Kotlin vs. Flutter: Which Platform to Choose for Android App Development

Kotlin Vs Flutter

There is a vast number of sales noticed in the overall sales of mobile handsets. Simultaneously, there is a huge demand for a variety of android applications. People prefer to install those android mobile applications which they use to serve their daily needs. Now, there are many categories of android applications . 

One of the categories involve daily purchase of their regular needs. The other categories involve providing information and applications that serve the purpose of their entertainment. As these applications serve different purposes of your daily lives, uninterrupted running of these applications is required. 

This is the reason while developers choose the programming  language wisely to ensure smooth running of the app. So to choose the right platform, Hybrid or Native, it is important to understand the need for developing the application. There is a vast argument play around, whenever there is a battle between choosing the perfect platform. 

There is a vast range of  features of Flutter and Kotlin. Flutter offers a wide range of built-in functionalities. On the other hand, kotlin provides easy application building process. Nowadays businesses are incorporating mobile application development process and they prefer to choose any of the platforms be it a cross platform or a native.

An Overview of Flutter app development

Flutter app development is an incredible open-source UI SDK. It also provides cross-platform web and mobile application development. With Flutter, you can create applications for multiple operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows using a single codebase. Its UI toolkit makes use of its rendering engine to develop widgets. Graphics, architecture, animation, plugins, toolchains, networks, and so on are all part of it. However, unlike its counterparts, it does not rely on widgets.

Benefits of Flutter app development

There are many useful functionalities of the Flutter app development. Let’s understand the benefits of Flutter application development.

Benefit Of Flutter App Development

Improved development process

The Flutter app development company in Gurgaon India provides excellent cross-platform services for any operating system using a single codebase. Furthermore, Flutter has a hot reload feature, a boon for all developers. 

Because developers don’t have to wait as long for real-time updates, they save a lot of time. It also speeds up the development process and saves time on tedious tasks. Flutter’s features allow you to save time and resources.

Reduced time to market

Cross-platform technologies stand firms with the concept of writing a single codebase for multiple platforms. This ideology benefits the developer and the owner because they do not have to spend as much money. Being cost-effective also shortens the time to market by reducing your additional overheads. 

It is challenging to deliver in a demanding landscape to satisfy market trends. As a result, businesses tend to hire more cross-platform development teams to reduce time-consuming tasks. And to assist you, Flutter is a complete package of Dart DevTools, Design widgets, and app design templates.

Native like experience

Flutter app development offers so many advantages for cross-platform applications. It helps to deliver the same native experience to every application they work on. It is possible because Flutter provides native user interface elements for various operating systems. It allows your developers to ensure consistency across different platforms. Using Flutter, developers can also enable gesture-based navigation.

Single codebase for all platforms

Nowadays, there is a changed definition of running apps with single codebase on multiple platforms. While you are using the Flutter app development process, you need not to worry about it smooth running speed on various platforms. Once you build the application, you can run it various platforms be it on iOS or Android. Also, while you are building applications using Flutter, it will noticeably reduce development time. 

Customizable UI Design offerings

If you are incorporating Flutter app development, it will allow you with simple customization process during creating the application. You will be open to diverse customization features such as easy change of color and a color gradient palatte, shadow manipulations, transitions, clipping, shared elements, and transformations.

Rich library exposure

The use of Skia Graphics library of Flutter offers a fast yet much matured open-source library. While redrawing UI designs each time, you will notice a view will change. This will lead towards a smooth application experience. 

An overview of Kotlin app development

Kotlin is a JVM-targeting statically typed object-oriented language. It rose to prominence as a global developer of Android applications. It has clear and precise syntax, which is beneficial to developers. Kotlin Multiplatform is a method for developers to share code and essential business logic across different operating systems.

Benefits of Kotlin app development

Here are some advantages of using a kotlin app development company in India. 

Benefit of Kotlin App Development

Faster native development

Kotlin’s multi platform is here to help you share massive business logic across platforms like Android, iOS, and JVM. However, despite being a cross-platform technology, Kotlin Multiplatform does not support the “write once, run everywhere” approach. Enterprises with two native platforms can also create software products.

It is possible to reuse multiplatform logic and code in either the same or platform-specific code by using Kotlin cross-platform technology. As a result, Kotlin Multiplatform enables teams to shorten product delivery times while retaining the benefits of native application development.

Build with a business mindset

Kotlin has always been professional and designed with business in mind. Kotlin was not for academic research but for addressing development issues or increasing efficiency. One disadvantage is that switching to Kotlin will incur additional costs for training developers. Although Java and Kotlin look similar, they are not the same at their core. Furthermore, the market for Kotlin developers is limited, as Java developers hold a larger share. You can take assistance from Android application development India for more professionalism.

Improved performance

The cross-platform nature of Kotlin enables developers to deliver high performance across platforms. Kotlin offers the comprehensive delivery of a product that can serve a large audience, handle heavy loads, and provide an exceptional customer experience, among other things. Kotlin is ideal for developing software solutions such as eCommerce marketplaces and complex e-learning applications.

Kotlin is worry-free about toolkit availability because it’s with many Android Studio IDEs. Kotlin for Android app development also includes some high-quality plugins. You can take assistance from Android application development India for more professionalism.

Compatible with Java

Because Kotlin is based on Java, various Java libraries can be used in Kotlin projects, making them even more compatible. It also has a plethora of advanced Java frameworks. You can use Kotlin from Java without converting an entire project to Kotlin. 

If you hire Android developer, they will not have to learn a new language. Anyone who are familiar with Java, will be able to write code in Kotlin. It is simple to convert Java to Kotlin. To translate Java to Kotlin, only IntelliJ or Android Studio are Kotlin plugins.

Less chances of receive of bugs

Kotlin has limited room of any such arguments for errors for lightweight or even simpler kind of codebase. During the development process, the Kotlin developer can identify any potential threats without any kind of hassles. Therefore, it becomes comparatively safer from Java alternative. 

More reliable language than any other

If your workig with Kotlin, it offers you even more advanced features. Before the language got launched, there were multiple rounds of testing at the alfa and beta level done to ensure it successful contribution. 

Ease in the maintenance process

Many kinds of IDE such as SDK software and Android Studios work with Kotlin. This will allow you to reach developers’ overall output. This will also allow you to use toolkits that they can use frequently. 

Concluding Thoughts

For developing multiple platforms or cross-platform applications. Flutter and Kotlin are time and cost-effective, and you can use either depending on your needs. For more consideration, consult Android Application Development India for your projects.


What makes Kotlin superior to Flutter?

When compared to Flutter, the Kotlin app is smaller in size. Therefore, you won’t be having any spacing errors. 

Is Kotlin a native or cross-platform language?

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is an SDK for developing iOS and Android apps. So, the reach of Kotlin would be wide across platforms. 

Is Kotlin a frontend or a backend language?

Kotlin has characteristics that make it an excellent language for backend development. So, in case of any change of requirement, Kotlin functions at its fastest pace.