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Android Platform Architecture

How the Android Platform Architecture Works

With demands for the digital-first model surging, small and large enterprises alike are rushing to build apps. Given the unique set of benefits, mobile apps often ensure a higher ROI than other digital solutions. More so for small and medium enterprises. And in markets like India, Android stands out when it comes to enterprise apps. Read More

Top Android Developer SDKs, Tools and Tips for Startups

Top Android Developer SDKs, Tools and Tips for Startups

Whether you’re an Android developer or a business owner, you must be aware that demands for digital business tools have been increasing day by day. Especially for comparatively less experienced app developers, Android development relies on a number of different tools. As demands for custom apps with new features emerged across industries, many developers struggled Read More

Top Challenges Faced by Android Developers During Mobile App Development

Top Challenges Faced By Android Developers During App Development

Mobile app development services are growing at a fleeting rate, thanks to its cutting-edge technologies that made more than 3.8 billion people use smartphones and mobile devices. Technology-driven companies are investing more in speeding up their mobile performance to gain more customers. However, there are various challenges in mobile app development, which only get resolved Read More

Android App

Strictly Avoid These 6 Legal Issues of Android App to Remain Safe

The demand and advent of mobile apps are rising rapidly. The present time appears more like an app age, with everything like shopping, booking a service, finding a location, and accessing information are all possible single-handedly. Hence, there is no denying the fact that mobile application has become part and parcel of our life. And, Read More

IoT App Development

7 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in IoT App Development

Like a flurry of other technologies, the Internet of Things, too, saw a dramatic rise in popularity last year. With people relying on their gadgets more than ever, home-stuck consumers started to admire technology more. IoT is no exception. As more consumers’ use of connected devices soared, the need for IoT became more pressing. And Read More

Android 12 Developer

Android 12 Developer Preview: Transcoding, UX Enhancements & More

Global mobile app usage was steadily growing even before 2020. The pandemic just turbocharged our digital habits. As years-long debates over screen time and digital dominance vanished, mobile apps emerged as the most prominent champions. And its trends like these that make the next Android version more exciting than ever. Whether you are an Android Read More

Kotlin App Development

How’s Kotlin Living up to the Buzz it Created Among Android Developers

Kotlin has created a buzz among developers. And it’s almost impossible to overlook the word-of-mouth — and a gazillion blogs — about the programming language. If you’re an Android app developer, you belong to the most enthusiastic (and skeptical) audiences of this hype. And you may have already asked: Is the buzz worth it? Does Read More

Debunking Myths Around Android Performance

Debunking Myths Around Android Performance

With more than 3 billion monthly active users, Android is the most famous and most-selling Operating System around the globe. It is believed that the android’s play store consists of more than 3 billion applications as of August 2020. Even with such stats, Android has faced a fair share of negative publicity, all due to Read More

11 Most Common Interview Questions & Answers for Android Developers

11 Most Common Interview Questions & Answers for Android Developers

The demand for Android app developers is growing worldwide. So is the competition in the job market. An increasing number of app development companies are expanding their teams to meet growing demands. But you must know your craft to get the desired job. That means knowing the Android app development platform inside out if you’re Read More