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Android App Developers

Google Reduces Play Store Fees for Android App Developers

Google announced that it will reduce the long-standing 30% cut it takes from Android app developers for each Play Store purchase. The tech giant said that developers will have to pay just a 15% cut on the first $1 million they make on the Play Store, starting from July 1, 2021. According to Google, it Read More

Programming Language Rankings

Programming Language Rankings 2021: JavaScript, Python & Java Top the Chart

As an app developer, you may have seen up close the rising demands and shifting trends in the industry. With pandemic-era requirements making mobile apps more crucial business tools than ever. And for developers, the coding framework remains the most pivotal tool for making the desired app. And that’s where the programming language rankings come Read More

Flutter Support

Microsoft Releases Flutter Support Preview for Foldable Devices

Microsoft has announced enhanced support for Flutter on foldable devices. The software giant said it will ramp up efforts to improve the Flutter SDK, especially for Microsoft Surface Duo. Google recently launched Flutter 2.0, featuring web and desktop support improvements, among others. With rapid evolutions like these, the popularity of Flutter app development services is Read More

Google Play Console

Google Play Console Launches New Metrics to Measure User Engagement

Google recently launched a suite of new metrics and benchmarks in the Play Console. Using this new suite, you can seamlessly evaluate the engagement levels in your app or game. The metrics also provide Android developers with a host of other insights, such as monetization trends and app users’ interests, among other things. Android developers Read More

android 11 beta

Android 11 Beta Introduces New Features to Boost App Subscriptions

Android apps in Google Play have seen steady growth in the subscription model. Most mobile app developers and owners are scaling up to meet the rising demands for subscription-based services. Keeping this trend in Android app development services, Google has announced new features in its Android 11 Beta OS. These features mainly include promotional codes Read More

Google Opens Up New Opportunities For Android Development In India

Google Opens Up New Opportunities For Android Development In India

2017 has been an eventful year for Android, particularly because of the attention it has received from Google. Recently, it has come up with the trial version of Android O, that spells big changes for the platform. The advent of the new version is another feather in Google’s cap as it is designed to create Read More

Android Oreo Is Better Than Android Nougat

10 Reasons Why Android Oreo Is Better Than Android Nougat

The Android scenario is abuzz as the platform launched its latest version Oreo, which is already being run on Pixel and Nexus 5X and soon will be available on other Android devices too. The new version is expected to be a trendsetter in the Android app development space. As it always happens with version upgrades, Read More

Explore The Amazing New Features of Android 8 Oreo

Explore The Amazing New Features of Android 8 Oreo

Android 8 Oreo is the latest version of Android that has been launched officially by Google. The new version bundles up some exciting features and functionalities for Android developers as well as the users. Currently, the update will be available only for Nexus and Pixel devices though it will be coming up for new smartphones Read More

Kotlin Marks A New Beginning For Android App Development

Kotlin Marks A New Beginning For Android App Development

Recently, Google made a big announcement at Google I/O 2017, extending support for Kotlin language on Android. Android developers across the globe are excited by the prospect of having this superior programming language that promises them big opportunities. Kotlin is an open-source language which runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and like Java, can be Read More

Google Android Things

A Note on Google’s Android Things and Learning in India

Google has recently launched ‘Android Things’ an Android-based device OS, which would play the crucial role in Google’s IoT strategy. With Android things, Google is able to connect the dots between the cloud and the devices. Let us explore a little more about ‘Android Things’ : Though it is a rebranded version of Google Brillo Read More