Chatbot App Development | From Scratch to Final Guide (2024)

chatbot app development from scratch to final

In simple words ,A Chatbot developer is a software engineer who develops an application that automatically interacts with the customer when any person comes to your website. But before you have to set up the chatbot properly on the website. It acts like a form in which 2-3 major points. Such as Name, Email Address, and phone number, business requirements  so you can ask your query. Its play a vital role for increasing website enquiry and leads .

If you have a website to showcase your business, what makes it more interactive? Probably Chatbots! Right? Because firstly, it helps to understand your users and secondly, expands your reach. Although, we know these promising technologies aren’t that simple to grasp. But how can you streamline Chatbot app development company for your business? However, you can get assistance from the developers. But here we have a checklist to develop an interactive chatbot for your website. Lets Dive in more details about Chatbot below .

An overview of chatbot app development

Chatbots aren’t a new concept to you, are they? It follows a straightforward conversation format. Using AI, this structure contains images, texts, and audio. Furthermore, these chatbots have pre-programmed scripts and machine-learning algorithms. Businesses use these automated robots to respond to user inquiries. Chatbot app development is nothing without design. Because you can add programs, tone, and “brain” for human conversation during the design phase.

Steps for designing chatbot app development

Here are some design steps that you should follow while developing chatbots.

chatbot development process

1.Determine your expectations

What to do before developing any product? We determine its use and how it will affect our business. It goes the same for the chatbot app development process of your business. Define what you need or what business goals you set. Try to differentiate if you want to make an appointment, assist users, solve queries, etc. If you have just started your website, then developing a high-end chatbot is not possible. You have noticed Siri, Cortana, and Alexa offer more sophistication than your customer service bot. So now we come back to chatbot development.

Explain in detail how the assistant will streamline the customer journey.

  • Is it assisting you in gaining traction?
  • Will it help to interact with the users?
  • Or will it inform them about the new feature

If it answers all of these questions, it is doing its job. Stay to the point. As you know, a chatbot is a foundation for everything you will build around it.

2.Create your goals

Chatbots can complete any task in a single step. As a result, creating a chatbot that customers connect as human remains a concern. After considering your goal, consider how your bot will assist you in achieving it. Focusing solely on the pointer can cost you a second. Discuss with your team how to include the use cases that clearly define your business. So, during chatbot app development, keep the following goals in mind:

The most common chatbot objectives are:

  • Creating leads
  • Displaying featured products
  • Taking back abandoned shopping carts
  • Scheduling meetings and demonstrations.
  • Answering commonly asked queries
  • Obtaining feedback

Furthermore, these objectives assist you in designing a workflow that addresses at least some of these objectives.

3.Select the channel

We can all agree that platforms and technology stacks are critical in chatbot development. In today’s world, technologies are constantly evolving. Although, there are numerous chatbot platforms and tools available on the internet. But here’s a thing: check the parameters when you built a chatbot on the website.

Examine their responsiveness, compatibility, customization, etc. Instead, select a platform that integrates with other social media platforms. However, if you want to provide a user-friendly chatbot, look into some suitable frameworks. You can also hire an Android app developer for more guidance. Or a relevant and current technology stack. These frameworks may be the best option for creating a complex yet profitable chatbot. The tools provided will assist you in meeting customer expectations.

4.Develop NLP Integration

You’ve already decided, researched, and chosen chatbot app development for your firm. At this point, some designers are attempting to create an advanced chatbot using AI. They had no idea that taking this risk would cost them the chatbot. When you invest in promising technologies like AI, ML, and NLP, you need to be careful.

Chatbot development, on the other hand, necessitates real-time and precise business requirements. NLP also employs voice recognition in chatbots. As a result, this process completes in a step-by-step manner. It begins with an understanding conversation, which is then divided and processed.

5.Describe your customers

Many chatbots interact with users, which is quite followed by every business site. Aside from your goal, what else do you do for users when you design a chatbot? Firms can sometimes outnumber customer needs. Instead, you should include them at all stages. Create their customer journey with your chatbot.

To interpret their needs, ask yourself questions or conduct surveys.

  • What have previous customers said?
  • Why did they pick you?
  • What do they anticipate?
  • What changes do you need to make?

Furthermore, this can answer many of your questions and show you where you can improve.

6.Frame its personality

So, here’s a crucial consideration for chatbot development. Sometimes businesses skip making the chatbot human. Yes, you read that correctly! We can’t upload a brain, but we can give them a personality. Give your chatbot a tone before it interacts with humans. Keep in mind that the first impression is the last. It doesn’t matter how good your website is if your chatbot isn’t speaking in the way that users expect. It is a flop!

Try to match the personality of your chatbot to your brand essence. If your brand is eccentric and your customers are young, your chatbot’s personality should reflect that. You can also hire an Android app developer for more guidance.

Furthermore, consider your bot to be a person and you will learn how to make it more human.

7.Keep conversation simple

After nearly humanizing your chatbot, we move on to program a simple conversation. Being the website owner, you might know how will the user react or converse. However, your user can indulge in any irrelevancy with your intelligent bot. As a result, try designing a chatbot interaction that covers every detail sharing. Don’t make conversation boring by adding too much about your business. Users come to your website for seeking the products you sell and not for your wisdom. Right? Start by analyzing an idea of what can be the conversation will flow. Moreover, make it obvious but don’t compromise your primary goal. Furthermore, try to design a healthy and productive flow for the chatbot.

8.Test your chatbots

You should thoroughly test the internals of the chatbot app after designing it. It is what we mean. Examine the messages and images you intend to include in the chatbot. To analyze and resonate with your website’s users. Implement external tools such as a trigger, VWO and Tidio chatbots, and so on. You can use A/B testing to ensure a smooth chatbot process flow. Additionally, try creating a clone designing chatbot and then making changes to it. As a result, you will not have to invest as much money in the final product. You can also create your user tags and track their performance. Furthermore, if you select chatbot templates or custom designs, you can get an idea of the workflow.

9.Improve with feedback

You consider yourself successful after delivering an engaging and user-friendly chatbot. But hold on. Because you will learn a lot after your chatbot passes all the necessary tests. Moreover, beta testing allows you to improve any flaws before the release. Don’t think the testing process stops there. Include your users in the designing and testing process as well. Keep track of feedback, performance analysis, workload testing, etc.

Because you will gain a thorough understanding of your chatbot this way. Examine how quickly it responds to user queries, what parameters it includes, and so on. You can seek assistance from chatbot development services for more guidance.

Classify your questions and analyze them:

  • If your bot helps to meet KPIs?
  • If the bot helps your users?
  • Is your bot satisfies your clients?
  • How can you boost productivity?

No chatbot app development can be perfect, yet it can be simple. But the development and upgrades will keep on going. Moreover, try to analyze your bot by using it yourself.

10.Support of human

What if your chatbot app development does not respond to all of the questions? What if the bot is incapable of handling the technicalities? These are just a few examples of bottlenecks; there are many more. If the chatbot can’t respond, remember to add a human support agent. So, let’s break this down into steps.

  • User begins by asking a question.
  • Then chatbot responds as pre-programmed.
  • If user is dissatisfied with the response.
  • The conversation gets transferred to a human agent at this point. It’s as simple as that.

Furthermore, too many questions and answers can frustrate your users and cause them to abandon your site. So don’t rely solely on chatbots. Involve your support team as much as possible.

Although chatbots can help in most cases, in an emergency, seek human assistance. You can configure mobile notifications to appear on your phone. And give you some seconds to finish the conversation.

Tools for chatbot app development  

tools used to develop chatbot

Here are some well-known chatbot development tools you can choose from. 

Google Dialogflow 

You may call it the best chatbot app development tool that seamlessly supports developers. So, that they can easily design, customize, and integrate the friendly UI. The tool is among the most popular choices to support more than 20 NLP.  

Dialogflow has been the strong power behind well-known platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, etc. So, if you want an omnichannel chatbot to address user queries quickly then this is it. Plus, the intelligence of the bot can attract more users. 

Microsoft Bot Framework 

Another comprehensive chatbot-building tool it offers an interactive brand experience. Azure makes your chatbot like ChatGPT and makes your business a brand! You get the open-source SDK and useful tools. So, the designers and developers won’t get stuck anywhere in the build, test, etc. 

Amazon Lex 

You can easily develop a chatbot with these omnichannel and Q&A-supported conversational bots. It is completely based on NLP for easy text-to-speech recognition for an engaging experience.  

Amazon Lex is fully packed with intelligent ML algorithms for developers to build interactive bots. So, these types of tools help to add automation to improve the firm’s productivity. Many established brands like Zendesk, HubSpot, and Salesforce leverage Amazon Lex prowess. 

IBM Watson 

Being one of the reputed giants it also helps chatbot app development for your firm. So, this helps to serve across the verticals with excellent proficiency. Start with the basics; gather the requirements around the bots. Let’s say why you want the bot and what purpose it will serve. So, it helps to define the scope and the identities involved. Easily prepare a list of the intents to define the chatbot goals. So, the chatbot is further tested to check the workflow and the interaction.  

Then in this, you need to have an application to interact with Watson assistant. It then helps to implement business logic to integrate other useful components. 

Some Common Chatbot Deployment Platform

  1. Facebook Messengers
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Slack
  4. Twilio Phone Number

Types of chatbots to choose for your firm 

types of chatbot

Here are some common types of chatbots you can use. 

Linguistic based chatbots 

Let’s suppose you can predict the queries the users will ask. If you need such a chatbot Linguistc or rule-based is for you. These chatbots create an automated conversational flow with the users. Start by setting the language preferences of your bot. It matches the queries incoming from the users and you can offer solutions in real-time. Although it becomes quite daunting to apply different combinations. So, that your chatbot understands the queries. 

Keyword recognition-based chatbots 

Apart from linguistic-based, we have keyword recognition bots too. These robots are kind of smart enough to understand the complete team. Just use the basic keyword and the NLP to identify the language. The NLP chatbot app development may show errors when keywords get repeated. So, it’s always better to utilize the hybrid or the mix of two or three bots for your business. Moreover, you can then reap the best benefits from the model you choose. 

ML-based chatbots 

Contextual chatbots are way smarter than any other bots. As you can see the smart integrations of AI and ML algorithms can level up your experience. These chatbots self-improvise the term to help you find the correct product. Moreover, it saves the user time and also cuts down the confusion about getting any term for products. So, this results in a friendly and interesting user chat experience. If you develop a bot with this type it will save the order history to ask if you want to repeat it. Although every chatbot is here to save time and answer user queries. However, using XML-based chatbots offers a different experience. 

Hybrid model chatbots 

As above discussed hybrid has the capabilities of multiple models. Firms love the way chatbots manage the conversation. So, if you can’t decide the model specifically choose the hybrid model instead. As the hybrid model chatbot offers the benefits of both worlds. Or get Chatbot app development tools to level up the development strategy. 


Conclusion: Chatbot app development is not as simple as it appears. As there are more steps than just technicalities, design, and development. Although the steps outlined above will assist you in navigating all of these phases easily. For more consideration, consult Importance of Chatbot development services for your projects.



What API is used to create chatbots?

You can create chatbots to converse with users using the Slack API.

What are the two main processes that chatbots perform?

Modern chatbots use AI/ML and natural language processing to converse with customers in the same way that a human agent would.

What is the most difficult challenge with chatbots?

Chatbots do not understand the true context in the way that humans do when conversing with another human.

Is a database required for a chatbot?

The information knowledge base is used to provide the chatbot with the information it needs to provide an appropriate user response.

What is the cost of developing chatbot app ?

The cost of developing chatbot is depends on types of chatbot you used if you used AI Based chatbot it will cost lower around 10000$ to15000$ While human based chatbot charge starting from 5000$ to10000$

What is 4 Types Of Chatbot ?

There are variety of chatbot available in marketing we listed major 4 types of chatbot

  • Voice Based Chatbot
  • AI Based Chatbot
  • Menu /Button Based Chatbot
  • Rule Based Chatbot

Which industries make the most use of chatbots? 

Chatbots are used more frequently in the real estate industry than in any other—the capacity for these small firms to answer client questions around the clock promptly is crucial when it comes to completing a sale or renting a unit.  

Is there a market for chatbots? 

The Global Chatbot Market is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 24.32% from USD 5.64 billion in 2023 to USD 16.74 billion by 2028.  

Are AI chatbots the way of the future? 

Chatbots have the ability to transform the future by automating tasks and improving customer experiences.