Top Android App Development Frameworks To Watch In 2024

Top 6 Android App Development Frameworks To Watch In 2020

The past few years have witnessed a major paradigm shift in the mobile application development industry. More and more businesses are emphasizing building a mobile app along with their websites. One reason for this is that customers today use their Android mobile apps for performing a wide range of tasks. Under such circumstances, businesses can gain a competitive edge by designing and developing a mobile app.

Like various web frameworks, a large number of native and cross-platform mobile frameworks are also available today. Therefore, choosing the right one often feels overwhelming. To take the right, informed decision, here are the top android app development frameworks to choose from.

React Native

React Native refers to a cross-platform framework that was released in 2015 by Facebook. This open-source framework is written in JavaScript and provides the best-in-class native platform UI for both iOS and Android platforms. The native apps can get developed over hybrid apps that run on a web view and are coded via JavaScript and React.

Features and benefits of React Native include:

  • The ready-to-use components of React Native help accelerate the entire development process


  • The modular architecture boosts optimal performance


  • It provides splendid support for third-party plugins


  • The framework supports many giant companies and individuals like Software Mansion, Microsoft, Infinite Red, Expo, and more.


  • It enables users to create amazing native apps and deliver a compelling user experience.



The iconic framework help develop stunning apps at a lightning-fast speed. Being a client-side framework, it uses CSS, HTML, and JavaScript web technologies for app development. You can also pair this framework with AngularJS to leverage its full potential and build robust, feature-rich applications.

Features and benefits of the Iconic framework include:

  • One code for all the supported platforms gets created at once


  • It’s easy on maintenance


  • Iconic View, Cordova Plugins, and Iconic CLI are some great features of this framework


  • It is easy to adopt and offers a great intuitive user interface



Flutter refers to an open-source mobile app development introduced by Google. This popular cross-platform application development, written in the Dart language helps create immersive and stunning UI for desktop web, and mobile apps. It offers a single code base for both iOS and Android platforms.

Features and benefits of the Flutter framework include:

  • It comes with a lightning speed of approximately 60 fps


  • Its single codebase help run the app on different devices to save money and time


  • It’s easy to build native interfaces using fully-customizable widgets


  • Debugging becomes hassle-free in the Flutter framework where the developer can code on your simulator, emulator, and mobile hardware.



Xamarin framework was launched by Microsoft, where the entire platform was based on the WORA principle – Write Once, Run Anytime. It offers great support from a strong community of more than 1.4 million developers. Also, a single shared C# codebase can help build native applications for Windows, iOS, and Android developers platforms.

Features and benefits of the Xamarin framework include:

  • Approximately 70% of the codes are reusable for Android, iOS, and Windows devices


  • This framework offers an easy and intuitive development atmosphere


  • It performs tasks 22 times faster than hybrid HTML, thus overcoming the limitations of hybrid applications.


  • The components can get added directly from forms interfaces, native API access, and integration with the backend.


The Xamarin SDK is more stable and updated


PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, refers to a cross-platform development framework based on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Apart from offering best-in-class performance, this framework allows developers to work without any hardware limitations. The app built on this framework can get installed across multiple devices as a native application.

Features and benefits of the PhoneGap framework include:

  • The enhanced functionality of PhoneGap via plugins


  • Multiple versions of an application get created using a single code base


  • It supports inbuilt device features like Storage, Phonebook, Camera, GPS, and more


  • Leveraging its “Build” feature, developers can compile the app without installing any SDKs


Sencha Touch

This framework has been merged with Ext JS, which helps in building cross-platform, data-intensive mobile, and web applications. Ext JS comprises more than 115 tested and pre-integrated rich-performance UI components like charts, layouts, pivot grids, grids, and more.

Features and benefits of Sencha Touch include:

  • The drag-and-drop function of this framework reduces time on manual coding


  • Design customized app themes using this framework’s graphical tools


  • Use ExtReact code in your browser without installing or downloading anything


  • Enhance the quality of applications via end-to-end testing using Sencha Touch


Native Script

This open-source framework allows developers to build truly native mobile applications using JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, or Angular. It allows users to write a single codebase for mobile applications and deploy it for Android and iOS platforms. Native Script was named one of the leading mobile app development platforms in 2017.

Features and benefits of Native Script include:

  • Accessibility and stunning platform-native UI


  • 100% direct access to all Android and iOS APIs


  • Enhance the functionality of the apps using free app samples, templates, and plugins available in the Marketplace


  • The framework is Apache 2 licensed with mission-critical enterprise support.



We have discussed the most popular Android app development frameworks and how it complements your business. Go through these features and benefits of each platform to know its significance in your project and implement it for business excellence.

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