The Ultimate Guide to Build a Wish-like Online Shopping Mobile App

Guide to Build a Wish-like Online Shopping Mobile App

The eCommerce industry is on the rise and if you’re chasing success in the online world, you can try your luck in the online shopping world. A custom shopping app development is not only about creating a Mobile App Product, it is about building a User Journey irrespective of the device they’re using (iOS or Android).

We, as a leading Android Kotlin app development company, are committed to creating the most competitive Android apps for our global clientele from various business verticals. We have a pool of highly-qualified and experienced Android app developers who proffer the best-in-class native Android app development services and solutions that help business leaders to thrive in the online world.

A Glimpse of Some Notable Figures from Statista
• By the year 2021, eCommerce sales across the globe are expected to amount to about 4.8 trillion US dollars, which is a 365% increase since the year 2014.
• The total share of eCommerce of total worldwide retail sales will accelerate from 7.4% in the year 2015 to 17.5% in the year 2021.
• The number of worldwide online shoppers will also increase by about 162%, that is, from 1.32 billion people in the year 2014 to 2.14 billion in the years 2021.

Why is Shopping App Development Gaining Popularity?
In today’s digital era, a large percentage of users are shopping online through their iOS or Android mobile phones. Therefore, a shopping mobile app development enables you to:

1. Drive More Sales and Customer Growth
By integrating necessary features for increasing marketing and sales, you can enlarge your customer base across the globe very quickly. Unlike the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping stores may remain open 24×7 which helps you to sell products and services all day and all night.

Since the majority of the population uses an Android device, you can capture this huge crowd to generate revenue. All you need to do is to create a feature-packed online shopping app with the help of a trusted Android Kotlin development company that has a team of the most seasoned Android app developers with vast experience and expertise.

2. Improve Customer Loyalty
Investing in shopping app development can help you gain a competitive edge in the market. Since most of your potential customers have smartphones and are using it actively, the suggestion to install a mobile app can make your customer’s life better and easier. Moreover, you can use essential data and information about your customer’s behavior in the mobile app to offer personalized recommendations, discounts, and rewards to customers. This further leads to higher customer loyalty factors.

3. Discover New Sales Opportunities
Find a new and unique way to create a shopping mobile app that will make it your customer’s favorite app for online shopping. If a customer is happy shopping with your app for the first time, the customer would love to shop for the second and third time, and finally become your loyal customer.

4. Improve Customer Interaction
Customers love and enjoy receiving invitations to events, an opportunity to review products and services, leave comments, and be the first one to be informed about the new arrival of products or services. Consequently, shopping app development services draw customers in close interactions.

5. Enhance Internal Business Operations
You need to hire Android developers from a trusted Android Kotlin development company for creating a feature-rich online shopping app that helps you manage your business operations more efficiently, and that too at a lower cost. If you have a mobile app at your fingertips, managing your business will be much easier for you.

What’s a Wish-like Shopping App Development?
Wish is one of the most loved and preferred shopping mobile apps worldwide. The online shopping apps connect over 1,000,000 merchants having over 500 million customers all across the globe. These apps have become increasingly popular for particularly low prices on a wide range of items including smartphone cases, clothes, and wearables. Most of these items are unique and you cannot find them easily on other shopping sites. But there is something more about this online shopping site:

• The Wish mobile shopping app has been ranked at number 3 in the App Store shopping category by the users.
• As revealed in a recent report by, with 25 million installs, Wish online shopping app has become the second most installed shopping mobile app in the world.
• According to a report from Statista, the Wish was ranked as one of the most popular online shopping apps in the US in July 2018.

Some of the Popular Ecommerce Shopping Apps Like Wish
• eBay
• Wal-Mart
• Etsy
• Chairish
• Gilt

Popular Features of Wish-like Shopping Mobile App

• Sign-up/Sign-in
• Search stores
• Filter
• Add-to-cart
• Wish-list
• Multiple payment options
• Rewards
• In-app wallet
• Return/Exchange product
• Rate product
• Discount
• Manage profile
• Live chat
• Manage notifications
• Easy and fast checkouts
• View product ads
• View offers
• Features product list
• Loyalty programs
• Login bonus
• Shipment tracking
• Product details
• Create a ticket
• Personalized results

• Registration/Login
• Activate subscription plan
• Manage tickets
• Metrics & analytics
• Manage profile, Setup stores
• Manage catalog & orders
• Import products
• Automatic adjustment of inventory on new sale
• Payment account
• Order fulfillment by system
• Product promotions
• Run campaign
• Online payment
• Notification & alerts
• User review
• Reporting tools

• Login with login ID and password
• Dashboard
• Manage promotions/rewards/points
• Manage payment
• Manage tickets
• Manage merchants and customers
• Manage ad campaigns
• Manage referral/invites
• Manage product category & sub-category

Leverage our native android development services to build online shopping mobile app enriched with all the necessary features and functionalities that make it the most loved shopping app of your customers. Hire Android developers from us and see how they can help you take your eCommerce business a new level.

Some Other Popular Features of Shopping Mobile Apps Like Wish
Wish mobile app comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface. It has a menu that looks attractive and appealing just like a social media app Facebook, in particular. Let’s take a glimpse of some of the additional features of this online shopping site.

1. Manage Login Sessions
Admin can easily manage login bonuses for users. Users using the system actively get a bonus in their account wallet. Besides, the system also captures a login session for every user using your app.

2. Personalization
This feature allows users to obtain some specific results based on their numerous factors like user behavior, exploring the location, culture, and previous order history.

3. Manage Warehouse
Admin can easily manage the warehouse where the merchant inventory is managed. Merchants can easily send their own inventory so as to manage shipments. Once a particular order is completed, the other tasks can be easily managed from the warehouse.

4. Shipping
The system combines the shipping API in order to track shipments from any particular source to the final destination.

5. Google Map Integration
This feature allows presenting the online shopping store on a map which can help users to easily search for various shops and navigate them to that particular shop.

6. Multi-currency Support
This feature allows users to easily convert currencies when making payments. You can integrate the currency converter API like Google currency API to convert the value of payments according to the particular currency.

7. Cloud Storage
It is a quite useful functionality to store and maintain data over the cloud. This helps the system to easily access as well as manage data anytime and anywhere.

8. CRM Integration
This function enables marketers to increase marketing through emails, SMS, etc. It is useful for Admin dealing with promotions, email communication templates, and user analysis.

9. CMS Integration
If you’ve indulged in shopping mobile app development, optimum content development is crucial for this platform. This function helps mobile app users to access the right information using the system and explore the system very well.

The Team Structure, You Require for Creating a Shopping App
For creating a Wish-like online shopping app, you will need a professional shopping mobile app development company. Also, you will need to hire Android developers who have worked on various niches in creating an online shopping mobile app from scratch.

To build an Android-based shopping mobile app, you will require a team of
1. Project Manager
2. Business Analysis Team
3. Android App Developers
4. Backend Developers such as PHP Developers, .Net Developers, NodeJs Developer
5. Front-End Developers such as AngularJS Developers, UI/UX Developers
6. QA Specialists

If you’re looking to hire Android app developers for creating your own Wish-like shopping app, get in touch with our Android devs team.

The Tech Stack, You Require
Using cutting-edge technologies is a great way to build a powerful shopping app with all the features mentioned above. Before you finalize an Android Kotlin development company for your app, make sure you collaborate with them to know what technology stack they use, their comfort level with the latest technologies, and about their work portfolio.

As a top-notch Android mobile app development company, we use the following tech stack:
• Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin
• Tool Kit: Android Studio, Android Developer Tools
• Software Development Kit (SDK): Android SDK

What’s the Cost of Developing a Shopping App Like Wish?
The cost of creating a Wish-like shopping mobile app will depend on numerous factors including

• The platform you choose
• The design, size, and complexity of the project
• The number of features and integrations you want
• The experience level of Android app developers
• The country where the mobile application development company is located.

While a custom Android-based shopping app may cost from $100,000 to $500,000, a small app with a few basic features could cost between $10,000 and $50,000.

As a premier Android app development company in India, we offer native Android development services at affordable rates, helping businesses of all sizes and types. Whether you’re looking for Android shopping app development, Android wearable app development, or any other Android-based mobile apps, you can always rely on our Android app developers for building any type of application at affordable rates.

Wrapping Up
We hope this blog gives you a clear idea about shopping app development features and cost. If you want to soar high in the online business world, you must consider investing in an Android app development company. But before you hire one for your project, make sure you do thorough research and choose the right mobile app development company. As a well-experienced and versatile Android Java and Kotlin app development company, we can help you in crafting successful features perfectly, reflecting your business type. Connect with us to hire Android developers from us.


Q.1. How long does it take to build an Android shopping app like Wish?
Ans. The time taken to develop a shopping app like Wish depends on several factors including the design and complexity of the project, the number of features and integrations you want on your app, the size and type of your business, the experience level of the Android app developers and so on. Get in touch with us to get a detailed estimate of your project today!

Q.2. Which industries do you serve with your native Android development services?
Ans. We have delivered high-performance Android app solutions to more than 115 clients from different industry verticals including:

• Shopping
• Lifestyle & Fitness
• Navigation
• Banking
• Healthcare
• Education
• And More

Q.3. Do you provide support and maintenance after the app development?
Ans. Yes, we offer extended support and maintenance for applications developed by us. However, this would be chargeable.