Flutter 1.22 Version is Out Now – UI Support for Android 11 Features

Flutter 1.22 Version

In the recent few weeks, Google has issued the stable release of Flutter 1.22 version, its open-source cross-platform UI (user interface) framework for developing applications on iOS and Android and the desktop and web.

Flutter 1.22 version is the most recent update for the UI (user interface) framework that helps designers and developers build UIs for numerous platforms from one codebase.

Moreover, from newly released Android 11 now starting to reach mobile phones all over the world, Flutter 1.22 version is shipping alongside support for the most recent UI updates from apple and google to their related smartphone platforms.

Let’s Understand – What Flutter Is?

If you are not much familiar, Flutter is an app development platform, which lets android app developers create apps for Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Web, and Linux devices from the identical codebase.

Flutter is developed by Google. And the team has worked very hard to integrate the most recent features and functionalities of every version of Android, like building the dark mode of Android 10 now simple to add in your application.

Flutter 1.22 – What Changes it has Offered?

With the latest release of Flutter 1.22, the organization is incorporating some of the essential functions –

The first function is the inbuilt capability to ignore putting important elements of your app within a camera punch or display notch.

The next feature is – now it is possible to be animated adequately and additionally be in sync when the android keyboard is opened and closed.

Flutter 1.22 additionally involves support in Android 11 for novel types of displays – for example, cutouts, notches, and edges of waterfall displays and appealing animation when connecting the soft keyboard.

Besides, with the help of this release, the Flutter development team has been able to work the issues that made the application work less perfectly, for example, crashes and unwanted clipboard notification.

Helpful Feature of Flutter

It doesn’t matter for which platform is being built; Flutter 1.22 version comes along with numerous types of helpful functions.

The material design fans will be discovering an intuitive suite of button widgets, which can be easily customized in your applications. In addition to this, some of the official plug-ins that have been in view, and helping the developers to integrate a site or maps to an application, are considered to prepare for production now. If you also looking to create an app using Flutter framework, you can hire android developers.

The significant and notable function that we have to consider ‘State Restoration’ is designed for Android or the feature of a Flutter app to be closed automatically in the background and suggest again with no need to lose your spot. It will be essential for the developers to provide some extra effort concerning the perfectly working of state restoration. But it should help the flutter applications to feel more innate on Android.

The Android 11 now support in Flutter 1.22 additionally comes as Google started setting its new Pixel 5 that can be shipped with Android 11. The new Pixel gadgets are usually the first to receive the modest Android version.

Flutter developers will be able to utilize the SafeArea and MediaQuery APIs to assure the active UI (User Interface) and interactive features are included in the non-obstructed sections of the display. Google enables Flutter users to ignore gesture detectors in the waterfall edge section of a display because they might be prone to accidental touches.

Bugs & Modifications

Also, Google has packaged into Flutter 1.22 version a host of new Material buttons and an active and stable release for Platform Views to understand issues that it’s difficult to use the buttons.

Flutter 1.22 version fixes crash and font rendering problems that influenced other platforms, and issues integrating to physical gadgets.

Google clearly says it resolved the issue brought by the policy update of Apple that triggers “spurious” warnings in Flutter applications when they accessing data in the clipboard.

Flutter 1.22 additionally incorporates support for Android 11 for new kinds of presentations –, for example, cutouts, notches, and edges of cascade displays – just as smoother animation when raising the soft console.

Lastly, the Flutter team has declared it’s WebView and Google Maps plugins are ready for release. The plugins give Google Maps and WebView widgets for Flutter applications.


Remember that, Flutter’s robust performance, declarative syntax, speed, and native-like experience are the causes why lots of developers loved it. It is selected by the ideal brands with a wide and huge customer base. It is also known for attractive widgets, UIs, and great user experience development for Android utilizing a single codebase. Flutter Mobile App Development skills are likewise considered the most demanded skills and Flutter has additionally remained the most cherished frameworks after Torch and .NET Core in Most Dreaded, Libraries, Loved, and Required Frameworks, and Tools. If you want more information related to flutter app development services and upcoming trending technologies, keep in touch with us.