostly preferred when only one instance of a class is required to control the action throughout the execution. However, it can easily get wrong if not used carefully. Developers can reuse the data using the Singleton design pattern.

Format your codes using dartfmt

It’s an excellent practice to add Trailing Commas (, ) because it helps developers to format the codes using dartfmt. After that, they can save a lot of challenges driven by code formatting, thanks to the features like dartfmt.

Write clean codes using the Spread Operator

Dart 2.3 introduced some amazing features and one of them is known as Single Operator. It is an amazing feature useful during conditional UI widgets, especially when you’ve nested conditional UI widgets.

Our certified Android app developers ensure they provide a clean and well-formatted codebase that is easy to understand and readable to other developers working on the same projects. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire Android app developers according to your needs and references like Native Android development services, Android wearable app development services, or Flutter app development services.

Create a custom extension to minimize repetition

While coding, make sure you avoid writing the same codes repetitively. Also, developers must not repeat the same functionality in various places. For instance, if you need to convert HTML tags to get displayed on the UI since Flutter doesn’t support HTML tags entirely, you will need to repeat the same codes in various places to create a custom extension method used whenever required.

Reduce Code using Double Dot, the Cascade Operator

Dart comes with a single dot (.) operator. The double dot (..) operator is well known as a cascade operator. The latter help reduce code and save typing time when multiple method calls are made on the same object.

Use Performance Overlay for efficient debugging

Performance Overlay indicates the time taken by each frame to build. At the same time, the GPU time (Raster Thread) and at the bottom is UI time (Ui Thread). In case the developer encounters a red bar in the UI graph, the Dart code is very expensive. Similarly, if they see a red vertical bar in the GPU graph, the scene is very expensive to render.


In this blog, we have discussed the amazing Flutter tips and tricks for an easy app development process. If you are looking for an expert Android app development company that can understand your needs and preferences, we are here to assist.

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What is the best feature of Flutter app development?
Flutter’s “Hot Reload” feature allows seeing the applied changes quickly, without losing the current application state. It is exactly what makes Flutter app development several times faster due to the increased development speed.

Is Flutter enough for app development?
Yes! You can create customized components too. Building an impressive and personal custom UI element is easy in Flutter. Also, developers can have them work on both iOS and Android. It makes Flutter an ideal choice for mobile app development with advanced, custom UI design features.

Can we build any kind of app using Flutter?
Flutter refers to a cross-platform solution, which means you can build apps with a single codebase that runs on multiple platforms. Connect with our Android app developers to get more insights on Flutter app development services.