How Rasa Drives the Rapid Evolution of Conversational Chatbots

Rasa Drives the Rapid Evolution of Conversational Chatbots

Conversational chatbots are everywhere. From being part of your food delivery app to COVID-19 information tools and more, chatbots have become central to human lives. This AI-based technology has had an interesting journey before becoming what it is today. The programming language Rasa, among several other factors, played a pivotal role in the evolution of conversational chatbots.

Chatbots started to become a buzz in the software industry around 2016. Many tech startups had started to work on chatbot development projects. Although chatbots were comparatively new at that time, the history of AI is much longer than conversational chatbots. The company that runs the Rasa language was founded during the time of the chatbot boom. The founders and developers at Rasa were trying to build a bot.

Leveraging the Power of NLP
Conversational chatbots are by far the most advanced form of AI chatbots. The development of these chatbots relies on a combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). The chatbots consider different words that form the sentence along with any other possible context. Then they get a contextual understanding of the user query or input.

The most important advantage of conversational chatbot development using NLP is that the bots can understand the meaning of the words. This means that the AI chatbots are likely to understand the user message even with misspellings. This dramatically improves user experience.

Multi-turn NLP-based Conversations
The development team at Rasa, the company that runs the programming language, is increasingly focusing on multi-turn, natural-sounding conversations. Such conversations, according to Mady Mantha, Senior Technical Evangelist at Rasa, works efficiently. As part of its standard AI infrastructure development, Rasa builds contextual assistants and chatbots that help business enterprises and users alike.

Rasa enables developers to build text- and voice-based virtual assistants. Such chatbots have impressively wide-ranging applications. Since Rasa is an open-source framework, chatbot developers widely use this to build all kinds of AI-based assistants.

Development of Multilingual AI Chatbots
The Rasa is a strikingly global community. And it has the strongest presence in Europe and India. The community is now working to build conversational chatbots that can understand and respond in a different language. In Europe, the Rasa community is trying to build chatbots in French, German, and other languages. In India, Rasa developers are working on regional languages besides Hindi and Marathi. The community encourages developers to create their language models.

Business Benefits Beyond Customer Service
The advantage of deploying chatbots in a business is no more limited to just customer service. Business leaders are now using conversational chatbots to improve the overall customer experience, and operational efficiency, among many other things. Here are some of the most prominent ones.

Reducing operation costs
AI chatbots can perform basic customer support tasks, such as providing some basic information about a business and answering customer calls. Replacing human workers with such chatbots can significantly reduce operating costs.

Sales process automation
Businesses can automate lead generation and similar processes associated with sales and marketing. Conversational chatbots use natural language processing and direct messages to communicate with customers and prospects. For example, sales teams can automate the initial engagement with website visitors and app users. This will help to generate leads without the involvement of human employees.

Customer onboarding & brand awareness
Chatbots can help businesses to ask customers a series of relevant questions before directing them to the best place so to give them the information they are looking for. Chatbots also enables business owners to smartly analyze what the customer has or has not completed in a buying journey. All these capabilities together enhance the overall customer experience. Chatbots also makes it easier for businesses to engage with the customer and convert them effectively. Businesses deploying AI chatbots on their websites and apps significantly higher conversions than the ones without using chatbots.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the use of technology across industries. Chatbots have seen a staggering rise in development and deployment after the virus outbreak and global lockdowns. The changed world order during the crisis has made AI and chatbots more crucial than ever. The users of Rasa-based chatbots, for instance, include the World Health Organization. The WHO chatbot for COVID-19 awareness is used by over 50 million users worldwide. It’s a multilingual bot that offers information about COVID-19.

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Q. What is a conversational bot?
Chatbots are software programs that help simulate interactions with customers automatically based on a set of predefined conditions, triggers, and queries. Conversational chatbots allow users to interact with your web service through text, interactive voice, and task modules. Conversational chatbots are incredibly flexible. They can be scoped to handling simple commands and complex tasks alike. Conversational chatbots are powered by AI and natural language processing.

Q. How effective are Chatbots?
Businesses spend a staggering amount of money on customer service calls each year. Chatbots, according to IBM Research, can successfully answer up to 80% of routine questions and other customer queries. Costs of chatbot development are far lower as a chatbot can address thousands of queries at once.

Q. What is chatbot development?
Chatbot development is building a conversational software interface that helps you interact with users or do tasks without the need for a human. Chatbots and virtual assistants are intelligent AI systems that learn as conversations progress. Conversational chatbots use natural language processing.

Q. How much does it cost to develop a conversational chatbot?
The costs of building a conversational chatbot vary widely, depending on your requirements. Industry and business goals also matter. If you need a simple bot with basic features, costs are comparatively lower. Android Developer offers reliable chatbot development services at a competitive price.