How to develop your first Android application using Kotlin

How to develop Kotlin App

Many industries are interested in developing their presence through an app. They know well that businesses can be presented to a large number of potential customers through apps. Because it serves as a face for brands that are looking to grow.

When it comes to Android app development, getting perplexed is no big deal, there are several languages, but Kotlin can be perfect for developing apps.

Earlier, Java was used for android app development. But not it has been taken over by Kotlin. In 2017, Google came forward and promoted Kotlin in its Android Studio IDE. This action leads developers to choose Kotlin over Java.

Let’s dive deep and understand why brands are selecting Kotlin to develop their Android app through Kotlin.


Android app development using kotlin app


Step To Develop Android Applications Using Kotlin

  • Start with: If you’re wishing to create an Android app in Kotlin. First of all, you need to clear up your base related to programming language and software.
  • Download Android Studio: If you’re willing to start your project, you have to download Android Studio.
  • Create A New Project: After installing the app, you, first of all, have to log in as an app developer to develop your project.

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  • Understand The Project Structure : Have a layout of the project, that describes from your user’s point of view.
  • Write Kotlin Code : Creating layout in XML Design your UI/UX using xml or drop editor
  • Test Your App: Once, you think that your app is ready to go then you can move forward with the testing process.
  • Upload your App: After meeting all the guidelines for publishing the app. You can move to publish your app on Play Store.


After you have followed the process of uploading your blog. Now, let us brief you on why should you use Kotlin for every android app development.

Concise to Develop

It has been found that the codes that were used for Java, used to have a repetition loop. The Java codes were written in various lines to complete the process. Kotlin on the other hand requires a few lines of coding for the same amount of work. This takes less time for the developers and assists them in alleviating issues which can directly increase their productivity and lead to more projects.

Also, the code penned for Kotlin is easy, concise, and easy to express. This whole thing assists kotlin app developers to boost the firmness of their code.

Limited code quantity shows that the Android app development that used Kotlin is petite. Limited codes also make the process smooth, because it turns easy to catch the mistake and leads to rapid performance.

This whole process lead Kotlin perfect for bigger and more tangled android app development. 

Ready to Use 

Kotlin is a full-fledged tech developed and used since 2011. Which is developed to elucidate issues that oldish technology fails to fetch. This makes Kotlin the best app for the android app developerThis technology has been demonstrated and certified by various Kotlin app developers.

In addition, this tool has joined hands with Android Studio, which offers a profound base from Google. This in total has now given Kotlin a space in the Android community.

To tell you more, we would like to give you a win-win message, that Kotlin is safe and secure to use. With various recent features and resources, it has now become a power in the hybrid app development process. This reflects that whoever the developer is using Kotlin will receive the latest news related to the tech and a helping hand whenever they require it.

Safe to Code

Languages like Java can’t have errors. Null Pointer Exception (NPE) is something that is a part of Java and leads to most of the crashes whenever any app is developed using this language. However, it has been seen the case isn’t the same when developed using Kotlin. Null Pointer Exceptions are something that Kotlin keeps away. Kotlin also undergoes various checkpoints. This leads the app to be more on the safe side and doesn’t lead to the path of success. Which shows how safe and secure the technology is.

It has been found that if a developer uses Kotlin for the app development process then they’re safer, more trustworthy, and free from errors.

Simple to Develop 

Various developers have found that after shifting from Java to Kotlin, things have become easier. Kotlin is easy-to-use and is similar to Java in various ways, which leads the Java developer to understand it in an hour.

The whole process assists in making the entire app development process as smooth as a butter. In addition, it also lowers the expenditure on app development.

This helps to lower a critical barrier to adoption and makes it very easy for mobile app developers to get started with developing native Android apps using Kotlin. It also helps lower the cost of migrating to Kotlin for enterprise applications.

Low Cost

The Kotlin app development costs are low. It has been found that developers who all have used Kotlin have noticed that they have excellent code quality and it developed in a shorter span of time.

The developers always find it easy to code when it comes to Kotlin. Because they can catch bugs at the beginning of the development. Which doesn’t lead the app to fail easily.

This way, Kotlin App developers assist the firms or developers to have their projects early. And also costs them low, because of the development and maintenance.


With this article, we have endeavored to have a simple cycle for the Kotlin app development process through which you can develop your application. For more help with android application improvement, you want to pick an android app developmentfirm or contact a direct organization like Android Developer which can help you with all your android application improvement processes.


Which role does Kotlin play in Android development?

Kotlin is easy-to-use, safe, and low-cost software that is used for the development process. It easily incorporates Java, simplifying it for designers who develop an app using making it easier for developers to use both Java and Kotlin simultaneously.

Is Java better than Kotlin?

Kotlin offers better Android support than Java. This contains instruments like invalid security and Android Augmentations, which fundamentally improve the most common way of making Android applications. Android developers know how Kotlin software makes each Kotlin project fundamentally more useful.

Does India require Kotlin?

Various Indian tech organizations use Kotlin since it is a proficient programming language, and they are searching for individuals who have all the related information regarding it.