Augmented Reality Apps

7 Ways Augmented Reality Apps Enhance Customer Experiences

Everything digital has had unprecedented evolution over the past year. AR and VR are no exceptions. And perhaps no other area of digital technology has adopted AR as enthusiastically as mobile apps. Augmented reality mobile app development is an emerging trend across many industries now. From eCommerce to entertainment and from hospitality to healthcare, AR Read More

Ways Flutter Makes App Development Faster

7 Reasons Why You Need Flutter App Development for Enterprise Mobility

Flutter’s popularity is on a steady rise. Developers around the world are switching to the UI toolkit for making faster mobile, web, and desktop apps — from a single codebase! And that’s just one of many developer-friendly capabilities Flutter offers. For app users too, the platform ensures an expressive UI, native performance, and much more. Read More

Android OS

Rust to Provide New Security Foundations to Android OS

Correcting the memory safety bugs in the Android ecosystem is a matter of great difficulty. Google has recently announced that the open-source version of Android OS will be having the support of Rust to square off with exposed vulnerabilities. Under the realm of the Hybrid app development process, Android OS is exposed to more vulnerability Read More

koltlin 1.5

What are the New Language Features in Kotlin 1.4.30 for Roadmap to 1.5?

Mobile app development industry has completely changed in the last few years, changing the way businesses operate across the globe. With enterprises taking keen interest in investing in mobile apps to their productivity in recent times, and with the major innovation in mobile devices, it calls for mobile app developers to write different versions of Read More

Android App Developers

Google Reduces Play Store Fees for Android App Developers

Google announced that it will reduce the long-standing 30% cut it takes from Android app developers for each Play Store purchase. The tech giant said that developers will have to pay just a 15% cut on the first $1 million they make on the Play Store, starting from July 1, 2021. According to Google, it Read More

Programming Language Rankings

Programming Language Rankings 2021: JavaScript, Python & Java Top the Chart

As an app developer, you may have seen up close the rising demands and shifting trends in the industry. With pandemic-era requirements making mobile apps more crucial business tools than ever. And for developers, the coding framework remains the most pivotal tool for making the desired app. And that’s where the programming language rankings come Read More

IoT App Development

7 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in IoT App Development

Like a flurry of other technologies, the Internet of Things, too, saw a dramatic rise in popularity last year. With people relying on their gadgets more than ever, home-stuck consumers started to admire technology more. IoT is no exception. As more consumers’ use of connected devices soared, the need for IoT became more pressing. And Read More

Flutter Support

Microsoft Releases Flutter Support Preview for Foldable Devices

Microsoft has announced enhanced support for Flutter on foldable devices. The software giant said it will ramp up efforts to improve the Flutter SDK, especially for Microsoft Surface Duo. Google recently launched Flutter 2.0, featuring web and desktop support improvements, among others. With rapid evolutions like these, the popularity of Flutter app development services is Read More

Google Play Console

Google Play Console Launches New Metrics to Measure User Engagement

Google recently launched a suite of new metrics and benchmarks in the Play Console. Using this new suite, you can seamlessly evaluate the engagement levels in your app or game. The metrics also provide Android developers with a host of other insights, such as monetization trends and app users’ interests, among other things. Android developers Read More