Move Towards Cashless Economy by Mobile Apps Development for your Business

Move Towards Cashless Economy by Mobile Apps Development for your Business

Most of the industry verticals today have moved towards mobile apps development to promote their business, enhance their Return on Investment (ROI), maintain the customer relationship with satisfied services, quicker and simpler internal administration through Bring Your Own Device, and so forth. They are making mobile a part of overall IT strategy and empowering the business just as they did with the web.

Moreover, Demonetization-the historical step in India’s government to curb the corruption and black money has instigated the left out companies and industries to develop mobile apps. The adoption of mobile technology is a promising solution to the cash crunch caused due to demonetization.

Advocating for a cashless economy, Modi says “Earlier you needed a wallet to carry your currency notes. Now your wallet is in your mobile. Without waiting for currency notes people could buy anything even for as little as Rs 20 at shops and the shopkeeper would accept the money through the mobile app.”

The mobile apps development today is easier as compared to last five years with the evolving technologies and platforms. Yet, how to make them scalable for your type of business is the challenge. Attracting people towards the app installation in the wake of demonetization is a challenge too.

Let us see some of the facts and features to be considered while developing Android apps for your business that makes you stay ahead of the competition.

User Experience

Before you start to develop or dream about the monetization of the mobile app, think beyond the app and from a user perspective. The dividing line between the use of mobile and non-mobile devices are almost blurring as the users today own multiple portable and non-portable devices. When developing a mobile software, it is wise to think of its work on an iPad, desktop, or any other mobile devices. Cross-platform android application development is the trend as of today.

User Engagement

The engagement level of apps plays an important role for discoverability. Securing higher rank in Google Play store; use of new features for marketing campaign at Apple store, and so forth are factors to be considered and reconsidered before making a final decision of the app launch into the market.

Market Research

Carry your research on the targeted audience. Draw an insight into your business, business apps, its utility among the public, engaging the public in a way that they respond positively, matchless user-experience, convincing and intuitive to use, and, etc., must be met with hassle-free.

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