Google Opens Up New Opportunities For Android Development In India

Google Opens Up New Opportunities For Android Development In India

2017 has been an eventful year for Android, particularly because of the attention it has received from Google. Recently, it has come up with the trial version of Android O, that spells big changes for the platform. The advent of the new version is another feather in Google’s cap as it is designed to create apps that are aligned with the Internet of Things. In fact, Android Things is going to bring a revolution in the platform as it will connect everything to the phone or tablet.

The Android application development space in India is also poised to get a huge boost because of the short training program that Google has announced in August this year. Let us know more about this training program and the opportunities it is set to bring for Android app developers in India:

Short Time Span
A refined version of Google’s Android app development training conducted in colleges and universities, this short training program spans just 100 hours. This means that developers can now be geared up for providing comprehensive Android app development services without investing much time and efforts.

Total Portability
Another factor that makes this course much sought-after is its portability. It has been designed to train as many professionals as possible within the minimum time frame and can be taken by anyone anywhere and at any time.

Informal Training
The course is informal as it has no direct alliance with any university but is rather meant for people already engaged in app development. Google has come up with this course to cater to people without formal training, rather for the ones who are working with an Android App Development Company in India.

The reason that Google has chosen India for innovating this program is clear. Being amongst the largest contributors to Android application development on a global level, the country serves as an ideal destination for training professionals to create better apps for the platform. Moreover, the demand for qualified app developers in the country is reaching its peak and formal training seems inadequate to cope with it. Moreover, Google is looking to train more professionals with Android Things and the rich technical know-how of India makes it the best place to start with. All that Google is doing with this step is to explore the huge potential that already exists here.

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