Explore The Amazing New Features of Android 8 Oreo

Explore The Amazing New Features of Android 8 Oreo

Android 8 Oreo is the latest version of Android that has been launched officially by Google. The new version bundles up some exciting features and functionalities for Android developers as well as the users. Currently, the update will be available only for Nexus and Pixel devices though it will be coming up for new smartphones in the near future. In the meantime, it would be interesting to learn more about the amazing features that Android 8 update brings. Let’s check them out:

Background Limits
Basically, all the Android iterations have been focused on improving the device battery life and Oreo is no different. With this update, the automatic limits on the background app functions have been increased. It becomes possible to create apps which have minimal impact on the device and its battery.

Picture in Picture
Picture in Picture is perhaps the most exciting feature that Android Oreo packs. It enables the user to watch a video on a small virtual window while using another app on the phone. For instance, you can now see a YouTube video while sending a mail through Gmail.

Super Fast Boot Times
Another unbeatable feature of the update is its super fast boot speed. The boot time for Android Oreo is extremely fast which means that the device is able to come online at a lightning speed.

Notification Snooze
Android app development goes a notch higher with Oreo as developers can incorporate the innovative feature of notification snooze in the apps. With this feature, users can hide a notification from view, without the risk of forgetting it. On snoozing, the notification will pop-up as a reminder later on.

Notification Channels
Apps with multiple notification events (such as likes, comments, follows, etc.) can now separate these events into channels. The user has the liberty to choose an action for each channel, for instance, a ring for one event and a text banner for another and a glowing screen for a third one.

Adaptive Icons
With Android 8, apps can now be enhanced with adaptive icons. Developers will have the freedom to use different shapes for icons rather than the conventional rectangular ones.

Autofill APIs
Another outstanding feature that Oreo brings is that of Autofill APIs, which enables the synchronization of the password manager apps with the Android OS. This means that the user can access them like a third-party keyboard and save their time as the Autofill feature remembers their login password.

Redesigned Settings
The Android settings menu has seen a complete redesign with the new Oreo update, with the new design being appealing and easy to use. They are condensed now, with only the frequently used ones showing up in the expanded view. Now, the Wi-Fi settings are clubbed with Networks and others, named as Network & Internet.

Wide Color Gamut
The wide color gamut offered by Android 8 is all set to enhance the imaging apps manifold. These apps will now be able to leverage the high-end displays to the best, particularly for the handsets that support wide color gamut.

Improved Keyboard Navigation
The updated Android version features improved keyboard navigation for both users as well as developers. The arrow’ and ‘tab’ navigation becomes more reliable and predictable with Oreo.

All these interesting features of the update makes it a great choice for creating exceptional apps. To avail the best of these features in your app, you should hire android app developer with extensive expertise and knowledge of the Android platform.