Kotlin Certification—Programs, Costs, Benefits & More

Kotlin Certification

Kotlin has emerged as one of the top language choices among Android developers. Created by JetBrains, Kotlin claims to be “a modern programming language that makes developers happier.” And developers, indeed, seem to be liking—no, loving—the coding language. Clients are happy due to the superior performance of apps built on Kotlin. It is, therefore, no surprise that demands for Kotlin app development services are on the rise. So are the lookouts for Kotlin certification.

If you are one of those developers ‘considering’ or exploring Kotlin certification options, you’ve landed just on the right blog post. We’re going to tell you everything you should know about Kotlin certifications. After reading this post, you’re likely to make a more informed decision about Kotlin certifications. But before we dive deeper into that discussion, a little memory brush-up about the language. So, let’s jump right in.

Why Is Kotlin So Popular?

Kotlin offers a host of features that support Java interoperability. With Kotlin app development services, app makers can rapidly build sophisticated enterprise solutions. It dramatically improves the coding experience of developers, enabling features like mixed-language development. Kotlin compiles to the same byte code as Java and can interoperate with Java in natural ways. A growing number of Android developers are shifting to Kotlin despite the familiarity that comes with Java. It’s mainly due to the array of advanced features that Kotlin offers.

As demands for apps reached new levels in 2020, Kotlin, too, saw a massive surge in use. And it’s no coincidence that JetBrains released several notable updates last year alone. By now, most of you’re aware that Kotlin’s rise started in 2017. At that year’s annual I/O conference, Google announced support for Kotlin in its Android Studio IDE. Kotlin is particularly popular among Android developers in India. The app development industry in India has contributed significantly to Kotlin’s rise, with around 90% market share of Android.

Is There Any Official Kotlin Certification?

JetBrains, the developer of Kotlin, doesn’t provide any certification. However, Google offers a Kotlin certification. It’s called “Associate Android Developer certification in Kotlin.” Google says this certification program is designed to test the skills of entry-level developers. Developers taking the certification exam are given a coding project and an exit interview. Keep in mind that you need to use the latest version of the Android Studio.

How Much Does the Kotlin Certification Program Cost?

Google vendors like True Ability usually help you take the certification exam. It costs around ₹6,500 (as of this writing) for developers in India. You could also take a certification exam for Java.

What are the Most Reliable Kotlin Training Programs?

Should you need training before taking the certification exam, there are several options. In 2020, Google launched a training program called Android Basics in Kotlin. This course is designed to help mobile app developers get a foundational knowledge of the Kotlin programming language.

Besides, Kotlin beginners could also learn Google’s popular Android Basics curriculum. Run in partnership with Udacity, the program aims to enhance Android skills among mobile app developers. You could learn things like UI development, database management, and debugging, among others.

If you’re more into Kotlin, there are some other options to explore. Kotlin beginners like programs like the Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers and Android Kotlin Fundamentals. If you’re a little more experienced, you could consider Advanced Android in Kotlin. In addition to these, there are a host of online forums and documentation platforms. With a growing global community of Kotlin developers, more platforms are likely to emerge.

What are the Top Benefits of a Kotlin Certification?

As you may guess, having a certification helps you find the desired jobs. Most employers these days consider certifications as reliable proof of the skills they’re looking for in a prospective employee. Having an Associate Android Developer in Kotlin certificate enables you to learn skills that are in demand. More importantly, it makes your career journey smoother, helping you to reach new milestones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Kotlin better than Java?

Kotlin adds many advanced features to mobile app development. The Android app developers’ community is increasingly using it. Kotlin can compile the code to JavaScript or native. It enables developers to build code that can run both on Android and iOS. It’s a statically typed language. Kotlin’s key features like built-in null safety support make apps flawless and user-friendly.

Q. What is interoperability programming?

The interoperability of programming languages is the ability for two or more languages to interact as part of the same system. Frequently, this means passing messages and data between potentially vastly different languages.

Q. How much does it cost to build a Kotlin-based Android app?

The costs of developing a Kotlin-based Android app depend on several factors. Design complexity, development time, type of features, etc., play a critical role in calculating the costs. We build impeccable Kotlin apps at a competitive price.