Top 13 Reasons to Choose Kotlin for Android App Development

Reason to choose kotlin app

If you are looking for a language to build Android apps. Then Kotlin app development India is your answer. It’s not just the modern language it is more for the developers. Right from seamless integration, multiplatform support, and Java compatibility to developer productivity. Kotlin has it all not for the developers but also the enterprises. And if want to know about Kotlin’s benefits, here are some to get started.

An overview of Kotlin

Kotlin offers flexible syntax and is a more productive choice than Java. It is for cross-platform, general-purpose, and statically typed programming languages. Moreover, it improves the productivity and overall performance of Android apps. Kotlin app development is more interoperable than Java with more extensive syntax. Plus, it has extended support from Google, making it easier to trust the language. Moreover, the existing libraries help the developers in every project.

Importance of Kotlin for Android app development

Kotlin is a newbie compared to Java–a mature technology. It is a type of programming language that runs on JVM. Moreover, it’s an open-source, multi-purpose, and high-level language. So, it offers a both functional and non-functional approaches for faster development.

Kotlin app development is an open-source language that serves as an exclusive feature. And developers value its clarity, safety, flexibility, and support for mobile app development services.

Benefits of Kotlin app development 

Here are some advantages of using Kotlin for app development.

Interoperable design

Kotlin app development exemplifies interoperability in every form. And also with Java, you can use the libraries and commands with Kotlin. Although developers skip the use of Java and use Kotlin for its interoperability. You can use Kotlin with existing classes without any interrupted issues. Moreover, the compiler allows you to combine Java and Kotlin seamlessly.

You can access the whole code, design, features, and libraries of Java in Kotlin. So, it streamlines the migration process which may cause disruptions if there was any other language. Java and Kotlin promote compatibility which works as a favor for developers.

Seamless integration

Kotlin seamlessly integrates with Android Studio. And somehow it is known as Swift for Android language. Kotlin app development easily resolves any bugs without any overheads. Although, Java also has these features Kotlin makes it easier. Kotlin app development offers you to develop mobile applications. You can debug, refactor, and develop code with Kotlin.

Convenient structure

Java is a mature language serving developers for more than a decade. But comparing Kotlin with it is unfair. Kotlin offers an exclusive feature i.e, NullPointerException. Although, it is one of the challenges in programming languages. However, we are aware of tools and designs to keep such things at bay. But Kotlin offers more than nulls for Android app development to developers.

  • Kotlin offers fewer code lines so, it causes fewer failures.
  • Easy to understand code.
  • Simple debugging of error-prone code lines.

Moreover, when combined fewer code lines offer more productivity and reduced error fixing.


Kotlin is a decade-old technology with so much capability to handle future processes. And as a publicly accepted language, it has gone through many testing processes. Plus, its contribution to creating some projects has made it a significant language. Moreover, Kotlin has extended support for Google. And even the tech behemoths are continuously supporting Kotlin for app development. So, we can say the future of the Kotlin app is quite flourishing for industries.

Multi-platform support

Kotlin is just for Android app development, no it’s not true. Because of the extensible features it also supports multi-platform support. It may confuse people to know because it runs on JVM. And it means it also supports front-end development. The Gradle support with Kotlinhelps it to be more welcoming to multiple platforms at one go. Moreover, Kotlin for Android app development is just the first thing to know about the elaborate language.

Immutable object

Immutable object refers to a permanent state of the object and Kotlin promotes it. Because you can define variables as var or val for developers to understand the reassignment.

Moreover, if you use value in your code, it becomes safe to use further and the properties are NULL. And it removes the issue by using nullable references in the data types.

Less code

Fewer code lines offer higher readability and consideration to developers. And Kotlin offers both edges to developers. Kotlin allows fewer bugs for Android app development Company with less complexity and higher readability. So, language takes care of your mundane tasks and helps to focus on basic functions. Furthermore, it promotes readability, simplicity, and accessibility to the process.

Modern workflow

Java has made developers well-versed with obsolete language. But Kotlin exhibits so many modern benefits for any mobile app. We become more versatile while working with Kotlin. As already discussed above, it supports multi-platforms, less code, and less assistance. As developers are becoming well-versed with modern platforms.

Such as Ruby, ASP.NET Core, GoLang, etc. Moreover, Kotlin makes it easier to work and facilitate modern languages. Because of its features and the similar ideas to these platforms. The future of the Kotlin app is quite easier and flourishing. But that doesn’t mean we overpower Java with Kotlin. Furthermore, modern languages will offer added value to mobile app development.

Reliable development

You can never go wrong with Kotlin app development because of its existence. As it offers so many features and extensive support to developers. Kotlin became the developer’s choice in no time. And this supports many development processes to consider Kotlin.

Google support is again a leading factor to make the language for different companies. Although the updations in the languages make it more flexible. Such as Kotlin Android’s extensive libraries like Anko. Kotlin uses library optimization methods which suggest its further modern developments.

 Better compiler

The compiler used by Kotlin offers a great edge to the developer. Because it serves you with two advantages. Kotlin app development helps to detect errors during compile time. Using the fail-fast approach offers you a major advantage. As the name suggests, fail-fast in software refers to development that will fail and be seen instantly.

Moreover, it helps the developers to resolve the issues as soon as it is seen. Because the system stops functioning when any issue occurs. So, the bugs become easier to detect and allow a few codes to pass. Secondly, errors checked at compile time reduce the runtime issues.

Improved safety 

Kotlin with NullException handling offers huge safety options. And it is safer than Java in design, features, platform, and more. Java’s design and language put an addition to its execution. So, it makes more time and money to spend on the mobile app.

Because Nulls are the pain points in Java for developers. So, engineers invest half of their time to correct Null exceptions. But because Kotlin can handle these Nulls through data references. In Kotlin, variables don’t accept Nulls but you can mark them with ‘?’ So, the compile prompts to pass value to Null. And this removes the Null vulnerability with Kotlin.

Learning curve

Kotlin also gained a point in the learning curve. Because Java has been quite tougher for developers. As you need to know the basics of OOPS and its fundaments. Plus, nobody gets whatever you write on screen! But it’s the opposite with Kotlin.

Because anybody can read and understand the code with just a glance. Moreover, the lee code lines are a big relief to developers. As you may know, longer code lines are prone to errors. Although Java developers get Kotlin code in no time. Furthermore, Kotlin offers developers to be versatile and creative in one go.

Enhanced productivity

Kotlin app development enhances developers’ productivity and how? After reading all the benefits you have got it how it will increase efficiency. Kotlin’s syntax is quite easier with fewer code lines. Kotlin also offers safety measures to correct any null exceptions. So, that could be a potential bug-prone area in Java. But in Kotlin, it has it all to remove null exceptions.

Moreover, developers can read easily Kotlin code for your mobile apps. Plus, interoperability with Java leverages the codes and libraries. So, it improves performance and speed.

Future of the Kotlin app 

We have already seen how Kotlin has for the developers. And now all the leasing tech giants are shifting from Java to Kotlin. Because of its modern language support for Android app development. And with google’s support, the language is rising with great force. Kotlin helps developers to build server-side, desktop, mobile, and web applications.

Conclusion: Every leading tech giant is shifting towards Kotlin from Java. Because of its extensive features, benefits, and compatibility with multi-platforms. So the above-mentioned pointers can help you get an idea of Kotlin for mobile apps. For more consideration, consult Android app development services for your projects.


What is the most common application of Kotlin?

One of its key features is productive programming, which allows you to reuse code across multiple platforms.

Is Kotlin functional or object-oriented?

Kotlin supports both object-oriented and functional programming constructs.

Can Kotlin be used on the server?

Kotlin is an excellent choice for creating server-side applications.