Google Android 10 Launched: Top Features You Need To Know

Google Android 10 Launched: Top Features You Need To Know

Google has recently launched the latest version of its Android operating system for smartphones. Though it’s a beta release under the name Android Q, the letter Q has no relevance at all. It is actually Android 10, in the last 10 years, Google doesn’t have a dessert theme. The new features integrated into the current version are quite innovative. Keep in mind not all the mentioned features are launching for all devices, they will appear first for the Google device Pixel.

Android 10 Features

1. Foldable Phone
Smartphone or tablet is functional all because of the Operating system, without OS smartphone is just a plastic, metal, and glass piece. But, with the advancement in mobile technology, the devices are getting an upgrade as well and to meet the needs the software requires an upgrade too. Samsung was the first to officially announce foldable phones, Google decided to upgrade its OS to be compatible with the foldable phones. Support for foldable UI and big screen devices is one of the major features of Android 10. This has completely transformed the development of dynamic, and scalable apps that work in foldable window mode.

2. Multi-Resume
Android 10 most unique feature is the support of multi-resume functionality, allowing mobile users to operate multiple apps simultaneously, without pausing. Yes, a lot of modes were present earlier like the split-screen, freeform and picture-in-picture. But, these features were present only on the app when it is resumed. While Google has instructions for the multi-window, but Android app development company don’t take these instructions on a serious note. This causes apps to get crashed in the paused state. This was a major drawback with earlier Android versions, which has been addressed. With Android 10, an advanced Split Screen is offered, which allow apps to run in the background easily.

3. Pixel Presence
Initially, the Smart Lock feature was only available for the Pixel phones. However, with Android 10 OS launch, this feature will be available for all Android phones, with a new tag ‘Pixel Presence.’ Smart Lock feature provides smooth and quick unlocking of the mobile device in numerous scenarios.

• When contact with the user’s body.
• When present in a trusted location.
• Identify user’s face and voice.
• When identifying the Bluetooth device.

4. Dark Theme
This is basically the biggest point of discussion for the OS industry. There’s a Dark Theme available in Android 10, having all menus, fonts, notification panels, & buttons, in addition to the Android system UI. It makes the UI design quite engaging as well as smooth for the eyes. In addition to that, other important benefits are:
• Low power usage.
• Users with low vision enjoy the dark theme.
• Easy to access in a low-light environment.

Steps to enable Dark Theme:
1. Setting -> Display -> Theme -> Select Dark Theme
2. Once enabled, select from the notification panel.
3. Pixel phones by default enable Dark theme when the battery is low.

5. Highly Secure
Android with its latest release focusing more on user privacy by offering a feature related to the app permission. It actually gives the user more control over the data being shared with apps. Let’s make it simple for you with an example, if an app is using your location it requires proper permission to access it. The features like runtime permission can easily access the location when an app is running and can limit the data a particular app can gather. The location access by the app can be blocked as well in Android 10 and also you can manage the photos, videos, and audio files which were not possible with earlier versions.

6. Native Screen Recording
Native screen recording is the feature that has been in very much demand is now available in Android 10 version. To enable it to have a look into the developer option. The feature will work properly giving you feature to record the screen and the voiceover as well. To enable the option, go to Settings -> System -> Developer options and navigate to the Feature flags mentioned in the Debugging sub-menu. To activate the feature, press the power button and press the screenshot button to open the dialog box having different options. Then select it to use the feature to record the native screen on your smartphone.

Wrapping Up
These are some of the most interesting features of the Android 10 version. It has become the responsibility of the app development team to build apps that are responsive to the latest Android version. If you are looking for a mobile app for our business, simply hire Android developer from a reputed development company. This will help you to get the best features in your mobile app in a proper manner. Share your requirements with the developer to get the best mobile app for your business.