Check Out The Amazing Features Of All New Android O By Google

Check Out The Amazing Features Of All New Android O By Google

The first developer preview of Android O, the upcoming mobile software by Google, is out and it has created quite a stir. The update brings a host of improved features that promise to enhance the user experience commendably. Let’s have a sneak peak at these features to know what to expect from Android O when it rolls out on devices later this year:

Longer Battery Life
Android O is prioritizing the improvement of battery life of devices. Apps engage in tasks such as implicit broadcasts while they run in the background. These cause drain of device battery. There are similar problems with location updates and background services. With automatic background limits, the software promises longer battery life for devices.

Control Over Notifications
The update comes with a feature called “notification channels”, which will enable grouping of notifications. Users will be able to exercise fine-grained control over these channels, choosing to see only the relevant ones and snooze or block others.

Improved Audio Quality
The integration of new technologies such as LDAC support and Audio will empower Android O to provide high audio quality.

Better Connectivity
Improvement in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is another enhancement that Android O brings. The WI-Fi Aware is a feature that will enable supported devices to link-up with others located nearby without requiring an Internet access point.

Picture In Picture
Google has introduced the Picture-in-Picture feature in the updated software. As the name implies, it allows the user to watch videos on a smaller screen while running another application on the device.

Improved Keyboard Navigation
Android O comes up with improved keyboard navigation with arrow and tab keys. This feature would be useful for Chromebooks users.

Support For VOIP Apps
Another feature that advanced software offers is “Telecom Framework”, which will allow VOIP apps to replicate the main telephone app of the device.

Auto-Fill Feature
Auto Fill is already a part of certain Android applications such as Chrome and Messages. But Android O makes it a part of the entire operating system.

With such high-end features, Android O promises to open up a whole new world for Android users.