Top Challenges Faced By Android Developers During App Development

Top Challenges Faced by Android Developers During Mobile App Development

Mobile app development services are growing at a fleeting rate, thanks to its cutting-edge technologies that made more than 3.8 billion people use smartphones and mobile devices. Technology-driven companies are investing more in speeding up their mobile performance to gain more customers. However, there are various challenges in mobile app development, which only get resolved by a professional mobile app developer or Android Developers.   

Therefore, it is advisable to hire android app developers from top-rated mobile app development companies who can look after your app’s functionality and after-care. Here we have curated a list of challenges faced by most of the mobile developers:  

Understanding the target audience while App Development 

Not all mobile app development company understands the vision and goals of their clients. In this cut-throat competition, one has to deliver the right message to grab the audience’s attention. Therefore, the mobile app developers must understand their user’s persona and research to achieve the desired goals.   

Meeting user’s requirement  

The primary focus of mobile app development should be to ensure that the app meets the user’s requirements. Developers need to understand their client’s vision, app features, ideas, and how to solve the issues that users may face in the long run. It is one of the biggest challenges for developers to develop an app as per the user’s needs and preferences.   

Choose the right operating system  

It is crucial to choose an operating system that the developers can focus on more. Android and iOS both operate differently and can target different genres of audiences. Thus, it becomes essential to choose a platform on which your application can run smoothly. Some programmers leave these decisions for later and end up making wrong choices. So, choose the right operating system and then plan the objects and patterns accordingly.   

Choose the right App development platform  

Building an app is a challenging task to accomplish. Therefore, one needs to consider every aspect of the mobile app development strategy. It is advisable to choose the most innovative technology that can help obtain the desired results in dedicated time.   


The innovative technology is future-ready, but so are the cybercriminals. Mobile app developers must stay well-versed with every possible loophole and ensure that the application developed is highly-secure and free from any malware or viruses.  

Software Fragmentation  

At times developers encounter an Android version incompatible error while installing the latest version of that mobile application. It is where software fragmentation comes into the picture – a tough challenge that every Android app developer face during their development process.   

Google releases updates and Android apps with various features and versions. but, not all devices are compatible with the latest version. Therefore, the developers design android mobile apps that can support every version of the Android operating system. As a result, it helps developers reduce app uninstalling rates and never miss on targeted audiences.   

Android developers’ team, the best native android app developer in India, builds full-fledged android apps that offer great compatibility, safety, and data security.   

Hardware Fragmentation  

The android operating system facilitates smartphone manufacturers to customize it and develop devices with feature-rich standards. In simple words, the same version launched by two different brands can have varied buttons, display, keyboard formats, resolution, storage, and hardware features. The developers must focus on the user experience of the app with different devices before launching the app.   

Testing Fragmentation  

A flawless mobile app enhances app performance and improves brand image. No mobile app gets launched in the market without undergoing a testing process. Since the Android operating system is highly compatible, any application built on Android OS must undergo the testing phase.   

Under this phase, developers check for the UI performance, code efficiency, device compatibility, and so on. To achieve it, you must have access to using various testing and debugging tools.   

Our experts are keen to test each element and deliver error-free applications that keep your business a genuine and market-leading brand.   

UI Design Rules  

The User Interface of an application plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing the user retention rate. It fixes the app’s appearance and its feasibility with other features on a single page. Google may not provide any standard user interface design for android app development services. However, every enterprise should develop custom UI interfaces according to their preferences and standards.  

the Android developers should explore different ways to create a responsive UI design across various devices. Also, they must stay cautious at this stage as it may affect the user experience of the entire Android app.   

Programming Languages  

There are numerous programming languages available in the market, each offering unique features and customization. Among them, Java and Kotlin are the most preferred code languages for any type of android app development process.   

Where Java is the oldest and most advanced programming language that runs on many lines of code, Kotlin app development requires less code scripting and is very handy to use. Both languages provide tools that help to build error-free mobile applications in less time, effort, and money.   

Our team uses proven technology with a perfect blend of the right programming languages, frameworks, and tools to create a best-in-class application for the business.  

Integrating third-party APIs  

Lastly, it is the most challenging factor for android app developers in the entire app development process. Integration of APIs in mobile application development reduces the development cost and time too. Developers are keen to adopt third-party APIs to increase the app compatibility standards, but the integration of other APIs is the most challenging part. On the other hand, Android developers help build a single API that works for different Android versions.  


So, in this blog, we have covered all the top challenges faced by Android developers during their android app development process. If you are planning to create an android app for your business prospects, we are here to help. Our team believes in solving all the hassles without bothering our clients so that you can focus on other business aspects and save you more time.   

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What are the things required for the Android app development process?  

    • Java


    • Android SDK 


    • Android Studio


    • APIs


    • Databases 


    • Material Design

How much time does it take to develop an Android app Development?  

The time may vary from project to project, considering the features you wish to add to the app. However, roughly it may take 3-9 months to develop an app including its testing, coding, deploying, and after-care.   

Which language is best for Android app development?  

Java is the oldest and most-trusted programming language for Android app development, especially when it comes to developing an Android game app. Connect with our team to learn more.