Mobile Application for Booking Cabs

Mobile Application

Mobile application for a taxi/cab booking connects the taxi service provider with the customers. It saves the cost and time of the service provider and the passenger/user as well by bridging the gap between the two and all the after effects caused by the communication gap.

Challenges of the Taxi Service Booking

Prior to the use of the mobile application, the bookings were generally made via phone or online via the website. The bookings made by the passenger over the phone may get cancelled as soon as he reaches the spot for pick up. This consumes his time, money for fuel, cancellation of other booking slots for timings, and, etc., leading to a total economic loss for no genuine reasons.

In a similar way, the passenger also faces problems. The taxi driver may not turn up at the last moment, or he may reach late without prior information leading to rescheduling of his/her programme or losing an important travel/meeting for time lapse.

Benefits of Taxi Booking Application

It is a complete solution for both the taxi services and the clients. The users are able to request a ride from the nearest possible driver and the drivers may accept the requests. The app displays all the available drivers of the taxi services on the map with the help of the GPS. As soon as the user requests for a ride, the nearby driver receives the notification about the user name, contact number, the pickup and dropping point.

User Features:

Login and registration features
Create and edit user profile
Select taxi through the Google Map
Book taxi for selected destination
The application picks up the nearest taxi driver detecting the users’ location
Uses the GPS to pick up the user from his abode
Driver details along with contact number
View the past history of rides
View accepted drivers
Recharge and pay cashless for the rides taken
View money transactions for the previous rides

Driver Features

Login to the application
Look for user ride request
Receive notification of booking taxi
Accept the ride request
Cancel the ride request
View past rides history
Billing of the successful rides
Change offline/online status

The web Admin Panel

It helps the taxi companies to manage the drivers and users details.
Register and manage the drivers or the taxis
Track drivers location on real time
View information of the registered drivers
View details of the registered users
View customer/driver ride histories
Filter ride history as per location, user, date, and, etc.

The significance of developing Taxi booking Apps at

Simple and easy to use apps
Secure payment gateway integration
Easy navigation
Error-free application development
Rigorous testing throughout the development phase
Regular updates with new features
User-friendly app

Our focus is to inculcate simple and intuitive business operations through our mobile apps development services.