Complete Guide to Hire Android Developer for Your Startup In 2023

Hire Android App Developer

With advancements in the mobile industry, the mobile market is surging. We can see how the Android and iPhone user bases are growing daily. However, Android is not as straightforward as it appears. However, you cannot be fluent in every language. So you can hire Android developer for assistance. Furthermore, when hiring developers, keep the following points in mind. So, let’s take a close look at the steps. 

Role of Android app developer 

An Android developer is a software developer who specializes in developing software applications for Android-powered mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Android development entails writing software code, implementing backend services, and testing the application on mobile devices. 

And to become an Android developer, you must first obtain technical training or a course. You must be fluent in a programming language and have a strong design sense. An Android developer is familiar with mobile app platforms, tools, and the SDLC process.  

  • Take a certificate or diploma in Android development to become an Android developer. 
  • Learn about programming languages, user interfaces (UX/UI), mobile app platforms, and tools. 
  • Create a professional portfolio that includes all the necessary skills for an Android developer. 
  • Intern with a reputable organization to learn development skills. 

When you hire an Android app developer, they will be in charge of developing Android applications. What should they be aware of? Knowledge of the basic toolkit, and proficiency in Java and C++. It is a prerequisite for getting started with Android mobile app development.

So here’s the toolkit you’ll need to create Android apps: 

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) 


  • Integrated Development Kit 


  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 


This essential SDK offers tools to create, debug, and run applications. IDE offers a GUI for SDK tool access and a coding interface. Android Studio is one such example. JDK is installed on your computer and serves as an interpreter for Java programs. 

Languages for Android application development 

Different programming languages to create Android apps. When you hire Android app developers for projects, check their language proficiency. The language you choose is your level of expertise. Based on strengths and weaknesses, what do you want to accomplish with your app? 

Some of the languages to master are: 

Java: Android applications are written in Java. Java is an open-source, secure, and user-friendly language. 

Kotlin: Kotlin is quite popular cross-platform and can communicate with Java via the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 

C/C++: Android applications can be done in languages like C and C++. It is quite complicated from other languages.  

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: It is possible with the Adobe PhoneGap framework. As it offers a platform for developing web-based apps for “WebView.” 

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Points to consider while finalizing the Android project 

Here are some pointers to remember while developing Android apps. 

point to consider while finalizing android app developer

Define objectives 

Before you begin developing Android projects, you should establish objectives. To specify the plans that correspond to your company’s objectives. Because it will also serve as a guideline when you hire an Android developer for any projects. As an Android developer, you can work on a variety of projects. Furthermore, they may add new functions and features to your applications.  

Are you planning and developing the app for an existing company or a new startup? For an existing business, both cases are critical; the app must reflect the brand image. In the case of a startup, the application will serve as the company’s first point of contact. Failure is one of the options in both cases.

Market research 

Conducting market research before diving into development will save you time and money. Look at what other Android development services are doing. Or what are they offering, operating, and delivering by conducting little market research? Investigate the app store to see what work already exist on similar apps. Or what offer some of the same features as yours? Determine the costs and benefits. Investigate the programming languages used. Knowing these fundamentals will help you converse with your team. 

Developer experience 

You know the importance of your project. And how it will impact your brand reputation. So hiring a well-equipped developer is all you need for your organization. So try to check developers’ experience before hiring. And how they can handle various platforms and complicated integrations. Such as mobile apps, payment gateway, web integration, protective layer of SSL, etc. Verify the qualifications and certifications they hold and cross-check what they stated. 

Soft skills 

Communication is essential in soft skills. Whether you work on an in-house team, build one, or outsource it. When it comes to hiring an Android developer, communication is crucial. It also shows that you and your partner are on the same page. Flexibility and effective performance are essential. Changes can occur as a result of numerous iterations. And can lead to an unexpected stage where the app functions’ results do not meet your needs. 

Concept insight 

When communication is crucial, insights enter the picture. You will gain if you explain well. State your requirements as clearly as possible. The main idea behind the application, and who their intended audience is. Once the developer understands the mentioned aspects, they will respond appropriately to your circumstances. 

Steps to hire an Android developer for your firm 

Hire Android app developer

Here are some steps you should follow to hire efficient developers.

Confirm your budget  

Declare your budget and list all your requirements, including platforms. Such as the Web, Android, and iOS. Choose whether you want to hire an Android developer or a freelancer. Will a freelancer manage the project’s overall concept, details, and needs? Don’t compromise quality, app design, and functionality to financial constraints. You don’t need to spend hefty money, but make the project’s budget flexible. Instead, be relaxed but maintain a range. Check the requirements and estimate the budget limit accordingly. 

Look for skills  

Begin your project by looking for a skilled developer or an Android development company. These developers can be found on various freelancing platforms. Alternatively, simply request your references. These businesses are on various reputable apps. If you’re looking for an app developer, look into Top coder, Koding, Polycom, and New AppIdea. Examine Apple, Facebook, Google, and Windows developer groups. You can also use platforms like Indeed, Upwork, LinkedIn, and Reddit to find a full-stack developer. 

Interview the developers 

The next step in hiring mobile app developers with sufficient years of experience is screening. You must list and select a few developers based on the requirements of your application. Years of experience are not enough; you must ask for any niche proficiency 

You can browse Android developer portfolios and even download and test their apps. Reading client testimonials or user feedback that vouch for the company or developer could be a foolproof method. You could get in touch with them to confirm that this is a legitimate and high-quality service. You’ll understand what to expect from the service. 

Here are a few points to consider when you hire an Android app developer:  

  • Industry Exposure


  • Reviews and references 


  • Development process 


  • Expertise 


  • Legal process/contracts 


  • Programming tools 


  • Communication 


  • Project management 


Contact a developer  

After evaluating the developer and their competitors, you should contact them directly. Speaking with them can assist you in making an informed decision. While mentioning your requirements, inquire about user experience, technology, design, and payment.  

When looking for a developer, you should go to reputable sources. Or the recommendations of your known members. You can simply browse the profiles on various platforms. Consider interviewing the developers you’re considering hiring to ensure they understand your needs and requirements. 

A reputable Android development company will provide the option of hiring a dedicated developer. Find people with similar skills and check their previous projects, experience, client referrals, etc. Before hiring a developer to build your application. Following the interview procedure, discuss the terms from your and their perspectives. 

Complete app team 

If you want to build the app in detail, it is not limited to coding. Because there is more than building an application. Employ a designer to create the UI/UX, a business analyst, and a QA tester for testing. And if discover bugs correct them for a seamless experience. Advanced working applications necessitate a proper app development team. 

When a trusted agency requests an entire package rather than a freelance developer. You should choose the entire package rather than a freelance developer. The development team will devote their full attention to the task. And allow you to focus on other business activities. Moreover, the entire process will run smoothly from planning to implementation. 

Outsource a developer  

Finally, the time has come to hire the best mobile app developers! After identifying the right development team, sign an NDA form. So that to protect the code and terms and conditions. Begin your development process with skilled members. Moreover, after signing the required documents you will get the assurance. 

How much does it cost an Android developer? 

A variety of factors influence the cost of app development. Before starting work, discuss these issues with the developer and team to know how they will affect your final quote. Some of these elements are: 

  • Features of the app: The more features you want to include in your app, the more expensive it will be to develop. Certain features, however, are more expensive than others. For example, adding push notifications to your app could cost around $400. On the other hand, can cost up to $12000 for features. 
  • Device platforms: As previously stated, developing several native apps for various device platforms has a significant financial impact. 
  • Company’s address: The cost of hiring an app developer is also high. It depends on the location of the development company and the cost of living. 
  • Upkeep costs: Does your app require more maintenance than usual? The cost of hiring an app developer may then be higher for you. 

It is best to avoid the developer offering the lowest quote. The saying “you get what you pay for” is arguably the most accurate. Because it fulfills the software development process. While making the most of your investment is important, you should not compromise. In the long run, poorly designed software will cost you more money. 


Conclusion: Android applications are complex to develop and maintain. And this makes Android developers challenging to find. Above mentioned tips will surely help you find the best. For more consideration, consult Android development services for your projects. 


Which methodology is employed in the development of Android apps? 

We can create a plan for each cycle separately using Agile methodology for mobile app development. 

How long does it take to become a developer for Android?  

It can take as little as 3 months or as long as 4 years to become an Android developer. 

Which programming language is best for app development? 

If you intend to create an Android app, Java may be the best way to go.