Kotlin Marks A New Beginning For Android App Development

Kotlin Marks A New Beginning For Android App Development

Launched by google at I/O 2017, which has taken the limelight among top Kotlin android app development company, in addition to existing languages – Java and C++. For decades, Java remains as the most prominent language for android app development. However, considering that it is yet another unsurpassed choice may be wrong.

Google has extended its support to Kotlin and app developers are already migrating to Kotlin for website projects. On the other hand it offers bags-full of features and functionalities, which has made it an emerging choice among top-notch developers and android app development companies.

However, before adopting this modern programming, it is crucial to have a look at how it is changing the world and leading the herd.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin refers to an open-source language based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This statically typed programming language can also get compiled into JavaScript source code. The new JVM-based language accompanies top Android app development modules, all you need is o introduce the Kotlin’s plugin and watch it configuring your project.

Why Choose Kotlin For Android App Development?

The Java community realized that Java has turned into an old-school programming language. Honestly, it is the most seasoned programming language. However, there were days when Java profited various features to the developer’s community, helping create outstanding and brilliant android apps. Over the years, developers have become more familiar with this language, and being old has its own hindrances with respect to the hi-tech programming angle.

Benefits of Kotlin Programming Language

The key regions where Kotlin enters with its amazing benefits are:

Less Coding, More Speed

Kotlin has an upper hand over Java as the former requires less coding, almost lesser by 20% in comparison. Lesser coding requirement is translated into faster programming speed. It means that when you hire android app developers, they can execute tasks in a simpler and faster manner.


Interoperability with Java is another benefit that Kotlin bundles up for Android developers. The fact that it can co-exist with Java enables developers to use both these languages while compiling a single project. The amazing features of Kotlin can also be used while the project was developed on Java. However, there is no need to change the codes while the advantages of the newer language can get availed.

Easy to Learn

Just like Android, Kotlin is very easy to learn. It has an intuitive and lean syntax, which is tailor-made for creating a gentle learning curve for Java developers. Not only does the language offer easy development but a simple debugging process too. Again, it facilitates a faster development process.

The Power of Open Source

Another feature of this advanced language that gives it a winning edge is that it is an open-source platform. All that a developer needs is to convert the existing Java files into the new language using the Java-to-Kotlin converter tool. This tool saves time and effort by converting the complex code into a simpler one. This adds to the benefit of the economy as nothing has to be spent on making the transformation from Java to Kotlin.

Secure And Versatile

Kotlin excels in terms of versatility and security too as it prevents errors with Null Point Exceptions. The compiler has been designed for auto-casting mistakes even if a type has been checked right. Therefore, the developer can avoid operating on the nullable types due to the built-in null checking.


Kotlin is accepted by the entire community of android app development company. All thanks to its easy learning, suggestions, and sans glitch security from exemptions. Kotlin is trusted to supplant the traditional programming languages on an enormous scale and also provide a pave to the leading app development companies to yield robust and feature-packed android apps quickly.

With the grooming demand of mobile apps, Kotlin has become a focal point for developers, which is also widely approachable.

Wait no more. Write to us about your new project and we will help you find out whether Kotlin can serve your purpose. Let’s connect.