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Why Kotlin Is a Rising Star Among Android Developers

The multilingual world of app development is highly confusing and overwhelming at times. With so many programming languages available today, how do choose the right one? Unfortunately, there is no right answer to it. But when it comes to the native Android app development, Kotlin always comes to the rescue Android Developers. Google I/O 2017 Read More

Useful Kotlin Features To Improve Your Android App Development

Useful Kotlin Features To Improve Your Android App Development

Created by JetBrains, Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language, which consents to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) byte code. Nonetheless, it’s been three years now, and from that point forward the prominence of Kotlin has just expanded. It’s not difficult to embrace and one of the quickest developing dialects later Swift. Here we are discussing Read More

Android 12

Everything about Android 12 Beta Final Release for Mobile App Developers

Android is the most popular mobile app development platform developed & maintained by search engine giant Google. It covers more than 70% of mobile app market share and with such a huge popularity business enterprise prefer Android App Development Company for their next app development project. Currently Android 11 is in use but Google has Read More

Kotlin’s Jetpack Compose

Kotlin’s Jetpack Compose for Web Preview Released

JetBrains, the creator of Kotlin, released the first technology preview of Jetpack Compose for Web. As you may already know, this comes after the company’s successful launch of Jetpack Compose for Desktop late last year. It’s likely to make Android app development even more cross-platform compatible. “While we keep actively developing Compose for Desktop toward Read More

koltlin 1.5

What are the New Language Features in Kotlin 1.4.30 for Roadmap to 1.5?

Mobile app development industry has completely changed in the last few years, changing the way businesses operate across the globe. With enterprises taking keen interest in investing in mobile apps to their productivity in recent times, and with the major innovation in mobile devices, it calls for mobile app developers to write different versions of Read More

Kotlin Symbol Processing Tool

Google Launches Kotlin Symbol Processing Tool for Compilation

Google has introduced an alpha version of its Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP) tool. It’s designed to help app developers painlessly build plugins while writing apps in Kotlin. KSP is compatible with Kotlin 1.4.30. JetBrains, the creator of Kotlin, recently released this version as a precursor to Kotlin 1.5.0. The newly launched tool will likely boost Read More

Google Wants You to Learn Kotlin for Android Development

Google Wants You to Learn Kotlin for Android Development

For Android developers, learning Kotlin is no more a question of “if.” It’s now a question of “when.” And the answer needs to be: at the earliest! The word about Kotlin has spread remarkably quickly. It has prompted a dramatic surge in demands for Kotlin app development services across industries. Also, an increasing number of Read More

Kotlin Releases Jetpack Compose to Build Android UIs for Desktops

Kotlin Releases Jetpack Compose to Build Android UIs for Desktops

JetBrains, the creator of the Kotlin programming language, has launched an open-source UI framework for Android apps. The framework enables Android app developers to build UIs for Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. JetBrains has been working on the Jetpack Compose for Desktop, the UI framework, to make Kotlin even more attractive for app developers. Kotlin Read More

Kotlin 1.4 M2

Kotlin 1.4-M2 Preview Released – Key Features & Major Improvements

Kotlin claims it makes developers happier. Many Android developers agree. The programming language has increasingly become popular with programmers around the world. If you are one of those enthusiastic Kotlin users, you have more reasons to be cheerful: Kotlin 1.4-M2 is now available. This is likely to enhance your Kotlin app development projects. In this Read More

Why Android Developers Are Talking About Kotlin a Lot

Why Android Developers Are Talking About Kotlin a Lot

Android developers are talking a lot about Kotlin. Be it the natural tendency to compare it with Java or advantages offered by Kotlin, the coding language has created a buzz. Kotlin’s entry ended Java’s monopoly as the only official language for Android app development. Since developers now have options to choose between two of the Read More