Mobile Apps for Sales Force

Mobile Apps for Sales Force

Most of the business firms today are expanding within a short span of its inception owing to connectivity via the Internet. This has led to an increase in the daily business process and depot activities. Further, there is every chance for non-utilisation of the marketing team or the field force to its full potent when they are travelling or in the field respectively. At this juncture, the business process needs a change to support the sales effort and bring in more profits. A mobile app would help to streamline the workflow, enable real time online transactions, business operations, etc.

The Challenges of a Business Firm

  • Reduce time gap between the sales force and actual depot dispatch
  • Connect everyone engaged in the business operation
  • Centralized control on business activities
  • Minimise manual administration and work
  • Conduct business promotion activities
  • Update real time information like procurement, sales order, dispatch, etc.

Business benefits of the Mobile App

  • Enable 24*7*365 work culture
  • Real time online transactions and reports
  • Decrease in time gap between sales plan and actual dispatch
  • Fast and precise response of business process
  • Business approvals made easy
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase of cash flow
  • Instant sales/purchase order approval
  • On spot leave/tour approval
  • A strong business growth path

Significance of developing Mobile Apps at

  • Easy Navigation of the app
  • Simple and intuitive apps to handle
  • Bug free coding
  • Developed as per the App store standard
  • Rigorous testing at each phase of development and after development
  • User-friendly app development

Our aim in developing mobile apps for sales force and business is to facilitate easy and intuitive business operations. We have a proven track record of designing and developing numerous business applications.