Android 11 Tools to Enhance the Privacy & Stability of Your Apps

New Android 11 Tools to Enhance the Privacy & Stability of Your Apps

The Android team has constantly introduced new features and tools to improve app development quality. Android 11 now has two new tools that give developers more transparency to data access and causes of process exits, among other things. Android has introduced Data Access Audit APIs and Process Exit Reasons to enhance your Android app development Read More

Kotlin for Android App Development

Top 5 Benefits of Using Kotlin for Android App Development

Kotlin is increasingly becoming a favorite programming language among Android developers. Despite Java’s overwhelmingly widespread popularity as the go-to platform for Android app development, Kotlin has emerged as a powerful alternative. Java remains a significant coding language for developing Android apps. Yet Kotlin is making remarkable inroads across the app development industry. Both Java and Read More

Rasa Drives the Rapid Evolution of Conversational Chatbots

How Rasa Drives the Rapid Evolution of Conversational Chatbots

Conversational chatbots are everywhere. From being part of your food delivery app to COVID-19 information tools and more, chatbots have become central to human lives. This AI-based technology has had an interesting journey before becoming what it is today. The programming language Rasa, among several other factors, played a pivotal role in the evolution of Read More

Mistakes Startups Do When Hiring Mobile App Development Company

What Mistakes Startups Do When Hiring Mobile App Development Company?

Mobile apps play an important role in the world of competitive business. From growing sales of products and marketing of services, they have become important for business success. Every business whether small or big, is investing in Android App Development Company to create mobile apps for user engagement. So, it is not a new thing Read More

android 11 beta

Android 11 Beta Introduces New Features to Boost App Subscriptions

Android apps in Google Play have seen steady growth in the subscription model. Most mobile app developers and owners are scaling up to meet the rising demands for subscription-based services. Keeping this trend in Android app development services, Google has announced new features in its Android 11 Beta OS. These features mainly include promotional codes Read More

Why Enterprises can't afford to Miss Chatbot Development Service

Why Enterprises can’t afford to Miss Chatbot Development Service?

Chatbots are not new for some of you, because they’re already available for the integration, and they will remain forever. Indeed, they have become highly popular in the last few years, 2020 will surely become the “year of the chatbot”. Seeing the popularity of them, business enterprises including American Express and H&M use them to Read More

Google Released Android Studio 4.0

Google Released Android Studio 4.0 – Major Upgrades to Integrate

The last two months are quite challenging for the business enterprises to survive amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturing units, business events, global economy and people lives are impacted to a great extent with this deadly disease. But good news for the App Development Company is that Google has released their much awaited Android Studio 4.0 version Read More

Features & Costing Parameters of Indoor App Development

What are the Features & Costing Parameters of Navigation App Development?

Navigation is a major factor behind a routing mobile app success as people use navigation feature to find the best possible path. With the remarkable advancement in mobile world technology and smart phones are integrated with GPS system, finding a path has become far easier for users. In modern world, where users have to travel Read More

Why Enterprises Prefer Android App Development for Business Growth?

Android app development is the most desired option for launching mobile app without any hassle. Most enterprises prefer android app development due to the multiple advantages it offers. It is easy-to-use and comes with a library of code to make the development process fast. You can hire developers to outsource the development work and focus Read More

Importance of Mobile App Analytics for Business Enterprises

What is the Importance of Mobile App Analytics for Business Enterprises?

Any enterprise having mobile app for business operation is probably well-aware of the fact that the mobile apps are a perfect way of engagement that can’t be ignored. Indeed, the industry is growing at a fast pace and there are several opportunities that entrepreneurs and marketers shouldn’t miss out on them. Brands can hire Android Read More