How to Retrieve your Lost Data from Android Device

How to Retrieve your Lost Data from Android Device

Several times, mobile users encounter the situation wherein they accidentally delete the files, audio, and/or the videos from their devices. This can be a major concern for users if they have key information and files, personal or professional, on their phone. If you have experienced such a situation, there is no need to worry because you can still recover the lost data if you use the right means and tools. If you ask an Android development company or an expert, they will have a complete explanation of the recovery process.

Is the lost data actually deleted permanently?
The first question would probably be whether the lost data is actually deleted permanently from the device. When a file gets accidentally or intentionally deleted from an Android phone, it remains in the same spot; it’s just that the space occupied by it is marked as unused. The space can be used to save new data and the deleted file goes permanently only when this space is used up. The following steps will ensure that you can retrieve the lost file:

  • You do not create any new data. While this is possible by avoiding it manually, you also need to cut off the internet connection on the device to prevent automatic updates and downloads.
  • Recover the lost files as soon as you can. This requires the use of certain tools and steps that you can try yourself or seek professional help if you are not confident.

How to recover lost data on your Android phone?
Here are a few means that you can try to get back the data you may have lost on your Android phone:

Using a PC program
A PC program is the best option that you can use for recovering the deleted files which were originally stored on a micro SDcard. There are several data recovery tools that you can use for this purpose. For instance, MobiKin Doctor for Android is a simple and multi-functional desktop application, which facilitates the users to scan and recover the deleted, lost or formatted data namely the contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, documents, and, etc., from all types of Android phones or tablets.

Likewise, there are various other apps for Android devices that could be downloaded to retrieve the lost data. Some of them are GT Recovery, Restore Image, Chip Doctor, Deleted contacts, SMS Backup+, etc. You may successfully recover the deleted phone numbers, messages, e-mail addresses, holiday photos, music and more with just a few clicks. The professional backup tool could be implemented on almost all the Android devices like HTC, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, Sony, and more. Moreover, you may preview the content to know the recovering items beforehand and save time.

For the convenience of the user, the deleted or the lost data are marked in red. You may preview the contacts in detail or the text conversation before recovering, mark the one needed and restoring it with a single click. The photos or the images could be viewed in a thumbnail mode which facilitates the quick finding of the targeted images or the media files.

Maintaining regular backups
While you may have access to data recovery tools, it is always better to back up your data regularly to reduce the risk of loss to the minimal. Here again, the data recovery tools and apps can help as they can work as the Android backup program. Because it scans and displays both the existing and deleted data, the required data could be transferred from the mobile device to personal computer and save the contact, call history or the messages in the form of TXT or HTML, whereas the media files could be saved in the original format. And, you may have a backup for the SMS messages regularly by downloading the SMS Backup and Restore app. Likewise, the photos may be saved by using the Google Photos app.

App backup for rooted devices
For rooted devices, backup is as easy as using a backup app that lets you backup everything that you have on your phone. It is possible to restore the backup at any point in time as well as set up scheduled backups for getting regular snapshots of the device’s contents. You can easily perform backups even while the apps are running and save them as flashable zips. Further, you can also transfer files between the device and the SD card easily.

With this, it becomes clear that recovering lost data from an Android device is completely possible provided that you do it the right way. If you want, you can even seek guidance from a professional. However, always bear in mind that prevention is better than cure and regular backups are the best preventive measure that any Android user can take.

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