How Android 12 Based Mobile App Help Retail Business to Maximize Sales

How Android 12 Based Mobile Apps Help Retail Business to Maximize Sales

Are you a retailer? Do you come across challenges regarding how to improve your retail business and engage more customers? You are aware of Android mobile apps, but you are not exactly sure how to synchronize them with your retail business? Android 12 has come with a solution.

If yes, stay till the end of this blog post where we’ll try to give you proper idea why you should use Android mobile apps as a platform to improve your retail business sales, customers loyalty and brand visibility.

As you already know, Android OS share more than 60% of the market share and run cover 4 billion devices across the globe. So, it is a question of no concern to hire Android applications developer to create an engaging app based on the Android latest version. Thus to help you, we will discuss the important features of Android 12 for app development and what benefits it brings in for your business.

Let’s Start!

Introduction to Android 12

Android 12 is the latest, most advanced, and feature-rich OS version available in new smartphones to enhance the overall user experience. It was released on October 04 2021, with the new design elements alongside the latest Pixel phone series. The features included in the latest Android version will definitely help you improve your retail business sales, ROI and overall revenue.

Features of Android 12

1. Color Extraction

This new feature helps a device to extract the colors from the wallpaper itself and implement them inside the theme. This ultimately helps enhance the look, feel, and personalized experience with the device. Whenever a wallpaper is selected, the device by default changes the theme and color on the home screen, settings, and apps including retail.

2. Push Notification

As per the Andriod 12 version, the push notification feature has undergone remarkable change. Now, users can simply group the notifications according to their interests or keep them separated as desired. As a retail business owner, just ask Android App Development Company to revamp the push notifications design that allow respective users to group them and make instant purchases.

3. AppSearch

AppSearch is an amazing bet for retail businesses that allows customers to explore the old search history without accessing the app. A user can simply search anything within the app with AppSearch and access the previously searched history. It assists them to look at the old purchase, products added within the cart, something they searched for, and other things. Moreover, AppSearch works offline allowing users to acquire important details from any of the installed applications.

4. One-Handed Mode

Android 12 introduces an amazing one-handed mode. With this functionality, users can minimize the existing app to half size and access the remaining screen icons. From a retail business objective, it is a great feature for retailers to work on. What can be done is to design the retail app that can work even on the half screen size.

Business Benefits of an Android Mobile App for Retail Industry

1. Boost Revenue

Providing customers a new shopping experience in terms of mobile app can definitely increase revenue. Over the last few years, many retail companies reached out to Android App Development Company India to build mobile apps due to increase in smartphone users worldwide. Research revealed that 90 percent of time users spent on mobile apps. Also, buyers are more likely to make purchases via mobile apps than desktop websites.

2. Increase Customers’ Engagement

In retail mobile apps, push notifications plays a vital role to inform customers regarding an upcoming sale, new product launch, discount offers or other in-store events. Push notifications are a strong mechanism to grow customer’s engagement. They are more effective than social media posts or emails campaigns.

3. Strengthen Customer Relationships

Acquiring new customer costs 5 times more than selling to an existing customer. And existing customers spend more than 60 percent on average than the ones new to your business. Considering that, the mobile app loyalty program is a perfect means to grow existing customer’s interaction with the company and their retention which will lead to stronger customer relationship.

4. Engage More Visitors

Having all the important information at the fingertips and enabling personalized, will improve your business relationship with customers. Better communication method, beautiful design, and smooth shopping experience will definitely lead to higher conversion rate and sales. This ultimately makes a mobile app a valuable sales channel for the retail business.

So, these are the major advantages of investing in Retail Mobile App.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why mobile app is important for retailers?
Mobile apps in particular have changed the way retailers present themselves to customers and how they are perceived by new and returning customers. Such is the importance of mobile experiences that half of all retailers name a good in-store app as one of their top priorities.

2. Do mobile apps increase sales?
Mobile apps increase sales, purchase frequency and the range of items sold not only on a retailer’s website but also in its stores. App users exhibit greater product returns. Retail mobile app users are likely to buy a more diverse range of products.

3. Can I see my Retail mobile app development process?
Yes! In fact, we provide timely reports related to it. We build your retail app on our development server and provide you all credentials so that you can monitor the progress of your app.

4. Do you offer after app deployment maintenance?
We provide our clients with extended maintenance plans. We also fully support any app we design and develop if you encounter any problems or require any enhancements.


The mobile app development industry is rapidly shifting towards the Android 12 version owing to its remarkable design features. It is an opportunity on the part of business enterprises to build a new retail app or revamp the existing one depending on design changes.

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