Leverage The Power Of Mobile Analytics For App Success

Leverage The Power Of Mobile Analytics For App Success

As mobile becomes the lifeline of businesses today, most of them have made the m-commerce move. But having an iOS or Android mobile application is not enough. You have to make sure that it is able to fetch and retain users for a long term. Studying the user behavior and app metrics is, therefore, the first step towards making it a success. This is where mobile analytics step in as it gathers vital information related to the users. This data is used to analyze specific activities of the users and form a big picture that defines their overall behavior and preferences. Mobile analytics is a vast term as it studies a multitude of metrics that are crucial for business planning and decision-making. Here are the key data points that are used to assess the health of a mobile application:

  • Retention rate refers to the percentage of users retained by the app after they first visited it.
  • Performance analytics gauge the loading speed as well as evaluates the crashes, lags, and errors that impact the app performance.
  • Rating and review analytics are concerned with analyzing the feedback of the users so that the app can be improved accordingly.
  • In-app referrals are tracked and analyzed for the purpose of encouraging them further for bringing in more users.
  • Targeted customer analytics serves the purpose of reaching out to the users who are most likely to convert. The metrics that are checked out include the age, gender, geographical location, etc.
  • User session tracking is done to learn about the ability of the application to engage its users.

Once you are armed with all these vital statistics, it becomes easy to fine tune your app for success. Here are some ways in which mobile analytics can be leveraged for taking you mobile app a notch higher:

App Enhancement
Mobile analytics empower you with knowledge related to user retention, along with bounce rates, abandonment rates, and session intervals. This data enables you to identify some key features to enhance the apps for higher engagement. Similarly, issues related to app performance are easily identifiable and can be redressed. The iOS or Android developers can work on improving the user experience on the basis of data gathered with mobile analytics.

Customer Targeting
Another amazing benefit of mobile analytics is that it helps you directly target the potential customers. This eliminates the need to waste time and resources on those who are unlikely to convert. Analytics turn up reliable statistics related to user demographics and behavior. You can capitalize on this data and take a personalized approach for connecting with the potential buyers.

Marketing Strategy Formulation
Mobile analytics goes a long way in the business development process as it gives useful insight for formulating an effective marketing strategy. With all the data it yields, it can help you understand user behavior, demand, and preferences. Also, you come to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your business. All this data and information is useful to develop a marketing strategy that is directed towards brand identification.

It can be said that adoption of m-commerce is not confined to investing in mobile app development but extends far beyond. Mobile analytics serve as the backbone of your business application because they give the actual account of the performance of the app your business relies upon.