What Mistakes Startups Do When Hiring Mobile App Development Company?

Mistakes Startups Do When Hiring Mobile App Development Company

Mobile apps play an important role in the world of competitive business. From growing sales of products and marketing of services, they have become important for business success. Every business whether small or big, is investing in Android App Development Company to create mobile apps for user engagement. So, it is not a new thing for businesses to commit mistakes while hiring app Development Company.

Experts also forecast mobile phone sales will reach 3.1 billion units by 2020. So, it becomes necessary for the businesses to carefully hire reliable mobile app developers for their app projects. Here are a few mistakes that startups should avoid while hiring mobile app developers for the app development project.

1. Not Interviewing App Developers
When you outsource app Development Company most often you are concerned regarding the reputation without bothering to interview the developers who will be assigned on the project. Remember, the skills and knowledge of the individual app developers has a great impact on the outcome of the project. Direct interaction with them allows you to share the ideas and vision with the developer working on your project.

2. Choosing Price over Skills
Yes, the cost is a major factor for small & startups when it comes to hiring Android developers for project development. But you should never commit the mistake considering price over skills while looking to hire mobile app developers who are good enough. There are thousands of apps out in the Play Store and a poorly developed app will be of no use for your business.

3. Too Fast Development
Mobile app development is a complicated process. It needs the expertise of the designer, developer, tester and a platform to engage the client. Make sure to integrate what everyone is looking for. If the app development company promises to create a mobile app in the next few days, never outsource them as they have little knowledge about the ecosystem. So hiring mobile developers is one of the smartest decisions since it is responsible to take your business to the next level.

4. No Cross-Platform Knowledge
Mobile apps are successful when they can be run on all major platforms. You can begin by launching an app on the Android and later you can deploy them on other platforms as per the end-user requirements. This will definitely help you to gain more users to expand the business and earn higher ROI. So try and avoid development agencies that lack cross-platform skills.

5. Not Focusing Product Life Cycle
Mobile app development is a long term activity where the apps require upgrade with time and bugs fixed whenever they arise. Many businesses are so overwhelmed with chatbot app Development Company, that they completely ignore the future performances. Never do that. Therefore, it is important to consider all related parameters while hiring mobile developers for app development or customization.

6. Not Asking Relevant Questions
Another common mistake that businesses do while hiring an app developer is not asking relevant questions. Think about the questions that can assist you to perform the appropriate hiring decision, and make a proper list, so you can ask the relevant questions while interviewing the developer.

Some examples of relevant questions are:
• How many years of experience do you have?
• Can you share a list of apps you have developed?
• How many mobile apps have you developed?
• Can you share previous clients’ contact details?
• Will you provide regular updates on the project status?
• Do you provide maintenance and support after delivery?

These are a few prominent questions you can ask. Apart from these, find out other important questions that make it simple for you to choose the perfect developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Android OS used for?
Android is an operating system developed for mobile devices. It is mostly used for smart phones, majorly for Google’s own Google Pixel, as well as by other phone manufacturers including HTC and Samsung. It has also been used for tablets including Motorola Xoom and Amazon Kindle. A modified Linux kernel is used as Android’s kernel.

2. What language is used for Android app development?
The official language for Android app development is Java. Most of the Android parts are written in Java and its APIs are designed primarily from Java. It is easy to develop using C and C++ with the implementation of the Android Native Development Kit (NDK), but Google is not favor of such development.

3. How do I hire a mobile app developer?
• Try to surf without hustle.
• Look for a long-term & reliable development partner.
• Check their profile.
• Communicate.
• Do they have client references?
• Investigate your dedicated team.

4. What is the cost of mobile app development?
The cost of mobile app development completely depends on the business requirements and features need to be integrated within the app. The more functionality you add higher is the development cost.

Wrapping Up
All the above-mentioned points are the most common mistakes committed by businesses while hiring mobile app Development Company. In other words, these are a few tips that will help in easing your app development process in a highly professional manner. If you are looking to stay ahead in a highly-competitive world and want to create a new mobile app for your business then you should consult experienced developers. We have a dedicated team of mobile application developers who are specialized in different app development technologies.