Manage Your Home Finance with Personal Finance Apps

Manage Your Home Finance with Personal Finance Apps

The term ‘apps’ usually bring the idea of games, social media, booking tickets, cabs, entertainment, and, so forth for the general public. These categories of apps have gained so much popularity and got ingrained in the people’s mind. However, there are several other apps that help the individuals in their routine task and personal finance app is one of them.

Some of the interesting categories found are budget tracking apps which allow the users to keep a note on budget, watch expenditures, and track the bank balances; financial assistant apps provides a single place to keep track of all savings and investment accounts; loan calculator apps which tracks and estimates the loan terms, payments, current balances; Spending and saving apps facilitate the users to perform a wide-range of activities including the threshold scenarios, and so forth.

Most of the apps produce the graphical overview of the data which helps to plan the purchase for the upcoming months. The budget mode facilitates to set various goals meant for a certain period of time. For instance, creating a monthly limit for refuelling, a weekly limit for dining out, defining credit card limits, determine the recurring budget, and so forth.

Some of the main features of the personal financial apps are

  • Configurable material design
  • Visualize the statistics in the form of a table or graph
  • Manage multiple accounts and make transfers
  • Switch between current and monthly balance views
  • Security through offline availability
  • No advertisements
  • Analyse the cost curve
  • Manage payment types and groups
  • Add photos and receipts to the transaction
  • Use reminders for pending payments
  • Customize month beginning date
  • Reconcile the expense sheet
  • Creation of transaction templates
  • Protect sensitive data with password
  • Import bank statements with CSV import
  • Export data in the form of HTML, Excel or CSV file

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The use of personal finance apps forms a great step in managing the money for a better lifestyle. We provide several apps that help to manage your lifestyle in a better way. Our android app developers possess a proven track record in designing and developing android apps for business verticals with authentic features.