How is Flutter creating a buzz in Android App Development?

How is Flutter creating a buzz in Android App Development

Are you pondering over a startup business idea? Searching for a framework for your mobile application? If yes, you have diverse technology frameworks that are around. However, it is important to choose the right framework that would be efficient for your business in the future. We are here to give you clarity “How is Flutter creating a buzz in Android App Development”

Flutter App Development Services will be a great choice for your mobile app. Flutter has powerful features that speed up the development process. It also reduces the cost of development and provides great animation features. If you are still not clear about Flutter, let’s highlight more on how useful a framework it can be.

Flutter is ranked among the topmost cross-platform framework for Android App development companies. Android app developers have a huge inclination towards learning Flutter as it is an easy and interesting framework.

Do you know? Flutter commenced in the year 2018 and within 2 years it has reached more than 2 million users. Isn’t it huge?

How is Flutter transforming the Android App market trend?

Single Codebase:

“Write once” approach is what makes Flutter shine among other frameworks. Traditionally, developers had to write various codes multiple times for different platforms. However, Flutter has surpassed all these constraints that existed previously. 

Flutter developers have to only code a single time and can use it on Android, IOS, and other platforms. It has vastly reduced the efforts of both developers and users.

Code Writing and Application Testing:

Flutter application development services are well organized. As only one code is needed it not only eases the work of the developers but also speeds up the process. Flutter uses a single codebase approach. It allows the developers to reuse the code which greatly reduces the development time and cost. A quality assurance process is the only thing required for testing. It verifies everything starting from features, functionality, and programs.

Reloading Feature:

Flutter is a cross-platform application that is gaining popularity due to its Hot Reloading feature. This permits the developers to see the changes they have done within seconds. It is a boon for the developers as whatever they are coding can be easily visible side by side. This also enhances the bug fixing within the code.

Great framework for MVP:

The investors must also view the MVP of the framework that their app is built. Flutter permits this Hire Android developers and IOS developers to use this framework for mobile app Development. 

The business models can be discussed with ease and can gain suitable funding. The time and resources will be saved as development and testing phases will be handled easily using Flutter. 

Easy language for Android app development:

Flutter uses Dart as its programming language. This is known as the in-house language used by Google. Whether it is Android developers or IOS developers they find Flutter easy to learn and use. It is because Dart is a general-purpose and one-source language. This language can be used for mobile app development, web app development, and other desktop apps.

Ending Statement

Google’s Flutter has transformed the mobile app development world completely. This cross framework platform has great future scope as it can use on different platforms. It saves money, time, and resources. Therefore, organizations find it an ideal choice for business and creating mobile apps. 

  • Flutter is a cost-effective and free framework. It is easy to use and is reliable for app development.
  • Startups and companies that are looking for an inexpensive framework can use it.
  • Developers are using Flutter due to the write-once approach. This reduces their efforts and helps them to view the changes side by side with the Hot Reloading feature supported by Flutter.
  • Flutter app development services find it a great framework to be used in the future.

  • FAQ’s

    What language does Flutter use?
    Flutter uses the Dart programming language. It is used by Google. It improves the application performance along with responsiveness. 

    Can we build any app with Flutter?
    Using Flutter, you can make any app starting from mobile apps to server apps, desktop apps, and others. It can even create embedded apps.

    Which apps are made in Flutter?
    Some of the amazing apps that are developed using Flutter are:

  • Google Ads

  • Reflectly

  • KlasterMe

  • Xianyu by Alibaba

  • Postmuse-Instagram photo editing app

  • Hamilton

  • Pairing

  • Lunching