Google Connects the 999 Callers’ Location Automatically to Emergency Services

The mobile device has predominantly occupied the world and its usage is increasing exponentially day by day. It has turned into the man’s companion as it helps him in several ways to carry out his activities. And, the Google research is always on headlines as they are conferred in realizing the mobile potentiality. The Google researchers work for a wide range of problems including new operating systems, programming, interaction paradigms, wireless communications, web optimization and so forth.

Recently, Google announced a new tool for Android smartphones which would connect the callers to emergency services automatically. It got launched in the UK on 26th July 2016 to speed up the deployment of life-saving dispatches. The service gets activated only when a call is made to the emergency services, and it uses the local Wi-Fi connections, GPS, mobile phone masts, and send the location to 999, the emergency operator.

The emergency services need to know the caller’s location so that they may send help to save lives. A general survey reveals that about 70% of calls come from mobile and locating the mobile callers is a major issue. An accurate emergency location saves life and the US Federal Communications Commission estimates that an improved location accuracy results in reducing wireless E911 response time by one minute could result in saving 10,000 lives annually.

Google says that over 99% of the existing Android devices (2.3 or higher) are able to run the new service and it has signed with all the UK’s major operators for providing the service. The present emergency solutions are dependent on cell tower (limited by several kilometers) and assisted GPS (limited for outdoors only), whereas the new one uses the location technology available for the apps in addition to WiFi, GPS, and cell towers to get a more reliable emergency location.

Further, the Google reassures the users that only the emergency services will be able to see the callers’ locations and the location are not seen or handled by the Google.

The location is sent from the handset to emergency services upon an emergency call to through the mobile network.

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