The Importance of Using Chatbots in Android Apps and Websites

The Importance of Using Chatbots in Android Apps and Websites

Digitization is the key to becoming successful in business these days. In this mobile-driven transformation, industries like banking, eCommerce, retails, and healthcare are using chatbots to help out their customers in need and offer the best services possible. Chatbots in Android Apps are an amazing way to address customer-related problems in the absence of some human resources. With chatbots, businesses can stay in touch with their customers even after completing their business working hours. These may be some of the biggest reasons why chatbot app development services are so much in demand.

According to research, more than 50% of the organizations are keen to spend more on customized chatbots development rather than the traditional Android app development process. Considering these statistics, we may predict that the global chatbot market will experience a 24% annual growth rate and reach $1.25 billion by 2025.

Chatbots in Android apps are the new front line for establishing a strong customer-business relationship while minimizing human resources and helping businesses save more money on infrastructure. However, chatbot experience lacks communication flow, and the pitfalls are yet to be understood completely.

In this blog, we shall learn some of the greatest challenges faced by businesses in chatbot development processes and how to deal with them.

What are chatbots?

You may have interacted with chatbots at some point in your life. For instance, while booking a cab, ordering a coffee, tracking your food delivery order, and so on. Most of the mobile apps and websites have chatbots embedded in them to help customers in the best ways possible. Chatbots are artificial-intelligence-powered software that can chat with users just like humans via messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, or even mobile phones. Also, they are highly capable of answering questions, performing actions, and recommending solutions as per the user’s needs.

Chatbot solutions are already in the market helping businesses attract more customers and serve them better. These digital assistants know the human language and can get embedded in various ways, in different industries.

Types of Chatbots

Depending on the features, there are two types of chatbots:

Task-oriented chatbots

These chatbots are designed to handle simple queries, which don’t have many variables. The responses of these chatbots are highly-structured and scripted. Using pre-defined instructions, NLP, and some machine learning to generate automated yet conversational responses. These chatbots are perfect for banking and financial institutions.

Data-driven and predictive chatbots

These chatbots are also known as intelligent chatbots and they operate like humans. With artificial intelligence, these chatbots are self-sufficient to answer the customer’s queries. Also, they can monitor data to initiate a conversation. These chatbots are enhanced versions with amazing features and commands.

Limitations of chatbots

Now that we are aware of the benefits and features of chatbots, let us now discuss their limitations of it. Chatbots are the most effective solution for businesses willing to engage more with multiple users. They are well-known for making human-like conversation to a large number of audiences, but there are a few limitations to it too, which includes:

Cold user experience

The most annoying drawback of chatbots is their weak conversation flow. At times, users can feel their conversation scripted and robotic. They usually lack personalization. Therefore, to ensure effective communication, businesses must empathize with chatbots as some organizations do with the following tips:

  • Use a human voice instead of a robot to make the users feel more familiar with the chatbots
  • Use emojis to make the conversation interesting
  • Use simple language to help a layman understand easily
  • Inject humor to bring a smile to the user’s face
  • Avoid showering endless questions to the customer. Hear them out first
  • Make the chatbot address unanswerable questions like “sorry, I could not understand you.”
  • Lack of engagement

    Chatbots were designed to follow a definite script, which restricts them from responding to the commands outside their program. Also, chatbots are less engaging which makes users lose interest when there is no response or delayed response. Therefore, the chatbot must identify and quickly resolve the issues instead of questioning the users with endless possibilities. It is advisable to Hire Android Developers who can help your business easily overcome these challenges.

    For an enhanced experience, chatbots need to be programmed with the ability to learn more from the user’s conversations. Also, they must evolve to have engaging conversations with users. Therefore, businesses need to start making experiments in technology to improvise the user experience.

    Multiple language support

    Chatbots are highly rigid in perceiving the data and what to deliver to the users. The data are usually in the form of NLP, which is a combination of Computer Science and Linguistics. It tries to make sense of the text in ways that is easily understandable. Therefore, businesses must consider NLP while choosing a fixation.

    From generative to retrieval-based models, a chatbot development company can help you with creating various intelligent and interactive solutions for businesses. However, there are some limitations to NLP which a chatbot developer can work on and resolve the issue in no time.


    So, now you have understood the various aspects of chatbots development services. In case of any additional queries, feel free to connect with our professionals and they shall assist you with the right proceedings.

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    What are the improvement areas in chatbot development?

  • Make the bot function like more human

  • Monitor success metrics

  • Collect user data to interact better

  • Store chat transcripts

  • Post-chat surveys

  • What is the purpose of using chatbots on a website or mobile app?

    To streamline interactions between people and services while enhancing customer experience. Also, companies can offer new opportunities to improve the customer engagement process and operational efficiency while reducing the cost of business on customer service.

    What features should the chatbots in Android Apps must have?

  • Quality interactions

  • Conversational maturity

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Trainable intelligence

  • Easy omnichannel deployment

  • Extensible integrations

  • Rich contextual history

  • Multi-lingual conversations