Kotlin Marks A New Beginning For Android App Development

Kotlin Marks A New Beginning For Android App Development

Recently, Google made a big announcement at Google I/O 2017, extending support for Kotlin language on Android. Android developers across the globe are excited by the prospect of having this superior programming language that promises them big opportunities. Kotlin is an open-source language which runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and like Java, can be used for Android development. Though Java has been around for a long, long time, Kotlin is here with an impeccable set of features. With its powerful features and benefits, the language is poised to resolve numerous challenges for developers. Read on to know all about the features that are going to write a new chapter for Android app development:

Less Coding, More Speed
Kotlin has an upper hand over Java as the former requires less coding, almost lesser by 20% in comparison. Lesser coding requirement is translated into faster programming speed. This means that developers will now be able to execute tasks in a simpler and speedier manner.

Interoperability with Java is another benefit that Kotlin bundles up for Android developers. The fact that it can co-exist with Java enables developers to use both these languages while compiling a single project. The amazing features of Kotlin can be used even while the project was earlier being developed on Java. There would, in fact, be no need to change the codes while the advantages of the newer language can be availed.

Easy To Learn
Just like Android O, Kotlin is amazingly easy to learn. It has an intuitive and lean syntax that is tailor-made for creating a gentle learning curve for Java developers. Not only does the language offer easy development but simple debugging too. Once again, this facilitates a speedier development process.

The Power Of Open-Source
Another feature of this advanced language that gives it a winning edge is that it is open-source in nature. All you need to convert the existing Java files into the new language is a Java-to-Kotlin converter tool. The tool saves time and effort by converting the complex code into a simpler one. This adds the benefit of economy too as nothing has to be spent on making the transformation from Java to Kotlin.

Secure And Versatile
Kotlin excels in terms of versatility and security too as prevents errors with Null Point Exceptions. The compiler has been designed for auto-casting mistakes even if a type has been checked right. Therefore, the developer is able to avoid operating on the nullable types because of the built-in null checking.

The entry of Kotlin in no way implies that Java is out now. In fact, both the languages complement each other and Java is enriched with the support from Kotlin. At the same time, the advancement would not make any difference to the Android apps. Whatever improvement will be there, it will be because the developers have more time to dedicate to the existing projects.