How Shopping Apps Can Render The Most Amazing In-Store Experiences

Shopping Apps Can Render The Most Amazing In-Store Experiences

The past few years have been game-changing for the retail sector as it has witnessed the mobile revolution. Today, m-commerce apps have transformed the e-commerce selling scenario as they empower customers to access online stores any time and from anywhere. At the same time, brick-and-mortar selling too has been deeply influenced by the mobility trend. No doubt, retail sellers trading through physical stores are also investing in shopping app development to reap full benefits of the mobility trend. There are more than one ways in which these smart apps can improve the in-store shopping experiences. Let’s check how these apps open up magical opportunities for retail stores:

1. Facilitate seamless in-store navigation
Shopping applications have introduced the innovative concept of mobile showrooming for the retailers to take in-store shopping experiences to a new level. Empowered with the in-store mapping feature, these apps enable the customers to navigate through the store and easily reach the product they have been looking for. Moreover, the app can be enriched with engaging content that ensures that the customer is stuck with the brand rather than looking elsewhere while researching about the products.

2. Enhance customer loyalty
A business may have to spend a lot on iPhone or Android app development services and they may sometimes find the expense hard to justify. However, it is easy to do so considering the fact that a high-performance mobile app can serve as a powerful branding tool for the business. A mobile app drives user engagement as well as builds customer loyalty by getting and maintaining continuous visibility on the user’s mobile screen. Apps can be used to provide special offers and coupons for the registered users to encourage them to shop more from the store.

3. Supplement sales by encouraging in-app shopping
Brick-and-mortar stores can leverage these apps to supplement their sales by encouraging in-app shopping. For instance, shoppers can browse the products, select them, and even pay for them using the mobile app and simply come over and pick their orders from the store later on. This saves them the hassle and waiting time they otherwise have to spend shopping in-store and wait in queues while making the payments.

4. Offer personalized shopping experiences
Mobile apps are capable of offering personalized shopping experiences to the user. They can provide context-based recommendations to the users on the basis of their browsing history and shopping preferences. Advanced technologies such as iBeacons can be integrated into them to deliver location-based offers via push notifications. In this way, stores that have their own mobile apps can engage their potential customers with powerful insights and data generated by these apps.

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