Is IoT Prominent in Android App Development

Is IoT Prominent in Android App Development

Out of numerous prominent operating devices and devices, Android has become the most popular and preferable operating system. Billions of users prefer Android over iOS and Windows mobile applications. Mobile technology has changed communication in various ways. Let’s find-out why Android app development is prominent these days.

In the digital age, more people are using mobile phones than laptops and computer desktops. Mobile technology and IoT app development services has opened up a lot of avenues for organizations to connect and reach their targeted audience. It proves that android application development services are the most evolving services in the information technology sector.

Why is Android so popular?

In simple words, Android is so much in trend due to its simplicity. Additionally, organizations hire Android developers to build up the most outstanding web applications. Now, you might be thinking what makes the operating system so popular? Because it is free. Android caught the attention of hardware manufacturers worldwide, as it chose to be free, and Google would keep its fee in the future. Therefore, businesspersons launched affordable smartphones empowered by a free operating system – Android.

Since it was free, it enabled Google to join hands with a lot of leading hardware manufacturers to create competent smartphones. Moreover, Android is open-source, different from other mobile operating systems that are protected by various copyrights and laws. It enables a wide array of talented developers to contribute their best to the operating system. With a lot of tech-savvy brains working on this platform, fresh and new ideas get constantly generated and updated.

IOT and Android App Development Services

IoT (Internet of Things) is better known as Interconnected Devices, a concept in which one device gets connected with other devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, and more via the internet. IoT can collect and transfer data over the network without any manual assistance and intervention.

Over the years, IoT has changed the concept of mobile applications and these applications get developed in such a way that people always expect it to do more. They are switching from traditional methods to an integrated IoT mobile app development for futuristic mobile applications. Hire Android developers to get the best of this technology for your business requirements.

IoT for Android app development

With each passing day, IoT has been flourishing as the concept of smart homes and smart cities. Mobile devices act as an interface that helps interact with IoT-connected devices. Also, smartphones have introduced new-age apps and sensors that help generate a lot of information. Apart from this, mobile applications can trace several other elements such as the orientation of the device, light condition, electricity, and more. These mobile elements feature in the form of NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, helping the mobile devices and other sensors.

Why android app development is at the forefront of IoT?

Android has created a universal front end where developers work to create cutting-edge mobile solutions. The Linux-based software is open-source and Google has chosen to give it away to the developers and device makers. Thus, anybody can use the source code and then customize it for any device and gadget they want to create. With that said, the number of Android devices is countless today. Moreover, it is cheap and easy to develop for IoT, making it more affordable for consumers.

Here are a few roles of android app development services in the IoT ecosystem

1) Its applications drive IoT

A gadget is nothing without the right application and software. With the right application and software, it can help run and perform various tasks. Also, the applications make it possible to use the Internet of things devices. Android app development company offers the largest platform which makes it obvious for it to drive the IoT movement.

2) It is Java built

There are millions of IoT devices made with Java. Therefore, it’s understandable that Android has influenced the IoT market. Android enables Java to be used responsibly in comparison to the use of embedded Java which needs dedicated devices.

3) Sensor

Sensors help identify numerous things. For instance, temperature help generate digital signals. Many hardware vendors are dependent on some specific domains such as Linux, Android, and Windows. The fact that Android is open-source and gets tweaked in any device is what makes Android a popular choice among hardware manufacturers.

4) It requires devices

To support the IoT ecosystem, there has to be a device and processor with an operating system. This arrangement should be small and portable, consume less power, but offer regular connectivity. Therefore, Android devices are chosen for this, as it meets the requirements for supporting a wide array of sensors. Our Android developers may guide you with the right set of rules to implement the Android app development process in the right manner.

5) Data Transfer

The two most simple sensors that support data transfer are MQTT and XMPP. Android support both open-source implementations and its libraries can run on Windows, Linux, and Android.

6) Program

With each Android app, there should be some program that receives and stores the data to make it a standard Linux server. This server gets some data and decodes it to finally process it for data analysis.


What is the difference between Cross-platform development and Native app development?
With native app development, we use default language and IDE for both iOS and Android. Whereas, for Cross-platform development, we provide a framework where coding is done and utilized to deploy apps in iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

What is the difference between the MEAN stack and LAMP stack?
MEAN stands for MongoDB/ ExpressJS/ AngularJS/ NodeJS which is a combination of database, back-end-coding, and front-end-coding.

On the other hand, LAMP stands for Linux/ Apache/ MySQL and PHP which is an open-source proven technology to build server-side coding.

What platform should I target for mobile app development – Android, iOS, or both?
With the growing popularity of both iPhone and Android smartphones, we recommend you launch your app on both platforms to achieve a giant audience and business expansion.

Final Thoughts

There are countless benefits of choosing an IoT-enabled mobile application that can help businesses to serve objectives at an optimal level. For instance, flexibility, brand promotion, social media integration, location independence, real-time notifications, and more. This may be the reason why Android app developers across the globe are embracing the change of IoT in android app development.