How to build a shopping app for your online store?

How to build a shopping app for your online store

More than half of the global population is using smartphones in today’s time. Hence, simply launching a website to sell merchandise is not enough. 80% of smartphone owners have made a purchase using their mobile devices. Also, smartphones are less expensive and more accessible, particularly in developing parts across the globe. Post Covid-19 pandemic, mobile commerce sales accounted for $3.56 trillion, which is almost 70% of online sales. The pandemic has facilitated users to shop online more, thus, shopping app development for your online store is an undeniable fact.

Having a website is no longer enough to retain existing customers and attract new customers. Modern consumers have changed and mobile commerce has become more important than ever. 52% of the internet traffic across the globe is generated through smartphones and the rest is dispersed between tablets and desktops. It is, therefore, essential for businesses to have a shopping app that increases conversions and profitability.

You can develop a shopping app for any type of merchandise: groceries and beverages, clothes and shoes, cosmetics and pharma, sports and hobby goods, computer hardware and electronics, kitchen appliances and hardware, and much more. What are the advantages of shopping app development?

  • Increases brand awareness

  • Improves marketing activities

  • Enhances customer experience and engagement

  • Increases order value

  • Customizes shopping experience

  • Improves customer loyalty and increases customer retention rates

  • Automates business processes

  • Increases sales revenue

  • What are the must-have features to incorporate for developing a shopping app? Important features are app functionalities that are enough to solve user

    issues. And in this case, these functions are the ones that allow users to find a product and execute a purchase. Modern shopping apps have a diverse range of extra functions that make them outstanding, but they all have commenced with a basic application.

    Key Features of Shopping App for Users

    1. User Login and Registration

    Although the app should include the registration process, browsing should be executable without having to register. Allowing users to browse through your products without going through the registration process will widen your audience. Besides providing registration options such as email, social networks, phone, etc. will also help too. Confining users to only one type of registration is harmful to your user experience and can lead to a lot of sign up abandonment.

    2. Profile Alterations

    Another important feature is profile editing, where users can modify their personal details in case they relocate or change their contact numbers and email addresses. Ensure the shopping app development uses a simple profile editing menu to allow customers to make quick alterations to their personal, financial, and other credentials.

    3. Product Catalog

    This is obviously one of the important features as every online shopping app requires a product catalog. The online store should have a well-organized and categorized catalog for a seamless browsing experience. The catalog should include precise and elaborate product descriptions along with photos of the products. To help users to make the best decision, it is paramount to mention product details such as the color, size, type, fabric, and style of the products.

    4. Shopping Basket

    A shopping basket or cart is a feature that gives users access to the products they selected for purchase. Developing a shopping app that allows one to add, delete or change items in the cart, glance through the product descriptions, independent prices and the total purchase amount is essential.

    5. Check out and Payment Modes

    Safety is the most significant component of payment integration. Data breaches not only damage your reputation but are the fastest gateway to losing your customer base. Thus, an important aspect to keep in mind while shopping app development is a high level of security and data protection. The versatility of payment modes such as Stripe, PayPal, credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, etc accounts for an important consideration too.

    6. Customer Assistance

    Regardless of how well-thought and developed your app is, your customers might eventually face some challenges. It is thus important to provide readily available and responsive customer help for the smooth resolution of issues. It could be either via phone, chat, email, or any other communication channel to seek customer support and help.

    The essential features allow you to develop MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that covers customer’s basic necessities. Partner with an Android App Development Company to design a MVP for your online store. Apart from the essential components, additional features allow you to attain a competitive advantage. Here are some of the additional features that you can think of adding during the shopping app development process:

    1. Wish list

    Just as audiences enjoy window shopping in real life, the same goes for digital window shopping. A wish list is a collection of items liked by users that they do not buy right away. Allowing users to select their preferred items and store them in the cart to buy later can help in expanding the customer base. Later, you can send reminder alerts and discounts to incentivize users to complete shopping.

    2. Order Tracing

    Although technically unnecessary, the order tracing alternative has become a part of every ecommerce app. This feature allows the customer to trace their order until the time of dispatch. Keeping your customers aware of where the package has reached shows you are respectful of their time. Waiting for hours for the order delivery to take place can be stressful and discourage people from making purchases.

    3. Sharing alternatives

    Adding sharing options helps an online store with built-in self promotion. Create a shopping app with shareable pages and images. This allows users to share their findings with their friends and relatives to ask for their opinions. Secondly, it becomes an advertisement by default for your business.

    Other additional features such as augmented reality and machine learning recommendations can be added to help businesses stand out in the competition.

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    Q. ) What is the difference between a Native and a Hybrid app?

    A Native app is written particularly for one operating system, in the language used on said platform. Android app is built using Java or Kotlin, while iOS apps are with Objective-C and Swift. A Hybrid app is compatible with multiple platforms and is usually written in HTML and JavaScript.

    Q.) What are the traits of a good app?

    A good app combines a well-designed user interface, speedy loading time, robust data protection, excellent customer support, and built-in integrations.

    Q) . How much does it cost to develop a shopping app?

    The cost of developing an shopping app is a based on the required features, business objectives and tech stack to be used.