Healthcare App Development – Top Features & Challenges to Consider

Healthcare App Development - Top Features & Challenges to Consider

Digital healthcare solutions have efficiently transformed everything from hospital waiting time management to EHR optimization. However, digitalization has its own set of challenges too. Today, the healthcare industry is transforming at a rapid pace. Gone are the days when people had to wait for days or weeks to get doctor’s appointments for even daily health checkups. Today, they can have real-time video conversations. Digital healthcare solutions bring a considerable amount of positive changes from both patients’ and doctors’ or hospital administrator’s perspectives. In this article, we will discuss the top healthcare app development features and challenges that are accelerating the healthcare sector.

Key Healthcare App Development Features

Health Tracking

This is a core feature for a patient and doctor-facing app. This feature allows for monitoring of patient’s key signs and health conditions such as blood pressure, calorie intake, pulse rate, blood sugar levels, etc.

Doctor’s Appointment

It is a must-have feature for healthcare apps for patients. Using this feature, patients can request a doctor’s appointment while providing doctors a complete view of the appointments they need to attend in a day. Adding this feature to your mobile healthcare app also helps in eliminating the hassle of waiting room scheduling.

Scheduling and Reminders

This feature allows patients to schedule medicine intake, monitor sleep, drink water, or get alert of their routine calorie intake, etc. It helps patients to better track their health goals.

Patient Information Database

This mobile healthcare app feature is primarily used by doctors and healthcare organizations. This functionality gives real-time access to the patients’ medical reports, history, prescriptions, etc. to the caregiver side of stakeholders.


This healthcare app feature is inclined more towards the emergency side of the healthcare system. Using the app’s in-built map integration, patients can find hospitals and doctors even if they are at remote locations.

Live Chats

This is one of the must-have features in all healthcare apps. In the COVID-19 era, when people were stranded in their homes and were not able to go out to consult a doctor, the importance of virtual medical assistance came to the surface. This need made adding up the Live Chat, Live video and voice calls necessary.

Mode of Payments

The addition of different modes of payments such as by Credit/Debit card, UPI, Net-Banking, etc. has allowed patients to easily pay the bills of their treatment and insurance. They also get prescription and bill copies into their emails or phone that can be printed out later.

Reviews and Ratings

With the availability of many hospitals and doctors in different localities, it becomes very difficult for patients to know about good doctors whom they can trust with their health. Therefore, Reviews and Ratings have been added to the healthcare app development systems where patients can add their reviews after their consultation.

Integration of Cloud

Integration of the Cloud has become a very important feature in the healthcare domain. After the consultation, storing the patient data was becoming a major concern. Therefore, the cloud feature was added. The need of storing patient’s data securely is one of the main reasons behind the healthcare sector exploring blockchain technology and its decentralization capabilities.

Reports and Analysis

The reports and analysis feature is the last in our list of must-have features in the healthcare app. Today, a healthcare mobile app development company aims at developing a dashboard, where the healthcare consultants can keep a track of their health, the number of patients, finance, patience’s information, and health-related data.
These features have resolved many issues in the healthcare mobile app sector. But even after adding these features, there are still some challenges that need to be worked on.

Challenges Being Faced by the mHealth Sector

1. Issues Related to Compliance and Regulations

Every nation has its own rules and regulations which need to be followed. That is why compliance is one of the biggest challenges being faced by the mHealth app development agencies.

The USA – To work with the healthcare mobile app in the US region, you need to hold compliance with HIPAA and PHI regulations by concentrating on the CCPA, GDPR, and NIST rules.

The UK – For healthcare mobile app development in the UK region, you must follow the compliances and regulations mentioned on the NSCS website.

Canada – For Healthcare app development in the Canadian region you need to follow the PIPEDA guidelines.

European Union – For healthcare apps working in the European region, compliance and regulations mentioned in the GDPR rules need to be followed.

For a healthcare app development company or healthcare organization, it becomes a challenging job to meet all the compliances and regulations for a global launch.

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2. Existence of Multiple Devices

In today’s digital age, where there are multiple devices like Smart TVs, Voice-powered devices, Smartphones, etc. making their way into the healthcare space, interoperability is becoming a major issue. With the increasing number of active devices used by doctors and patients for interactions, it has become very important to ensure security across different platforms.

3. Security Issues

There are various stories of patient’s data being hacked or misplaced due to unsecured storage infrastructure. Security is the most important thing which needs to be considered while preparing a healthcare app but only a few healthcare mobile app development companies take this task seriously.

Final Note

These healthcare mobile app development challenges are keeping away many healthcare organizations from getting digitalized. However, there are a number of measures being taken by the industry stakeholders to resolve the issues.

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Q.1. What are the types of healthcare apps for patients?
Ans. Here are some of the healthcare apps for patients

  • Health monitoring apps

  • Nutrition apps

  • Education and self-diagnosis apps

  • Women health apps

  • Lifestyle management apps

  • Mental wellness apps

  • Reminder apps

  • Q.2. What are the types of healthcare apps for hospitals admin or doctors?
    Ans. Following are some of the types of healthcare apps for hospitals admin or doctors:

  • Patient monitoring apps

  • Doctor’s appointment and clinical assistance apps

  • Reference and database apps

  • EHR solutions

  • Q.3. Do you provide post-development support and maintenance services?
    Ans. Yes. As an end-to-end Android app development company in India, we provide post-development support and maintenance services. However, this will be chargeable.

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